Best Honey Bun Brands

As someone who loves a good, sweet bakery treat, I've tried my fair share of honey buns over the years. Those soft, pillowy buns smothered in sticky glaze are hard to resist! But not all honey buns are the same. Some are too dry, others are overly sweet.

Best Honey Bun Brands

Through trial and error, I've identified the top honey buns that you can buy in stores to satisfy your cravings.

I'll share my buying guide for what makes a great honey bun, along with reviews of my top picks.

My Selection Of 9 Best Honey Buns:

1. Duchess LIMITED EDITION Honey Buns

LIMITED EDITION - Duchess Honey Buns - 12/ 3 oz.

When I first laid eyes on the LIMITED EDITION - Duchess Honey Buns, I knew I was in for a treat. These little bundles of joy are a sight to behold, with their golden brown hue and the promise of sweet, indulgent goodness.

I'll be honest, I was a bit skeptical at first. After all, how could a humble honey bun possibly live up to the hype? But as soon as I took that first bite, all doubts melted away like butter on a hot griddle.


  • Incredible flavor that strikes the perfect balance between honey's natural sweetness and the rich, buttery undertones.
  • Soft, pillowy texture that practically melts in your mouth.
  • Generously sized portions, ensuring you get your money's worth.
  • Limited edition status, making them a must-try for any true dessert connoisseur.

What I Like About It:

  • The aroma alone is enough to transport you to a cozy bakery, with notes of warm spices and caramelized sugar wafting through the air.
  • The slightly crisp exterior gives way to a fluffy, moist interior that's pure bliss.
  • The fact that they're vegetarian-friendly means no one has to miss out on this delectable treat.
  • The packaging is downright adorable, making these honey buns a great gift for fellow sweet-toothed friends and family.

Listen, I know there are a million and one dessert options out there, but these LIMITED EDITION - Duchess Honey Buns are truly something special. Do yourself a favor and treat yourself to a box (or two) before they're gone for good. Your taste buds will thank you!

I also recommend buying them from:


2. Mrs. Freshley's Honey Buns

Mrs. Freshley's Grand White Iced Honey Buns, Individually Packaged, 6 oz., Pack of 12

    If you're a fan of delightfully indulgent treats, these Honey Buns from Mrs. Freshley's are a must-try. Let me break it down for you:

    First things first, the taste is simply heavenly. The soft, pillowy bread is perfectly complemented by the sweet, gooey honey glaze that coats each bite. It's like a party in your mouth, and trust me, you'll want to be invited to this shindig every day!

    Now, let's talk about the pros:

    • Individually packaged: No more fighting over the last piece or dealing with stale leftovers. Each bun is neatly wrapped, ensuring freshness and convenience.
    • Satisfying portion size: At 6 oz. each, these Honey Buns are just the right size to satisfy your cravings without leaving you feeling guilty.
    • Versatile: Enjoy them as a decadent breakfast treat, a mid-day pick-me-up, or even a late-night indulgence. They're always a hit!

    Here's what I personally love about them:

    • The nostalgia factor: These Honey Buns take me back to childhood, reminiscing about those carefree days when sugar was the only thing on my mind.
    • The perfect balance: While undeniably sweet, the bread itself provides a nice contrast, preventing the sweetness from becoming overwhelming.
    • The portability: Whether you're on the go or lounging at home, these individually wrapped treats are easy to grab and enjoy anytime, anywhere.

    Now, I won't lie to you – these Honey Buns are far from a health food. But sometimes, you just need to treat yourself, and when that craving hits, Mrs. Freshley's Grand White Iced Honey Buns are the way to go. So go ahead, indulge a little, and let the sweet, honey-infused goodness transport you to a world of pure bliss.

    I also recommend buying them from:


    3. Little Debbie Honey Buns

    Little Debbie Honey Buns, Individually Wrapped Breakfast Pastries, 6 Count (Pack of 16)

      Let me share my honest thoughts on Little Debbie Honey Buns with you. As someone who has a bit of a sweet tooth, I was excited to try these out.

      First off, let me just say that the aroma alone is heavenly! The moment you open the box, you're hit with the tantalizingscent of honey and cinnamon. It's almost enough to make your mouth water.

      Now, let's talk about the taste. These pastries are an absolute delight! The soft, pillowy dough melts in your mouth, while the sweetness from the honey glaze hits all the right notes. The cinnamon adds a lovely warmth that complements the flavors beautifully. I found myself savoring every bite, unable to resist going back for more.

