Best Chili Powders

Chili powder is an essential ingredient in many classic chili recipes and Mexican dishes.

Best Chili Powders

With so many options on the market, it can be tricky to know which chili powder to choose to get the right flavor profile and heat level.

McCormick Dark Chili Powder 20 oz

McCormick Dark Chili Powder, 20 oz

    McCormick's dark chili powder provides you with a rich, earthy flavor to spice up your favorite Tex-Mex dishes. This chili powder starts with whole, ripe peppers that are expertly blended with garlic, salt, and other spices. You'll love the slightly sweet taste and moderate heat that McCormick's dark chili powder delivers.

    This chili powder makes an excellent addition to chili, tacos, rubs, soups, stews, and more. Simply sprinkle it on chicken, beef, pork, or seafood before grilling or roasting. The spices permeate the meat, providing delicious flavor in every bite. You can also use McCormick's chili powder to add some kick to dips, wings, pizza, burgers, and other recipes.

    Key features:

    • Whole, ripe peppers expertly blended
    • Slightly sweet flavor with moderate heat
    • Adds flavor to a variety of dishes


    • Great value for price
    • Consistent great taste
    • Convenient large container


    • Can be spicier than expected
    • Not organic

    Simply Organic Chili Powder

    Simply Organic Chili Powder, Certified Organic | 2.89 oz

      Enhance your favorite Tex-Mex recipes with Simply Organic's certified organic chili powder. This blend of organic spices like chili peppers, cumin, oregano, and garlic provides a delicious flavor with just the right amount of heat. You'll appreciate that Simply Organic sources high-quality organic ingredients to craft their spices.

      Simply Organic's chili powder is a versatile seasoning. Sprinkle it on tacos, chili, beans, soups, stews, chicken, beef, and more. The spices permeate the dish, infusing it with rich Southwestern flavor. You can also use this chili powder to make your own custom rubs and marinades.

      Key features:

      • Certified organic
      • Crafted from organic spices
      • Versatile seasoning


      • Good value for price
      • Consistent great aroma and taste
      • Convenient square bottle


      • Can be milder than expected
      • Smaller container size

      McCormick Dark Chili Powder

      McCormick Dark Chili Powder, 7.5 Oz

        McCormick's dark chili powder provides a delicious smoky, earthy flavor to spice up your favorite dishes. This chili powder starts with whole, ripe peppers that are expertly blended with garlic, salt, and spices. You'll love the moderate heat and rich flavor that McCormick's chili powder brings to your cooking.

        Use this chili powder to add flavor to chili, tacos, rubs, soups, stews, and Tex-Mex recipes. Simply sprinkle it on chicken, beef, pork, or seafood before grilling or roasting. The spices infuse the meat with delicious smoky flavor. You can also use McCormick's chili powder to spice up dips, wings, pizza, burgers, and more.

        Key features:

        • Whole, ripe peppers expertly blended
        • Smoky, earthy flavor with moderate heat
        • Adds flavor to a variety of dishes


        • Great value for the price
        • Consistent great taste
        • Good sized container


        • Can be spicier than expected
        • Not organic

        McCormick Gourmet Organic Chili Powder

        McCormick Gourmet Organic Chili Powder, 1.75 Oz

          Treat yourself to the certified organic spices in McCormick Gourmet's chili powder. This blend of organic chili peppers, garlic, and spices provides a robust flavor with moderate heat that takes your cooking to the next level. You'll appreciate that McCormick Gourmet uses high-quality organic ingredients to craft this chili powder.

          Use McCormick Gourmet's organic chili powder to add rich flavor to chili, tacos, chicken, beef, pork, and more. Simply sprinkle it on meat before grilling or roasting. The spices permeate the dish, infusing it with delicious organic flavor. You can also use this chili powder to make your own custom rubs and marinades.

          Key features:

          • Certified organic
          • Crafted from organic spices
          • Robust flavor with moderate heat


          • High-quality organic ingredients
          • Great flavor from organic spices
          • Convenient container


          • Small container size
          • Can be pricier than non-organic

          McCormick Culinary Dark Chili Powder

          McCormick Culinary Dark Chili Powder, 20 oz - One 20 Ounce Container or Dark Chili Powder, Enhances Nachos, Tacos, Enchiladas and Dark Chocolate

            Experience deep, rich flavor with McCormick Culinary's dark chili powder. This artisanal blend starts with fresh chili peppers and garlic that are perfectly balanced with spices. You'll love the smoky, earthy taste and moderate heat that McCormick Culinary's chili powder lends to your cooking.

            Use this chili powder to add bold flavor to chili, tacos, beans, soups, stews, and other Southwestern dishes. Simply sprinkle it on beef, chicken, or pork before grilling for delicious results. You can also use McCormick Culinary's chili powder in marinades, rubs, dips, and more.

