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10 Best Caramel Sauce Brands 2022

    Best Caramel Sauce Brands - Buying Guide
    Image by: Toben

    One of the most popular toppings for ice cream, cookies and many other desserts is the caramel sauce. It brings a great flavor and sweetens up anything you put it on. A huge factor is also that you purchase a product of good quality. Many brands use cheap artificial ingredients, thus making it taste horrible in the end. To ensure that doesn’t happen to you, it is important to do your research before deciding to purchase a product. To make your search easier, we compared brands, product quality and user ratings to present you a review of the 10 best caramel sauce brands currently available on the market.

    1. Ghirardelli Caramel Flavored Sauce


    Ghirardelli Caramel Flavored Sauce 17 oz. Squeeze Bottle (Pack of 2)

      When talking about caramel sauces, it is a must to mention the brand Ghirardelli. They are very well-known in this branch and have been in this business for quite some time now. Their product features a convenient squeeze bottle filled with high-quality caramel flavored sauce that is promised to be great on ice cream, as a dessert topping or used in espresso-based drinks.

      Up until now, it has gotten several thousand great ratings on Amazon and huge popularity from all around the world, making it more than good enough to be listed in our review of the best caramel sauce brands.

      2. Torani Puremade Caramel Sauce


      Torani Puremade Sauce, Caramel, 16.5 Ounces(Pack of 4)

        Another favorite among many people that takes a place on our top 10 list of the best caramel sauce brands. This time featuring the brand Torani. The product offers a great buttery richness and a dark caramelized flavor to anything you put it on. People have been claiming that it is the perfect addition to almost any dessert. For what purpose you are going to use it depends solely on you!

        Not only does it offer a great and unique flavor, but also has almost a perfect rating on Amazon, which shows that it is more than fit to be counted among one of the best.

        3. Hollander Caramel Café Sauce

        OUR RATING:

        Hollander Caramel Café Sauce | GMO Free |14 fl. oz. Squeeze Bottle | Flip Cap

          If you are looking for an “all-natural” caramel sauce, then this might be the right product for you. It is made with only the highest quality ingredients that are promised to be without any GMOs, soy, gluten, artificial flavors and many other harmful ingredients. It is a popular pick for many baristas around the world. The caramel flavor is described to be rich and classic since only real caramelized sugar cane is used for making it.

          Not only does it offer you a high-quality product for a fairly low price, but it also has great customer feedback and great ratings on the internet, making it viable to be called one of the best caramel sauce brands currently available.

          4. DaVinci Gourmet Caramel Sauce

          OUR RATING:

          DaVinci Gourmet Caramel Sauce, Caramel, 64 Fl Oz

            The next product uses simple ingredients to provide its customers with the perfect savory and sweet combination. It is a great choice for use in coffee, mochas, frappes, ice cream, milkshakes and many other drinks and desserts. People claim it to have a great balance in flavor and that it doesn’t have any artificial taste like many of its competitors do.

            All in all, a great pick with huge popularity around the world. With so much great feedback from its customers, how could we not mention it in our review of the 10 best caramel sauce brands?

            5. Starbucks Fontana Caramel Sauce

            OUR RATING:

            Starbucks Fontana Frappuccino Caramel Sauce, Bottle Only | 63 oz

            When talking about caramel sauces, how could we not mention the brand Starbucks? It is one of the leading brands in terms of coffee and other hot drinks. And every coffee can be decorated with some kind of topping, in this case, caramel sauce. Its product offers a thick and rich buttery flavor that can be used as the perfect topping for almost any hot drink or dessert. It has been a popular pick for a long time now. If you like Starbucks’ coffee, why not make yourself one at home?

            Because of the brands’ reputation all around the world and the product’s popularity, it is more than good enough to take a place on our list of the best caramel sauce brands currently on the market.

            6. Monin – Gourmet Caramel Sauce

            OUR RATING:

            Monin - Gourmet Caramel Sauce, Rich and Buttery, Great for Desserts, Coffee, and Snacks, Gluten-Free, Non-GMO (64 Ounce)

              The next brand on our list is well known for having numerous different types of syrups and sauces. Their caramel sauce is considered to be of utmost quality and has had a growth in popularity over the years. It offers a rich and caramel aroma that goes great with desserts, snacks and coffee drinks.

              Many people have tried it and claim it to be one of the best caramel sauce brands currently available. With so much popularity among the crowd and huge demand on the market, it is more than fit to be listed in our review.

              7. COOPS MICROCREAMERY

              OUR RATING:

              COOPS MICROCREAMERY Salted Caramel Topping, 10.6 OZ

                If you are more the type of person who likes salted caramel, then this might be the right product for you! It is made with ingredients imported from all around the world to ensure only the best quality is used. It is promised to be “all-natural” and without any GMOs, corn syrup or gluten.

                It is a great choice for the ones trying to live a healthy lifestyle, but still like to eat something sweet in a while that hasn’t got artificial ingredients in it. Because of its high-quality ingredients, unique flavor and overall ratings on Amazon, it is viable to be called one of the best caramel sauce brands currently on the market.

