A Few Tips To Healthy And Low-Fat Cooking And Their Benefits

Do you want to know how to cook in a healthy way? Eating healthy foods with proper micronutrients is beneficial for our daily healthy life. Excessive consumption of fat is one of the main obstacles among those who want to have a controlled and, healthy weight. Although complete elimination of fats from the diet is not recommended. It is important to moderate your intake. And, above all, to choose those which has healthy nutrients. However, to get maximum benefits, you just need to put into practice some tips for Food & cooking in a healthy way.

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Replace ingredients

Have you checked the quality of the ingredients with which you cook? Do you know what kind of fats they contain and in what amount? Well, if you have not already, you’re probably in for a big surprise. Fortunately, you have the opportunity to replace them with healthier options. Since there are many ingredients that contain fewer calories and fats.


If you often use lard, bacon or chicken fat, replace them with vegetable margarine, preferably “light” or “low fat.” Check the labels and choose labels made with sunflower or canola. Do not use hydrogenated cooking vegetable oil. You can choose olive oil, sunflower oil or avocado oil. Take vegetable milk or skim milk as your primary option, instead of using whole milk products.

Use alternative methods of cooking

We know that fried foods are easy to find. And, in addition, give a particular flavour to foods that we find enjoyable. The downside is that it is a cooking method that involves the use of oils or butters and hence is an “extra” fat load.


You can skip to use frying products. Instead, the ideal choice would be boiled food, baked food or steamed food. You must accept grilled vegetables and meat. May be you don’t know, frying these items in oil has serious concern of unhealthy fat. This is one of the best tips for healthy cooking.

Remove the fat from the broth

Although we advise you to prepare only vegetables based broths. If you decide to make broth with chicken or meat added, remove the layer of fat that usually forms on its surface.


Wait for the broth to cool. When you notice the solidified fat, remove it with a spoon or filter. Another great tip for healthy cooking is to prepare the broth the day before and freeze it. The next day you can remove the fat easily before warming up.

Limit meat consumption

Including meats in the diet is not a bad thing. In fact, it is recommended for daily protein requirements. Red meat in excessive amount must be avoided. Any kind of sausages, cheap meat, must be reduced. The best option is boiled or steamed meat but in lesser amounts.


Measure the portions of meat you consume each day and above all, choose lean cuts. Although some fats remain hidden. They represent a healthier way to consume them. Avoid using preparation methods with added oils or fats. If you grill or bake, drain the fat a few minutes before serving.