            Key features:

            • Fresh chili peppers and garlic
            • Smoky, earthy flavor with moderate heat
            • Enhances a variety of dishes


            • Great value for foodservice size
            • Consistent premium flavor
            • Convenient large container


            • Can be spicier than expected
            • Not organic

            Amazon Brand - Happy Belly Chili Powder

            Amazon Brand - Happy Belly Chili Powder, 2.75 ounce (Pack of 1)

              This Amazon Brand chili powder is a great pantry staple to have on hand. The price is very affordable, making it a good value compared to name brand spices.

              When using this chili powder to make chili, tacos, or other Tex-Mex dishes, you'll find it provides nice warm chili flavor without being overly spicy. The consistency is finely ground so it incorporates well into recipes.

              The container is resealable to help keep the chili powder fresh. Storing it in a cool, dry place away from light will also help preserve the flavors and vibrant color.

              Having this chili powder in your spice cabinet makes whipping up flavorful chilis, tacos, eggs, or cheese dishes quick and easy. It's sure to become a go-to seasoning you use often.

              Key features:

              • Affordable price
              • Provides good chili flavor
              • Finely ground for easy blending


              • Great value compared to brand names
              • Warms up dishes without too much heat
              • Long shelf life if stored properly


              • Flavor not as complex as some blends
              • Container could be improved

              Badia Chili Powder

              Badia Chili Powder 16 oz

                Badia makes authentic chili powder with a flavor profile true to Southwestern and Mexican cuisine. Many reviewers say this chili powder provides the real deal Mexican flavor they were looking for.

                When added to dishes like tacos, salsa, eggs, rice, and of course chili, you'll get a nice kick of heat along with deep, smoky notes. The powder has good potency so a little goes a long way.

                This chili powder contains minimal added ingredients - mostly just pure chili pepper along with basic seasonings like garlic powder and cumin. So you'll get a clean, bold chili taste without unwanted additives.

                The price per ounce makes this an affordable option compared to many supermarket brands. Badia offers quality spices in bulk sizes at reasonable prices.

                Key features:

                • Authentic Mexican flavor profile
                • Provides spicy heat with smoky depth
                • Mostly pure chili pepper and minimal seasonings


                • Adds bold, lively flavor to Tex-Mex dishes
                • A little powder goes a long way
                • Free of artificial ingredients


                • Heat level may be too spicy for some
                • Packaging not ideal for long term storage

                Spice Classics Chili Powder

                Spice Classics Chili Powder, 6 lb - One 6 Pound Container of Bulk Chili Powder, Perfect for Chili, Enchiladas, Stuffed Peppers and Taco Recipes

                  This bulk size Spice Classics chili powder is perfect for peppering up big batches of chili, tacos, and more for minimal cost. The price per ounce makes it very budget friendly.

                  When following recipes like chili con carne, the flavor of this chili powder really shines through. It provides a tasty balance of warmth without too much bite. The powder also has nice earthiness from the blend of spices.

                  Thanks to controlled sourcing of quality ingredients, Spice Classics chili powder delivers consistent, dependable flavor batch after batch. No need to worry about heat or flavor fluctuations.

                  With its vibrant color and convenient resealable bag, this chili powder has a long shelf life when properly stored. Keeping it away from heat, light, and humidity is key.

                  Key features:

                  • Budget-friendly bulk size
                  • Balanced mild heat level
                  • Consistent flavor batch to batch


                  • Very affordable cost per ounce
                  • Adds warmth and earthiness to dishes
                  • Sealed bag provides long shelf life


                  • Mild spiciness lacks punch for some
                  • Not sold in smaller sizes

                  Frontier Co-op Organic Chili Powder

                  Frontier Co-op Organic Chili Powder Seasoning, 1 Pound, Mild to Moderatly Spicy, Sweet, Tangy, Zesty, Kosher, Salt Free

                    This organic chili powder blend from Frontier Co-op makes an excellent base for spicing up Tex-Mex cuisine. It strikes a perfect balance of warm yet mild heat with additional layers of sweet, tangy, and citrusy flavor.

                    The combination of chili pepper, garlic, cumin, oregano, and other spices creates a lively, authentic chili powder taste. There's a hint of smokiness along with the mild heat that really livens up dishes like chili, tacos, and sauces.

                    Sourced from quality organic ingredients, you can trust this chili powder is free of any additives or preservatives. The flavor and heat level are very consistent between batches.

                    Storing this chili powder properly by keeping it sealed and away from sunlight, heat, and humidity preserves the fresh, robust flavors and bright color.

