Benefits of Almond Milk

There is a wide range of almond milk benefits, not least for the fact it tastes so much better than dairy milk!

Alternative products to cow’s milk are becoming more in demand as a greater proportion of our society is unable to tolerate regular milk.

This condition is known as lactose intolerant and is when the body struggles to fully digest the milk sugar (lactose) in dairy products. Being lactose intolerant means that after you consume cow’s milk or dairy products, you can suffer a variety of symptoms such as bloating, gas and diarrhea.

Although it’s not a life-threatening condition, it can lead to a miserable existence if it’s not recognized. The only solution to being lactose intolerant is to avoid all forms of dairy products.

It is believed that up to 70% of the world’s population is lactose intolerant to some degree. Usually, a glass of milk will not be harmful to the majority of us, but combined with other dairy products, you may experience some of those symptoms.


Alternatives to cow’s milk come in the form of soy milk, rice milk oat, and hemp milk or a permutation of cow’s milk which is organic, lactose-free. Although soy milk has become a popular alternative, it is not without its critics or the fact that it contains a lot of sugar. (See soy milk dangers).

Almond milk, however, is a really healthy, calorie low, nutrient packed option among these alternatives that is becoming more and more popular.

Another problem with cow’s milk is the growing use of antibiotics and growth hormone that are given to cows to boost milk production. Research has proven that these additives have led to toxic side effects, allergic reactions, and even cancer. These growth hormones are actually banned in Canada and Europe but continue to be used in the US. You can read more about this at

Almond milk is completely free of these harmful additives and even if you are not lactose intolerant, the benefits you will derive from almond milk are substantial:

Almond Milk Benefits

Drinking almond milk has the same health benefits as eating regular almond nuts. It’s just another way to consume it. It can be used as a drink on its own or added to cereals or hot drinks such as tea and coffee.

Manufacturers also fortify almond milk with extra calcium making it a very healthy product with virtually zero side effects.

You can buy it at most local health stores, large supermarkets, or online. It also comes in powder form and you will find stores selling it on dry food shelves. It’s ideal for taking on trips or camping holidays. It is more cost efficient to buy online.

Unlike dairy milk, almond milk will happily sit in your pantry for up to a year unopened, without spoiling. Once opened, you need to treat it just like cow’s milk and keep it refrigerated.

According to the manufacturers, one serving of Almond Breeze milk contains 50% of your daily value of vitamin E, 25% of vitamin D, 10% of vitamin A, 30% of calcium, 6% manganese, 4% iron, magnesium, and copper and 2% phosphorus, riboflavin, and zinc. Plus it’s virtually fat-free and a single glass contains around 40 calories. Perfect if you’re watching your weight, or are on a diet.

You can make deliciously tasting and healthy smoothies with this milk or even buy the flavored ones which are as good as any milkshake.

How To Make Almond Milk

If you prefer to make almond milk yourself, it is very easy to do and you can add other ingredients according to taste. Instead of trying to explain how to do it, here’s a great video of the process from start to finish:

Almond milk benefits are clear to see. If you are thinking about converting to this type of healthy milk, I can highly recommend it. The only downside to drinking almond milk is the cost. It is slightly more expensive than dairy milk but, it’s certainly worth the cost. Or you could make it yourself for that personal taste.

Image author Amazing Almonds