      What I particularly love about these Honey Buns is their versatility. They make for a delightful breakfast treat when paired with a hot cup of coffee or tea. But they're equally enjoyable as an afternoon snack or even a late-night indulgence (just pop one in the microwave for a few seconds, and you're good to go!).


      • Irresistible honey and cinnamon flavors
      • Soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture
      • Convenient individually-wrapped portions
      • Versatile – can be enjoyed any time of day
      • Affordable and great value for the quantity

      What I Like:

      • The glaze adds the perfect touch of sweetness without being overwhelming.
      • They stay fresh for a surprisingly long time, thanks to the individual wrapping.
      • You can find them almost everywhere, making them an easily accessible treat.
      • They're a nostalgic reminder of childhood for many of us.

      If you haven't tried Little Debbie Honey Buns yet, I highly recommend giving them a shot. They're a delightful indulgence that will satisfy your sweet cravings without breaking the bank. Trust me; you won't be able to have just one!

      I also recommend buying them from:


      4. Duchess Honey Buns

      Duchess Honey Buns (12 pk)

      These Duchess Honey Buns are the real deal! As soon as I took my first bite, I knew this sweet pastry was something special. The golden glaze on top was decadent and the soft dough just melted in my mouth.

      Here's what I really liked about them:

      • Fresh taste: You can tell these are freshly baked, not hardened or stale at all
      • Perfect sweetness: The honey glaze provides the ideal amount of sweetness without being overly sugary
      • Fluffy texture: Each bite of the pillowy dough is pure bliss

      The pros definitely outweigh any cons:

      • Delicious honey flavor
      • Generous size - one is plenty filling
      • Individually wrapped for convenience
      • Bakes up fluffy every time

      While they are a bit higher in calories than I'd usually splurge on, sometimes you just need to treat yourself! These honey buns are worth every bite. I'll definitely be getting them again soon to satisfy my sweet tooth. I highly recommend you try them too!

      I also recommend buying them from:


      5. Tastykake Iced Honey Buns

      Tastykake Iced Honey Buns Mega Pack, 8 Count - 2 Pack

        Ranked at spot 5 are Tastykake Iced Honey Buns Mega Pack, and let me tell you, it's a journey filled with both sweet delight and a few disappointing twists. Get ready for an honest review, straight from the heart (and taste buds) of a true pastry lover.

        Let's start with the positives, shall we? The first bite of these honey buns is an absolute treat. The soft, pillowy texture melts in your mouth, and the sweet honey glaze adds a delightful touch of indulgence. The flavors are on point, delivering that classic honey bun taste we all know and love.

        Now, let's break down the Pros:

        • They come in a mega pack of 16 individually wrapped buns, perfect for satisfying those late-night cravings or sharing with friends (if you're feeling generous).
        • The honey flavor is authentic and not overpowering, striking the perfect balance of sweetness.
        • They're a vegetarian-friendly treat, making them accessible to a wide range of dietary preferences.

        And here's what I like about them:

        • The soft, pillowy texture is truly delightful, providing a comforting and indulgent experience with every bite.
        • The individual wrapping keeps them fresh and prevents them from drying out or getting stale too quickly.
        • They're a nostalgic treat that takes me back to childhood memories of enjoying honey buns with my family.

        However, as much as I want to sing their praises, there are a few downsides that I can't ignore. First and foremost, the freshness factor seems to be a bit of a gamble. While some packages arrive perfectly fresh and delicious, some can come stale or dried out. It's a disappointing risk to take, especially when you're craving that soft, melt-in-your-mouth texture.

        Additionally, the price point can be a bit steep, especially when compared to other honey bun options available in stores. It's a splurge that might not be worth it for some, especially if the freshness is compromised.

        Despite these drawbacks, I can't deny that there's something special about these Tastykake Iced Honey Buns. Freshly made, these classic treats can take you to a place of sweet, honey-drenched delight. Just be prepared for the occasional disappointment and manage your expectations accordingly.

        So, if you're willing to take a chance and embrace the potential for both delight and disappointment, go ahead and indulge in these honey buns. But if consistency and value are your top priorities, you might want to explore other options that can deliver a more reliable and cost-effective honey bun experience.

        Either way, I encourage you to embrace the joy of treating yourself every once in a while. Life is too short to deprive ourselves of simple pleasures, and a good honey bun can be just the pick-me-up we need to brighten our day.

