What Are the Top Baking Powder Brands?

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Baking powder is an indispensable component in many recipes, giving cakes, cookies, and other baked goods their desired texture and flavor. But with so many brands on the market, knowing which baking powder works best for your recipes can be challenging. This blog post will define baking powder, its benefits, and a comprehensive list of some of today's top brands.

Plus, we'll mention other noteworthy baking powder brands worth considering when looking for a high-quality product. By the end, you'll have a better insight into selecting the correct baking powder for your needs.

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What is Baking Powder?

Baking powder is a dry powder of baking soda, acid, and cornstarch. The baking soda is the leavening agent to make baked goods rise when heated during cooking or baking. The acid can be a cream of tartar or calcium phosphate to neutralize baking soda's taste, while cornstarch is a filler to keep everything dry and free-flowing for use in recipes.

What Are the Advantages of Baking Powder?

Baking powder offers several advantages over other leavening agents like yeast or eggs:

  • Speed and convenience, since no additional rising time is necessary before using it in recipes.
  • The baking powder adds volume to cakes and bread by creating carbon dioxide gas bubbles that expand when heated, giving them a lighter texture and improved flavor than recipes without using it.
  • Baking powder, which contains both acidic ingredients (the acid) and alkaline ingredients (baking soda), helps create less sour flavors while still providing proper leavening action when cooking or baking food items such as cakes, muffins, pancakes, etc. - making it perfect for sweet recipes that don't require fermentation like yeast would provide.

Rumford Baking Powder

Rumford baking powder has long been a go-to brand for those seeking an aluminum-free double-acting baking powder that reacts twice during baking. Once when mixed with liquid ingredients and again when exposed to heat - creating a light and fluffy texture in cakes, biscuits, bread, pancakes, and other baked goods. Plus, this product is free from GMOs and contains no preservatives or additives.

Clabber Girl Baking Powder

Since 1899, Clabber Girl has been providing quality baking products! Their double-acting baking powder contains sodium acid pyrophosphate and calcium phosphate for excellent leavening results without leaving any aftertaste or residue. Each formula also includes cornstarch as an anti-caking agent, so each batch will be consistent every time!

Bob's Red Mill Baking Powder

Bob's Red Mill Baking Powder is an all-natural combination of monocalcium phosphate (MCP) and sodium bicarbonate (baking soda). MCP provides great lift while avoiding harsh metallic flavors like those found in some aluminum-based powders. At the same time, baking soda encourages even browning and adds richness to flavor profiles - especially biscuits!

Argo's Double-Acting Baking Powder

Argo's Double Acting Baking Powder has only three ingredients: sodium bicarbonate (the primary ingredient), monocalcium phosphate (the secondary source of leavened), and cream of tartar for stability and improved shelf life. No additional fillers or preservatives are present in this baking powder. This combination produces a light textured cake with excellent flavor, minimal shrinkage around the edges when cooling, and no bitter aftertaste like aluminum-based powders can leave behind occasionally.

King Arthur Flour Double Acting Baking Powder

King Arthur Flour's Double Acting Baking Powder comprises only two ingredients - monocalcium phosphate and sodium bicarbonate - giving it its signature clean rise that retains plenty of flavors! Plus, with four times more "lift" than single-acting powders thanks to its dual action capability, which kicks in both during mixing and once heated up in the oven, this allows your baked goods to have maximum airiness for tasty loaves every time!

Other Reputable Baking Powder Brands

Calumet Baking Powder

Calumet Baking Powder has been around since 1889 and is known for producing top-notch products with consistent results every time. Their formulation features cornstarch to dissolve quickly in recipes and aluminum-free sodium bicarbonate for a remarkable rise when baking goods. Plus, Calumet offers organic varieties of baking powder for those seeking more natural options.

Davis Davis Baking Powder

Davis baking powder has been around since 1866. It boasts the cream of tartar and calcium phosphate for leavening, helping create an even finished product without leaving behind any bitter or metallic tastes like other brands can when not used correctly. Furthermore, Davis contains sodium bicarbonate but no aluminum, so you don't have to worry about that extra ingredient when using this product in recipes!

Royal Baking Powder & Yeast Co.

Royal Baking Powder & Yeast Co., commonly called Royal, produces an all-purpose baking powder suitable for all recipes. From cakes and cookies to quick bread and muffins! With cornstarch added for easier mixing plus double-acting baking soda and cream of tartar for extra leavening power, there's nothing artificial added - perfect when creating healthier versions of classic treats!

Hodgson Mill Gourmet Natural Baking Powder

Made with only natural ingredients like monocalcium phosphate and sodium acid pyrophosphate, Hodgson Mill Gourmet Natural Baking Powder is free from common allergens like gluten, wheat, soy, or dairy. It is the perfect choice for those with sensitivities or allergies! Plus, their formula doesn't contain artificial colors/flavors, so everyone can enjoy it without worrying about what's inside the package!

Pillsbury Bake at Home Baking Mixes & Powders

Pillsbury Bake At Home mixes are the ideal choice if you're looking for convenience without compromising quality; they come premeasured with ingredients including their signature "Double Acting Dry" blend that consists mainly of sodium bicarbonate mixed with calcium carbonate for consistent results every time you bake something from scratch! Plus, with plenty of flavor combinations, such as Chocolate Fudge Brownie Mixes & Powders, you won't ever run out of ideas!


Baking powder is an indispensable ingredient for cakes, muffins, and other baked goods. Popular brands of baking powder include Rumford, Clabber Girl, Bob's Red Mill, Argo, and King Arthur; other notable brands include Calumet Davis Royal Hodgson Mill and Pillsbury. No matter which brand you select for your recipes, it will result in deliciousness everyone enjoys, no matter which one works best for you! So don't be afraid to experiment with different brands until finding one that works best for your baking needs!

Always read the instructions thoroughly before using any baking powder, as improper usage can have disastrous results in your cooking or baking projects. With that said, we hope this article has provided insight into the top brands of baking powder available today so that you can make an informed decision when shopping for your own!

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