Afghan Lavash Bread

Lavash, is one of the popular traditional bread in Afghanistan people cuisine that largely depends on the nation’s cereal crops, which are wheat, maize, barley and rice.

These staple foods are served along with accompaniments like meats, dairy products, nuts, vegetables and fruits especially grapes.

Afghan culinary is influenced by the neighboring Asia countries such as Iran and Turkmenistan. However, Afghan’s foods are still able to reflects its own specialty. The dishes are neither too hot nor pungent compared to its neighbors.

Afghan Bread

Bread considered as staple traditional foods of Afghan delicacy. There are mainly three types of Afghan bread, which are Naan, Obi Non and Lavash.

Naan is thin, long and oval-shaped bread that is mainly made of whole wheat. It is topped with poppy seeds or sesame seeds. Obi Non, made of white flour is shaped like a disc and thicker than naan.

Lavash Flatbread

Lavash is a soft, thin flatbread used to plate meats and stews. It is popular in Afghanistan and Middle East countries. In English, Lavash is known as cracker bread.

Lavash is traditionally made with flour, salt and water. The dough is flat rolled, sprinkled with sesame seeds or poppy seeds and pressed against the hot wall of a clay oven. It’s served with dips, a healthy snack or as an appetizer.

Lavash can be categorized into two forms which is the soft form and dry form. When fresh, Lavash are soft and quite flexible and it is used to make wrap, sandwiches or kebab. Dry form is used to make quick meals after being rehydrated with water, butter or cheese.

Food is well appreciated and Afghan take great pride in their cooking. They are very happy to see everyone full and satisfied. That is why they treat their guests with great respect and try to serve as good food as they are able to provide. So, have a tour to Afghanistan foods is worth as you will find out the exotic and good taste Asia foods!

Image author Stacy Spensley