        I also recommend buying them from:


        6. Mrs. Freshley's Jelly Swirl Honey Bun

        Mrs. Freshley's Jelly Swirl Honey Bun - Case of 9

          I recently had the pleasure of trying out the Mrs. Freshley's Jelly Swirl Honey Buns, and let me tell you, these little treats are a game-changer. If you're a fan of sweet, indulgent snacks, you're going to want to grab a pen and take notes.

          First off, let's talk about the packaging. It's nothing fancy, but who needs fancy when the real magic is inside? These honey buns come in a convenient case of nine, ensuring you'll have enough to satisfy your cravings (or share with friends, if you're feeling generous).

          Now, the moment you've been waiting for – the taste. These honey buns are the perfect marriage of fluffy pastry dough and sweet jelly filling, all wrapped up in a delicious spiral. And let's not forget about that pleasing white icing on top – it's the cherry on top of this already heavenly treat.

          But wait, there's more! Here are some of the Pros that make these honey buns stand out:

          • Jumbo Size: These aren't your average, measly honey buns. Mrs. Freshley's went all out with the sizing, ensuring you get a generous portion of sweet goodness in every bite.
          • Perfect Sweetness: The sweetness level is just right – not too overwhelming, but just enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.
          • Soft and Moist: The pastry dough is incredibly soft and moist, making each bite a delightful experience.

          And here's what I like about these honey buns:

          • Versatile: You can enjoy them as a quick breakfast treat, an afternoon snack, or even a dessert option.
          • Indulgent Yet Satisfying: While they're certainly an indulgent treat, these honey buns have a way of leaving you feeling satisfied without the overwhelming heaviness.
          • Nostalgic Flavor: If you grew up enjoying honey buns, these will take you on a delicious trip down memory lane.

          Now, I won't sugarcoat it (pun intended) – these honey buns aren't exactly the healthiest option out there. But sometimes, you just need to treat yourself, and that's where these beauties come in.

          So, whether you're a longtime fan of honey buns or a newcomer to the sweet world of jelly swirls, I highly recommend giving Mrs. Freshley's Jelly Swirl Honey Buns a try. They're the perfect blend of nostalgia and indulgence, and they'll leave you craving more with every bite.

          I also recommend buying them from:


          7. Cloverhill Jumbo Iced Honey Buns

          Cloverhill Jumbo Iced Honey Buns 4.75 oz, 12 ct.(pack of 3) A1

            Next up, I will share my thoughts on the Cloverhill Jumbo Iced Honey Buns. As someone with a serious sweet tooth, I couldn't resist giving these a try, and let me tell you, they did not disappoint.

            First and foremost, let's talk about the size. These babies are called "Jumbo" for a reason – they're absolutely massive! Each bun is a substantial treat, perfect for those moments when you need a little (or a lot) of indulgence.

            The flavor is where these honey buns truly shine. The sweet, honey glaze coating each bun is simply heavenly. It's not too overpowering or sickly sweet, but rather a perfect balance of sweetness that will leave you craving more.

            Now, let's talk about the texture. The buns themselves are soft, fluffy, and melt-in-your-mouth delicious. They're not too dense or dry, which is a common pitfall for many pastries. Instead, they're light and airy, making them an absolute joy to sink your teeth into.


            • Generous size
            • Perfectly balanced sweetness
            • Soft, fluffy texture
            • Individually wrapped for freshness

            What I like about it:

            • The convenience of having them individually wrapped means you can easily grab one (or two, or three) on the go.
            • They're microwaveable, so you can enjoy them warm and fresh whenever the craving strikes.
            • The variety pack with three separate packages allows you to stock up or share with friends and family.

            If you're a fan of honey buns or simply love indulging in sweet treats, the Cloverhill Jumbo Iced Honey Buns are an absolute must-try. They're the perfect balance of size, flavor, and texture, and I guarantee you'll be reaching for another one before you know it.

            I also recommend buying them from:


            8. Mrs. Baird's Honey Buns

            Mrs. Baird's Honey Buns 4oz Ea (8-Pack)

              Let me tell you about these delightful Mrs. Baird's Honey Buns. As someone with a serious sweet tooth, I was eager to try these out. From the moment I opened the package, the aroma of sweet honey and freshly baked pastries filled the air, instantly making my mouth water.

