Halloween Chocolate Pumpkin Cake

This recipe makes a wonderful Halloween dessert recipe because it combines things adults love and things children love.

Easy Pumpkin Seeds

One of our favorite things about the Pumpkin seeds Recipe is that there is so many different ways to modify it to make them taste different.

Halloween Anti-Vampire Spaghetti

Prepare Halloween Anti-Vampire Spaghetti by following this recipe.

Halloween Cheese Cake of Webs

This is a great cheesecake recipe that doesn’t involve a whole lot except to help you work on your icing details!

Snicker Salad

Just like eating a taffy apple, this is as easy as mixing a few ingredients. The flavors of Autumn.

Twenty-Four-Hour-Fruit Salad

Prepare delicious Twenty-Four-Hour-Fruit Salad with this recipe.