Buying Aluminum Cookware: Top 10 Tips

When buying cookware, like Anodized Aluminum Cookware, among others, there are different criteria to consider.

The most important factor when picking your cookware is usability. All the fancy names and coatings in the world won’t make a pot or pan better if it doesn’t work for YOU.

When buying aluminum cookware, you need some tips, some help to guide you through the maze. This list below will give you those tips so you are armed with knowledge when it comes time to buy.

Let’s get started.

Top Tip #1: Pick Your Pot/Pan

You have to know what you want before you buy it. To do that, you need to know what you are cooking. Maybe you are making a sauce or frying an egg. You could be sauteing some onions or making soup. The point is, before you look at any pot or pan, anodized or not, be very clear what you are going to be cooking first. This way you know if you should be buying a frying pan or a soup pot.

Top Tip #2: Choose Your Metal

To me, this is the fun part. The biggest thing I learned when I was starting out in the restaurant business was not all pots and pans are created equal. I’m sure you know what metal we are going to suggest, but just to prove our point, Anodized Aluminum Cookware is easy to clean, heats better than most, weighted appropriately, and even comes in different colors.

Top Tip #3: Pick Your Color

Why go to the trouble of looking for the right pots and pans if you can’t pick the color you want. We believe that cooking is about style as much as flavor. Pick the color you want and cook with the right Chi.

Top Tip #4: Choose How Long You Want Them

Buying new pans after you have just bought them, sucks. So why would you want to take home a pot or pan that is going to be useless after a week or two? For this tip, we suggest that you pick a pot or pan that will last you a long time. Aluminum pots and pans are just a strong as steel. With the anodized coating, these pots and pans last a long time.

Top Tip #5: You Need Heat

One of the biggest mistakes that cooks make is heat. Not enough heat is one of the biggest reasons that food does not turn out the way it should. Many times beginners don’t heat the pans that they use and try to cook the food to early. This results in dry food instead of moist. Pick a pan that will get very hot and it will allow you to cook the food quicker and retain the moister that everyone loves.

Top Tip #6: Don’t Get Handled

The handle of a pot or pan is extremely important. If it becomes lose or is not functional, it can ruin your meal. Also, you have to make sure you know what you handle can do. For example: If it has rubber on it, you shouldn’t put it into the oven. The rubber will melt and you will have one big mess on your hands. Look for handles that are bolted to the pot or pan. We prefer to use handles that are not covered with a foam or rubber so that they can be put into the oven as well.

Top Tip #7: Look At The Bottom

Some pots and pans have a heating coil built into them. It helps the pot or pan heat more evenly and that much quicker. Some do not have this coil. We have cooked with both and do not have a preference. If you buy one with a coil, you will be able to see it on the bottom of the pan. These work very well for ovens that do not cook over an open flame. If you are cooking over and open flame, then it is best to use a pot or pan with out a coil.

Top Tip #8: Non-Stick

In professional restaurants, Chefs use a cookware that is tailored for extreme heat and super fast cooking. They are continuously stirring and cleaning right away. But at home, it is not like that. We don’t have a bunch of people to watch the food and stir it for 20 minutes while we are working on the laundry. Plus, cleaning is something we can pawn on one of our employees. We have to do it ourselves. A non-stick surface works wonders for people with not a lot of time and need to multitask.

Top Tip #9: I Like The Shape

There are so many different shaped pots and pans out there that finding one that works for you can be tough. Fortunately, all you have to do is decide if you are a person who like to sauce your food multiple times during cooking. What we mean by “Sauce” is taking a utensil, like a spoon, and scooping up the juices in the pot or pan and pouring them over whatever you are cooking. If you plan on moving your food around a great deal and saucing, try to find a pan that is rounded. If you are not planning to do those things, a normal “L” shaped side will do.

Top Tip #10: Have Fun

In the end, the only thing that really matters is to have fun. If you love cooking as much as we do, pick the pots and pans that best fit who you are. That may seem a little out of the ordinary, but who cares, we are having fun anyways.

We hope these tips help in your search for the right pot or pan for you. Please feel free to leave you feedback here or contact us with any questions.