Ancho Chili Powder vs. Chipotle Chili Powder

While they may sound similar and look identical in color, ancho and chipotle chili powders have very distinct flavor profiles.

Ancho powder adds a sweet and mildly spicy taste, with tangy notes of dried fruit.

Chipotle, on the other hand, hits all the marks of spiciness - smoky, earthy, and downright spicy.

Ancho Chili Powder vs. Chipotle Chili Powder

There are many differences in taste and heat level between the two, making it crucial to understand when one is the right substitution for another in recipes.

Origin and Production of Ancho and Chipotle Chili Powders

Ancho chili powder comes from dried poblano peppers. They are dark red and ripe. They are one of the main peppers in Mexican moles.

Chipotle chili powder comes from smoked and dried jalapeño peppers. They are also ripe and smoky. They are popular in Mexican and American dishes, especially in the Southwest.

Flavor Profiles of Ancho and Chipotle Chili Powders

You get a sweet and fruity taste from ancho powder, with a touch of smoke and mild spice. The peppers are ripe when picked, dried, and then toasted before ground. That's where the sweetness and smokiness come from.

Chipotle powder has a different flavor. It is smokier and earthier than ancho. That's because the peppers are smoked before they are dried and ground. It also has more heat.

Heat Levels: Scoville Heat Units

How do you compare the heat of these spices?

You can use Scoville heat units (SHU) to measure how spicy they are.

  1. Ancho powder is mild, with 1,000 to 1,500 SHU.
  2. Chipotle powder is medium, with 2,500 to 8,000 SHU.

Culinary Applications of Ancho and Chipotle Chili Powders

Do you like spicy and smoky flavors in your dishes?

Ancho chili powder is made from dried poblano peppers. It has mild to medium spiciness and a sweet and fruity flavor. You can use it in many Mexican and non-Mexican dishes, such as:

Ancho chile pepper
Ancho chile pepper

Chipotle chili powder is made from dried and smoked jalapeño peppers.

It has a medium to high spiciness and a smoky and earthy flavor.

You can use it in many dishes that need some heat and smokiness, such as:

jalapeño peppers
jalapeño peppers
  • Dry rubs for grilled meats: You can also use chipotle powder as a dry rub for your meats. It will give them a nice kick and a smoky aroma.
  • Sprinkling over vegetables: You can sprinkle some of it over your roasted or grilled vegetables to make them more interesting and spicy.
  • Homemade barbecue sauce: You can make your barbecue sauce by combining ketchup, vinegar, brown sugar, Worcestershire sauce, mustard, garlic, onion, salt, pepper, and chipotle powder. It will be sweet, tangy, smoky, and spicy.
  • Enchilada sauce: You can also use chipotle chili powder in your enchilada sauce to make it smoky and spicy.
  • Adding heat and smokiness to various recipes: Add chipotle to soups, stews, dips, dressings, marinades, salsas, or anything else that needs extra flavor and heat.

Both powders are versatile and delicious spices you can use in many ways.

They can enhance the flavor of your dishes and make them more exciting.

Substituting Ancho and Chipotle Chili Powders

You may need to swap one kind of chili powder for another in some recipes.

Here are some tips for making changes:

Ancho chili powder instead of chipotle chili powder

Ancho powder is milder and less smoky than chipotle powder.

To compensate for the lower heat, add cayenne pepper or another hot chili powder.

To add some smokiness, you can use liquid smoke or smoked paprika.

Chipotle chili powder instead of ancho chili powder

Chipotle powder is hotter and smokier than ancho powder. This may change the flavor of your dish too much.

Mix the chipotle chili powder with a mild chili powder, like paprika, to lower the heat.

Ancho and Chipotle Powder: Nutrition, Storage, and Buying Tips

Both powders have many vitamins and minerals. They are high in vitamin A, vitamin C, and potassium. They also have capsaicin, a substance in chili peppers that can help with health. It can lower inflammation, help with weight loss, and make your heart healthier.

You can keep powders fresh and flavorful by storing them in closed containers. Keep them away from light and heat. Chili powders usually last 2-3 years but can last longer if you store them well. They may lose some flavor and heat over time, so use them within a year or two for the best taste.

You can find these powders at most grocery stores. Look for them in the spice aisle or the Mexican section. You can also buy them online from specialty stores or Amazon.

Making Your Own Ancho and Chipotle Chili Powder

Making Your Own Ancho and Chipotle Chili Powders

If you have access to dried ancho or chipotle peppers, you can make your versions by following these steps:

  1. Remove the stems and seeds from the dried peppers.
  2. Toast the peppers in a dry skillet over medium heat until they become fragrant.
  3. Allow the peppers to cool, then grind them into a fine powder using a spice grinder or a mortar and pestle.
  4. Store the homemade chili powder in an airtight container.


These powders are versatile and flavorful spices with distinct characteristics.

Ancho pairs well with cumin, oregano, and coriander.

Chipotle complements smoked paprika, garlic powder, and onion powder.

You can enhance your cooking with these delicious spices by understanding their differences in flavor, heat, and culinary uses.

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Unlimited Recipes

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