              These buns are soft, fluffy, and absolutely drenched in a rich honey glaze that adds the perfect amount of sweetness. Each bite is heavenly, with the tender dough practically melting in your mouth. I found myself struggling not to devour the entire package in one sitting – they're just that good!

              But what really sets these honey buns apart? Let me break it down for you:


              • Generous honey glaze coating that's simply divine
              • Pillowy soft dough with the ideal texture
              • Satisfying size (4 oz each) that feels indulgent yet not overwhelming
              • Convenient 8-pack lets you share (or not!)
              • No artificial flavors or high-fructose corn syrup

              What I Like About It:

              • The balance of sweetness is spot on – not too cloying, but definitely satisfies my sweet cravings.
              • The freshness is impressive, even after a few days. They don't dry out quickly.
              • The versatility! You can enjoy them for breakfast, dessert, or anytime you need a tasty pick-me-up.
              • The nostalgic comfort food vibe. These honey buns remind me of childhood and simply make me happy.

              If you're a fan of sweet pastries that deliver on flavor and texture, you owe it to yourself to give these Mrs. Baird's Honey Buns a try. Trust me, they'll have you coming back for more, time and time again. Just be warned – they're deliciously addictive!

              I also recommend buying them from:


              9. Tribeca Curations | Five Flavor Honey Bun Variety Pack

              Tribeca Curations | Five Flavor Honey Bun Variety Pack from Hostess, Cloverhill and Mrs. Freshley's | Iced, Glazed, Chocolate, Jelly, and Cremey Honey Buns

                If you're a hardcore honey bun lover like me, you simply have to try this fantastic variety pack from Tribeca Curations. This pack delivers the ultimate honey bun experience by including not just one, but five mouthwatering flavors from beloved brands like Hostess, Cloverhill, and Mrs. Freshley's. Talk about a sugar rush!

                Let's dive into what makes this variety pack so special. First off, you get that iconic taste of the classic Hostess Jumbo Iced Honey Bun - that thick, luscious glaze coating every bite is simply divine. Then there's the Hostess Jumbo Glazed Honey Bun, with its shiny, sweet exterior that gives way to pillowy soft dough.

                But wait, there's more! The Mrs. Freshley's Jelly Swirl Honey Bun is a delightful twist, with that irresistible ribbon of fruity jelly swirled throughout. And for those who love a chocolatey treat, the Cloverhill Jumbo Chocolate Iced Honey Bun hits the spot with its rich chocolate icing.

                Last but not least, the Mrs. Freshley's Cremey Curl Honey Bun is an absolute dream - that luscious cream filling is simply out of this world!


                • Incredible variety of 5 distinct, brand-name honey bun flavors
                • Generous sizes (mostly jumbos) for maximum indulgence
                • Fresh and moist, not a dry or stale bun in the bunch
                • Convenient variety pack eliminates having to buy multiple packages
                • No artificial flavors or high-fructose corn syrup

                What I Like About It:

                • The sheer novelty of being able to sample so many beloved honey bun varieties in one pack is a real treat.
                • The portion sizes are perfect for sharing (if you're feeling generous) or keeping them all to yourself (no judgment here!).
                • The flavors complement each other beautifully, making it easy to mix and match for the ultimate honey bun experience.
                • It's an affordable way to satisfy those raging sweet cravings without breaking the bank.

                Whether you're a lifelong honey bun lover or simply curious to explore the selection of these gooey, glazed delights, the Tribeca Curations Variety Pack is an absolute must-try. Grab one (or two) for yourself or send it as a deliciously sweet care package - you won't be disappointed! Just be warned, after tasting these heavenly honey buns, you may never go back to the ordinary again.

                I also recommend buying them from:


                What I Look For When Buying Honey Buns:

                When evaluating honey buns, there are a few key factors I look for:

                Honey Bun Buying Guide
                • Freshness - You want a honey bun that is soft and moist, not dried out. Check the package date and give a gentle squeeze to make sure it has the right texture. Stale buns are a disappointment!
                • Amount of filling - The filling-to-bun ratio is important. Look for a generous swirl of filling throughout the bun. Scarce, measly filling is unsatisfying.
                • Flavor of filling - Cinnamon is classic, but creativity is welcome too. Fruit, nut, and cream cheese fillings can all be delicious. The filling should complement the bun.
                • Sweetness of glaze - A glistening glaze takes the bun to the next level. Aim for a glaze that perfectly balances sweetness without overpowering. Too much glaze can make things soggy.
                • Shape and size - Round, spiral, or rectangular - the shape is up to you! Just ensure the size matches the nutrition label so you know what you're getting.
                • Price - Honey buns range widely in price. Pay attention to the unit cost rather than the package size. A deal isn't a deal if you don't like the quality!

