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French Martini Recipe
French Martini Recipe

French Martini

March 19, 2017

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The Martini is a cocktail that is made with gin and vermouth and it is garnished with an olive or lemon twist. In the past recent years, the Martini has grown to become one of the best known blended alcoholic beverages.

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1.5 oz. Raspberry Vodka

2.5 oz. Fresh Pineapple Juice

0.5 oz. Chambord


Boston Shaker


1You need to build the liquid ingredients in an ice-filled mixing glass. You need to pace the Boston Shaker tin on the top of the mixing glass and ensure that it has a good seal. The entire mixture has to be shaken hard until you see that there is a frost on the outside of the tin. After you see that there is a good frost strain the drink into a chilled martini glass.

2You will notice that the pineapple juice will cause the blend to froth up when it is shaken. This makes the look of the drink elegant in presentation when placed on the top of the regal red color.

3You have the option of making a fruitier version of the drink with a slightly thicker consistency and a more pronounced taste of raspberries. For this you need to muddle about five or six fresh raspberries in a mixing glass along with a wooden rolling pin.

4This needs to be done before you add the ice and the other liquid ingredients. If you adopt this mode of preparation you must ensure that the drink is fine strained with the aid of a sieve or a tea strainer so that no seeds or pulp make their way into the final product that you are making for yourself or your guests.

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