Awesome Barbecue Tips for Beginners

Before grilling make sure to check out these barbecue tips:

For some reason there are a lot people that volunteer to be responsible for the grilling and barbecue at every event which has such option, and many times barbecue is destroyed for many reasons, if the  meat is not right, the fire is too strong, the wind increased the fire etc.

To learn grilling successfully is not about being an expert at this field for grilling all kinds of meat and fire building, but simply it’s following some very basic rules about using the grill and keeping the right fire. Controlling the fire is a basic rule you must follow if you want a better chance of meat  that is properly grilled and tastes good and in fact it is the most difficult rule to keep, you need to be conscience and slow about what you are doing.

Most people do discover that grilling usually takes much longer than they first  though it would and this brings a problem to the barbecue table,  the person that is in charge of the barbecue  gets hungry, people come to visit the grill and offer many advices and  tips,  some just visit to  see how the barbecue is going, because they get hungry as well. Best thing to do is to make a plan and find out the require time it takes for the meat to grill and prepare your fire around 20 minutes ahead since increasing the fire isn’t a problem, but decreasing it can be a huge problem.

Have something to eat before you start with everything, or when you are grilling so you can stay focused on the quality and not the time it takes, take the meat out from anything that keeps it cool around  30 minutes before you start because that will help the meat  to cook perfectly.


In most cases for efficient grilling you would want  the the barbecue not  to have any fire but only the heat and for that you need to decide if its warm enough or not. For increasing the heat you can simply blow into the  fire or use something to wave at to help the fire increase, now if you need to decrease it you can use small amounts of water to kill some extra warm spots and reduce the heat, don’t use a lot  of water because if you do you  have a nice chance to completely destroy the fire. If  you are unsure if the heat is  right or not, just place a small piece of meat and wait for 10 minutes or so which will indicate it.

Before grilling take the fat off the meat as it can increase the fire when it starts dripping into the barbecue, and in some cases, if the fire is too strong it can result in the meat to catch  the fire which  would be horrible for anyone who would then eat it. Anyway, when you cook some meat for the first time you should always make a test before you put all the meat on. so start the fire and test the selected meat for about fifteen minutes to see if you have proper heat.

Hope you have enjoyed these barbecue tips which are simple to remember and just a little time is needed to practice them and make the most awesome barbecue.