                With these factors in mind, you'll be able to identify and enjoy the best honey buns for the price.

                My Review of the Best Grocery Store Honey Buns

                Homemade Honey Bun

                Here are my top picks for honey buns you can buy at the grocery store:

                Annie's Homegrown Cinnamon Honey Buns

                With a whole grain base and organic ingredients, Annie's offers a more natural honey bun while still feeling indulgent. The cinnamon sugar filling and glaze provide the classic flavors you crave from a honey bun in a recipe made with organic flour, oils, and spices. They are smaller than mass-produced buns at around 3 ounces each, providing a slightly healthier portion size.

                Sara Lee Artesano Honey Buns

                Sara Lee's premium Artesano line of baked goods delivers when it comes to honey buns. These are some of the largest honey buns you can find, with super soft, fluffy dough and a generous amount of cinnamon filling. The sweet honey glaze takes it over the top. Just reheat and enjoy this jumbo bakery treat!

                Entenmann's Honey Buns

                You can't go wrong with the OG Entenmann's honey buns. A household name in bakery sweets, their classic recipe features a tender, moist dough, cinnamon swirl, and just-right glaze. They are smaller buns, perfect for portion control or kid-sized snacks. The price is budget-friendly, especially when you can find them on sale. Enjoy their reliable, nostalgic flavor.

                Tastykake Honey Buns

                For a more affordable option, Tastykake's honey buns are a solid choice. Offering more filling per bite than some competitors, these honey buns have a generous swirl of cinnamon sugar goodness throughout slightly dense, but still pillowy dough. While not as fluffy as a gourmet bun, the caramel-forward glaze and intense cinnamon flavor make up for it.



                What is the healthiest honey bun option?

                Annie's Homegrown honey buns are the healthiest among store-bought options. They are made with organic whole wheat flour, less sugar, and no artificial ingredients. The smaller size also helps control portions.

                Which honey buns have the most filling?

                Tastykake and Sara Lee Artesano honey buns tend to be the most generous when it comes to the amount of filling within each bun. You won't miss out on that cinnamon swirl with these options.

                Do honey buns need to be refrigerated or frozen?

                It depends on the brand. Most mass-produced honey buns contain preservatives that allow them to be stored at room temperature. But for maximum freshness, refrigerating or freezing is recommended, especially for bakery-style buns without preservatives.

                Can you make homemade honey buns?

                Absolutely! Making honey buns at home allows you to control the ingredients. You can find recipes online using crescent roll dough, biscuits, or other bread dough as the base. Fill them with cinnamon sugar or other fillings and drizzle with a glaze.


                With their soft, pleasantly sweet dough and sticky glaze, honey buns can provide the perfect treat any time of day.

                Through personal testing, I've selected my favorite honey bun options that you can conveniently find at the grocery store.

                Whether you prefer healthier versions from Annie's or ultra-indulgent jumbo buns from Sara Lee, there's a honey bun to satisfy your craving.


                1. Deliciously SeasonedHomemade Honey Buns
                  • This recipe for homemade honey buns is rich, delicious, and loaded with flavor. It includes a classic glaze that we all love and is a great family treat.
                2. Cookie Dough and Oven MittHoney Bun Recipe
                  • These homemade honey buns are a cross between a donut and a cinnamon roll. They have a swirl of cinnamon in them and can be both fried and baked. They make a great breakfast or just a sweet treat to have on hand.
                3. I Heart EatingBest Homemade Honey Buns
                  • This easy homemade honey bun recipe makes soft sweet rolls topped with honey butter icing in about an hour. The recipe includes a 9x13-inch pan and a list of ingredients.
                4. McKee Food ServiceGlazed Honey Bun
                  • This website offers a classic pastry snack made with a touch of honey and cinnamon, topped with a light glaze. The glazed honey bun is great warmed for a few seconds in the microwave and enjoyed with a warm cup of coffee.
                5. The Novice ChefHomemade Honey Buns
                  • These sweet and sticky homemade honey buns are filled with cinnamon sugar and coated in a sweet glaze. They have the same melt-in-your-mouth texture that you love from store-bought honey buns and are made from scratch with real ingredients.
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