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Delicious Pita Pizza
Delicious Pita Pizza

Pita Pizza

March 19, 2017

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If you're looking for a Pita Pizza recipe, then you're at the right place.

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Red pepper - fresh or roasted, hot or mild

1 marinated artichoke heart - drained and rinsed

sliced or chopped fresh basil

sun-dried tomato halves - chopped and re-hydrated with water

1 ounce low-fat mozzarella cheese - shredded

1 pita bread


1Put shredded low-fat mozzarella cheese onto pita round, add marinated artichoke, heart sun-dried tomatoes, snips of fresh basil and a bottled red pepper or, thinly slice a red pepper.

2Broil until its hot and bubbly.

Image by: beer.gisela


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