Bangladeshi Pitha Food

Pitha, Pithe or Peetha, rice based snack that is the most popular traditional food of Bangladeshi cuisine. Generally, Bangladeshi are popular with their distinctive culinary traditions especially snacks and savory. The foods are rich and varied with use of spices and flavors.

The staple food is boiled rice, which is served with variety of vegetables, curries, soups, fishes and sweetmeats such as Roshgulla, Gulap Jamun and Chom chom.

Pitha is commonly found in Bangladesh and India especially in the states of Assam, Orissa and West Bengal. Basically, Pitha is a type of bread that is made of rice or wheat flour, which is shaped and stuffed with sweet or savory ingredients.

Sweet Bengali Pitha typically consists of sugar, jaggery or date juice and filled with grated coconut, mango, vegetables or cashew. Depending on the prepared Pitha, it can be fried, baked, roasted or steamed. Bangladeshi love to serve Pitha as small meal during breakfast or as snack with tea.

Variations of Peetha

Different Bengali Pithas are made in the whole year depending on the season. Most of them are sweet but a few are hot. For winter season, molasses from date juice and sugarcane are used to make Pitha since both ingredients are abundant during the season.

Besides, some Pithas are strongly associated with harvest festivals such as Nabanna and Poush Parbon. Examples of Pitha including Chitoi Pitha, Bhapa Pitha (steamed Pitha), Nakshi Pitha, Pakan Pitha (fried Pitha), Dudher Pitha (milk Pitha), Beni Pitha (braid Pitha).

Nakshi Pitha is popular in villages and urban areas of Bangladesh. It s a culinary art and important folk art practiced by Bangladeshi women. Different flavors and shapes Pitha are made on various religious occasions, Muharram, weddings.

Bangladeshi foods will be a good experience for you taste the sweets and savories especially this Pitha snack.

Image Author Mohammed Tawsif Salam.