                    Key features:

                    • USDA certified organic
                    • Mild heat balances tangy, citrusy notes
                    • Sustainably and ethically sourced


                    • Provides authentic Southwest flavor
                    • Great mix of seasonings and spices
                    • Consistent flavor and heat


                    • Less spicy than some like
                    • Bag not ideal for storage

                    Mexene Chili Powder

                    Mexene Original Chili Powder Seasoning 2 Oz - 2 Pack Bundle. Includes Two 2oz Jars of Mexene Chili Powder and a Mexene Chili Recipe Card from Everton Products.

                      With an authentic recipe unchanged since 1906, Mexene chili powder is the real deal. It's a taste of genuine South Texas flavor that's hard to duplicate.

                      This chili powder has the right blend of mild heat and smoky, earthy flavors that Tex-Mex dishes call for. Sprinkle it on tacos, eggs, or use it to make chili con carne for full, savory flavor without too much kick.

                      Sourced from a small family company, Mexene chili powder contains no preservatives or additives - just pure chili pepper and select spices like garlic. You get clean, bold chili taste in every batch.

                      Many who have used this chili powder for years say it's their absolute favorite and the only one they'll use. The flavor stands out from common supermarket brands.

                      Key features:

                      • Authentic South Texas recipe
                      • Balanced mild heat with smokiness
                      • Made from minimal pure ingredients


                      • Adds genuine Tex-Mex flavor
                      • Smoky and earthy notes come through
                      • No added preservatives


                      • Harder to find in stores now
                      • Only sold in small quantities

                      Chili Powder Buying Guide

                      When purchasing chili powder, consider this:

                      Type of Chili Pepper

                      Chili powders can be made from different types of chile peppers, which impacts flavor and heat level. Common pepper varieties used include:

                      • Ancho - Mild, sweet, fruity flavor. Ancho chile is a dried poblano pepper.
                      • Chipotle - Smoky, rich flavor with medium heat. Made from smoked and dried jalapeño peppers.
                      • New Mexico - Slightly earthy, medium heat. Made from dried New Mexico chiles.
                      • Cascabel - Nutty, earthy flavor with medium heat level.
                      • Arbol - Very hot and pungent chili powder. Made from small, potent arbol chiles.

                      Consider the types of dishes you will use the chili powder in, and choose varieties accordingly. Ancho or New Mexico chili powders are a good all-purpose choice, while chipotle works well in smoky dishes like chilis or taco seasoning. Arbol chili powder packs a big punch of heat.

                      Heat Level

                      Chili powders range from mild to extra hot. The heat comes from capsaicin and related compounds in the chile peppers used. Heat level can vary depending on the type of pepper and additional spices added.

                      Here is a general guide to chili powder heat:

                      • Mild - Great for those who are sensitive to heat. Common in chili seasoning blends.
                      • Medium - Provides noticeable but not overwhelming heat. Good for most palates. Ancho and New Mexico are medium heat.
                      • Hot - Packs a punch of heat. Popular for extra spicy chilis and rubs. Chipotle and arbol are hot.
                      • Extra Hot - Very spicy and intense heat. Best for spice enthusiasts.

                      Consider your own tolerance for spicy foods, as well as who you are cooking for, when choosing a chili powder heat level. Mild or medium heat works for most recipes.

                      Single vs. Blended

                      Some chili powders are made from a single pepper variety, like ancho chili powder. Others are blended powders made from a mix of peppers and additional spices like cumin, oregano, garlic powder, and salt.

                      Single chili powders provide pure, focused pepper flavor. Ancho, chipotle, and New Mexico chili powder are often single varietals.

                      Blended chili powders offer more complex flavor. Blends are commonly used in chili seasoning mixes and taco seasonings.

                      Consider whether you want the pure flavor of a single chili pepper, or a more robust spice blend. Blends add convenience, but single chili powders allow you to control flavor precisely.

                      Quality Ingredients

                      When possible, choose chili powders made from whole, sun-dried peppers rather than lower quality powdered pepper ingredients. Check the label for additives like anti-caking agents, MSG, fillers, and preservatives.

                      Opt for chili powders from brands that specialize in quality spices and seasonings. Penzeys, Savory Spice Shop, and Spicewalla are reputable sources.

                      Small-batch, artisanal chili powders offer premium flavor and ingredients. Latin and Mexican specialty markets are good places to find authentic, high quality chili powder options.

                      Recommended Best Chili Powders

                      With so many chili powder options on the market, here are some top picks:

                      Ancho Chili Powder

                      For a mild, sweet chili powder, Ancho chili powder is perfect for tacos, meats, stews, and more.

