Muffuletta Sandwich

The muffuletta sandwich originated at the Central Grocery in New Orleans. According to the founder’s daughter, her father sold salami, ham, cheese, olive salad, and Italian loaves to farmers, who then proceeded to eat these while balancing trays on their knees and sitting on crates. The Central Grocery founder suggested splitting the bread and putting everything inside it. And so, the muffuletta sandwich was born.

Homemade Eggnog

If all you’ve ever had is the insipid excuse for eggnog that appears on the dairy shelf of your supermarket every Christmas … you’ve been cheated. No matter how much rum you drown that eggnog with, it never comes even close to being in the same neighborhood as real, homemade eggnog.


After a day of skiing, there’s nothing more inviting than a steaming, spiced glass of glühwein. Glühwein (German for “glow wine”) is a great way to “warm the cockles of your heart”.

Scrambled Eggs Breakfast Muffin

Looking for a quick and easy, yet crowd-pleasing, treat for the morning? You’ll have nothing but happy faces around the brunch table when you serve up these delicious treats. And they take just a few minutes to create.

Meatball Soup

On a dreary, cold, and cloudy day, a chance of having this soul-warming meatball soup will soon bring back some sunshine. Savoury meatballs, a tomatoey soup, and fluffy, cloud-like bowtie pasta make this meatball soup a delight on any cold day.

Delicious Honey Glazed Carrots

Crispy, yet tender carrots in a sweet honey glaze.