Cinnamon Apple Strata

October 18, 2016

There are many versions of strata, from savoury to sweet. As long as you have bread kicking around, it’s an impromptu dish to pull together using what ever you might have in the fridge and pantry.


2 apples, cored and diced

½ tsp cinnamon

1 tbsp butter

1 small loaf of sour dough or rye bread (or 8 slices of regular loaf bread), cubed

¾ c grated cheddar

2 tbsp of brown sugar

2 c milk (animal, nut or grain……your choice)

3 large free range eggs (let’s be kind to our chickens)

½ c dried cranberries


preheat oven to 350 degrees

saute butter, apples and cinnamon over medium heat until tender

lightly butter an 8 in. baking dish

add ¾ of your cubed bread to the baking dish

add apple mixture, cheese and brown sugar and spread evenly over bread

in the meantime, beat eggs and milk until frothy

stir in the remaining bread

add this mixture to the baking dish


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