                      • Morton & Bassett - Made from sun-dried poblano peppers. Well-balanced sweetness and mild heat.
                      • Penzeys Ancho Chili Pepper - Single varietal, flavorful ancho chili powder. No fillers or anti-caking agents.
                      • Rancho Gordo New Mexico Chili Powder - Smooth, rich ancho flavor. Handmade in small batches.

                      Chipotle Chili Powder

                      Chipotle chili powder has an iconic smoky flavor and medium heat. It adds delicious depth and spice to meats, beans, salsas, and chili.

                      • McCormick Chipotle Chili Pepper - Reliable quality and flavor. Works well in tacos and spice rubs.
                      • Spice Islands Chipotle Chili Powder - Nice balance of smokiness and slow-building heat. Great reviews.
                      • Badia Chipotle Chili Powder - Affordable option made from smoked jalapeños. Adds bold smoky flavor.

                      Hot Chili Powder

                      For spicy heat, hot chili powders like cayenne, arbol, and habanero are perfect for extra heat and flavor.

                      • Spice Islands Cayenne Pepper - Pure ground cayenne pepper. Nice heat without being overpowering.
                      • Simply Organic Arbol Chili Powder - Made from arbol chiles. Very hot but full-bodied flavor.
                      • Badia Habanero Chili Powder - Intense habanero heat with fruity, floral notes. Use sparingly.
                      • Penzey's Chile Pequin - Pequin chiles offer complex fruity flavor with searing heat.

                      Taco & Fajita Seasoning

                      Blended taco and fajita seasoning mixes make it easy to add chili powder flavor to Mexican dishes.

                      • McCormick Fajita Seasoning - Well-balanced blend including chili and cumin.
                      • Lawry's Taco Seasoning - Classic taco blend with chili, cumin, garlic, and oregano.
                      • Simply Organic Taco Seasoning - Made with organic spices, including ancho chili powder.
                      • Badia Fajita Seasoning - Chili powder and complementary seasoning blend. Budget friendly.

                      With so many great chili powder options, you can find one perfect for tacos, spice rubs, chili and more. Use the buying guide to choose the right type, heat level, and quality for your cooking needs.


                      What is the difference between chili powder and chili flakes?

                      The main difference is that chili powder is made from ground dried chili peppers, while chili flakes are made from crushed dried chilies that maintain the form of flakes. Chili powder has a fine, powdery texture, while chili flakes have a coarse texture and visible pepper pieces.

                      Chili flakes provide a punch of heat and flavor, while chili powder can more easily blend into dishes. Chili flakes are often used as a finishing spice, while chili powder tends to be used in recipes.

                      What types of dishes can you use chili powder in?

                      Chili powder is incredibly versatile. It can be used to add heat and flavor to:

                      • Chili recipes
                      • Tacos and fajitas
                      • Meat rubs for beef, pork, chicken, etc.
                      • Soups and stews
                      • Dips and sauces like enchilada sauce
                      • Beans and rice dishes
                      • Scrambled or fried eggs
                      • Snack foods like popcorn, nuts, and fries
                      • Marinades and dressings

                      Chili powder is a staple in Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine, but also works well in Indian, Middle Eastern, and American cooking.

                      Is chili powder spicy?

                      The spiciness of chili powder depends on the type of chili peppers used and can range from mild to very hot. Some common varieties include:

                      • Mild: Ancho, New Mexico
                      • Medium Heat: Guajillo, Chipotle
                      • Hot: Cayenne, Arbol
                      • Extra Hot: Pequin, Habanero

                      When a recipe simply calls for "chili powder", it is usually referring to a mild to medium heat blend. Always check the label or recipe to determine the heat level of a particular chili powder. Start with small amounts until you know your tolerance.

                      What's the difference between chili powder blends and single varietal powders?

                      Chili powder blends contain a mix of different ground chile peppers as well as complimentary spices like cumin, oregano, garlic, and salt. Blends are convenient for adding big chili flavor without the need for other seasonings.

                      Single varietal chili powders, like ancho, chipotle, or New Mexico, contain just one type of ground chile pepper. The flavor will be pure and focused. Single chili powders allow you to layer flavors yourself by adding other spices as desired.

                      How should you store chili powder?

                      To retain freshness and flavor, store chili powder in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. Oxygen, light, heat, and moisture are enemies of spice freshness. A cabinet or pantry is ideal.

                      Chili powder will last about 1-2 years before losing potency. Write the purchase date on the bottle. If it loses its vibrant color or smell, it's time to replace it. Buying chili powder in small quantities helps ensure freshness.


                      With so many wonderful chili powder varieties available, there are endless possibilities to add flavor and heat to your cooking.

                      Consider the chile pepper blend, heat level, quality, and taste to choose the right chili powder for enchiladas, tacos, meats, chili and more.


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