Mango Jam

Learn how to prepare mango jam your kids will love, the easy way.

Simple Chocolate Cake

Lovely way to prepare Chocolate Cake. We've been a fan of this recipe for years, as it is very delicious and simple.

Carrot Halwa

Wondering what Halwa is? Find out here and learn how to prepare delicious Carrot Halwa.

Sabudana Vada

Wondering how to prepare Sabudana Vada? This recipe explains it very good, into details. It is not very hard to prepare this classic Indian snack, so give it a try.


Great recipe if you are looking to prepare Pattice the Indian way. It is easy and the end results in delicious Pattice snacks.

Poha Chakli

This chakli recipe has poha in it, which makes it a delicious snack. It is very easy, so give it a try and prepare great chakli snacks.

Author of the image: Milindb05