                8. Trader Joe’s Fleur de Sel Caramel Sauce

                OUR RATING:

                Trader Joe's Fleur de Sel Caramel Sauce 10 oz (Pack of 2)

                  The next product features a great alternative for any vegetarian who wants to enjoy a sweet drink, dessert or pastry with caramel sauce. It is promised to be vegetarian friendly and without any gluten. It offers an exquisite caramel flavor that has satisfied a lot of people over the years.

                  All in all, it has gotten a lot of fans throughout the years and retained its overall great rating, making it fit to be listed in our review of the 10 best caramel sauce brands.

                  9. Tastefully Simple Creamy Caramel Sauce

                  OUR RATING:

                  Tastefully Simple Creamy Caramel Sauce, 11 Ounce

                    If you are looking for a caramel sauce that will be liked by your kids, then this might be a great choice. A lot of the people claimed it to be highly liked by their kids. It can be used on either beverages or desserts, making it the perfect treat for children. It is made out of high-quality ingredients and doesn’t contain any artificial flavors, sweeteners, preservatives, colors or hydrogenated fats.

                    Since the brand gives so much attention to bringing a healthy variant onto the market and people claim it to be of great taste, it deserves a place on our list of the 10 best caramel sauce brands.

                    10. Lyons Caramel Dessert Sauce

                    OUR RATING:

                    Lyons Caramel Dessert Sauce (17 Ounces - Pack of 2)

                      The last product on our list is a favorite among baristas, restaurant owners and anyone who likes to decorate their desserts or beverages at home. It is counted as a professional syrup for decorating since it is made out of high-quality ingredients and it comes with an applicator tip for easier handling of the bottle.

                      With a great overall rating on Amazon, a lot of great customer feedback and huge popularity around the world, it is fit to take a place on our list of the 10 best caramel sauce brands currently on the market.

                      FAQ – Caramel Sauce Frequently Asked Questions

                      Below you can find the most searched questions about caramel sauce on the internet. We try our best to answer them in as much detail as possible. Hopefully, you will learn something new and it will be easier for you to decide whether you want to buy caramel sauce.

                      How To Make Homemade Caramel Sauce?

                      For this recipe, you’ll only need 4 ingredients: sugar, butter, heavy cream, and salt. The recipe is perfect for cheesecake, ice cream, pound cake, apple pie and more.

                      1. Using a wooden spoon or heatproof spatula, melt the sugar in a small pot, until caramelization, stirring constantly.
                      2. Stir in butter and let it cook for a while.
                      3. Stir in the heavy cream and let it boil for 1 minute.
                      4. Now you can add an optional amount of salt.
                      5. If you want to prepare unsalted caramel sauce, simply leave the salt out.

                      That’s all there is to it, you now got delicious homemade caramel sauce!

                      How To Thicken Caramel Sauce?

                      If you are unsure if your caramel sauce is thick enough, let it cool first before deciding. If you still find it too thin, add it back to the stovetop and simmer slowly under low heat until you get the desired consistency. If you followed a recipe and the sauce was too thin, next time simply add more sugar to thicken it. Optionally you can also add cornstarch to get a thick consistency.

                      How To Thin Caramel Sauce?

                      You can make your caramel sauce thinner, by adding low amounts of water while stirring it on low heat until you get the desired consistency. You could also use heavy cream instead of water, but that could oversaturate it with fat due to the amount of butter and heavy cream that is already used.

                      How To Make Caramel Sauce Without Heavy Cream?

                      Here is another recipe that is very easy and it doesn’t require heavy cream. You will need brown sugar, unsalted butter, milk, vanilla extract and salt.

                      1. First, melt the butter in a small pot. Add the brown sugar and milk and let it be until it boils for a few minutes.
                      2. Add the vanilla extract and salt. If you want unsalted caramel sauce, simply don’t add it.
                      3. Cool for about 10 minutes, before checking the consistency.

                      That’s it, easy right? Now you got delicious caramel sauce without using heavy cream.

                      How To Store Homemade Caramel Sauce?

                      When it comes to storing caramel sauce, it’s all about moisture control. Too much air will dry it out, while too much moisture will cause the caramel sauce to sweat and make it all gooey. When the caramel sauce cools, it will get very thick. Store it in a heat-resistant and airtight container such as a glass mason jar.

                      You can also store it in a glass microwave safe bowl with a lid. You can leave it for a few days at room temperature, but because there is dairy in the sauce, it the best you put it in your fridge, which will also keep the sauce fresher and last longer. You can use the fresh sauce for 2 to 3 weeks before it will start to spoil. Don’t get discouraged by how hard the consistency got, just put it in the microwave to make it smooth again.

                      If you want to freeze the caramel sauce, you can do that but you will need to switch the containers from glass to plastic because the glass could shatter under low temperatures. Use plastic containers that are airtight, and the sauce will last you for up to 3 months.


                      Choosing the right caramel sauce is important to ensure you have the best result when decorating your desserts, drinks, coffee or anything you might find a use for. We hope this review was helpful in your search. If you want to learn more about the topic, you are welcome to browse our webpage for more information.