Contemporary 10-Cup Home Bunn Coffee Maker Review

Bunn coffee makers are well known for their reliability and superior quality since this manufacturer is one of the most recommended and prestigious in this industry. According to Bunn coffee maker reviews, which are written by actual users, their newest appliance, the NHBX-coffee maker is one of the most popular choices. This model has the ability to maintain a freshly brewed, smooth  flavor while preparing the coffee in only 3 minutes.

Robust and well built, the NHBX-B Bunn coffee maker comes with easy set-up instructions, showing you how to assemble the product parts in a simple and easy way. Equipped with a specially engineered thermostat that gives this appliance the ability to work and prepare fresh coffee even at high altitudes where other machines fail to perform.

The modern design and durable materials used for the housing and accessories, which provide great versatility to this product, make it suitable for both home and professional use.

If you are thinking about purchasing a high-quality coffee machine at a reasonable price and you are not sure what to choose, in order to make the right decision, give yourself the opportunity to read our detailed Bunn coffee maker review.


Brewer Type

This coffee machine requires manual water filling, so it is basically a pour-over brewer. A useful benefit of this and other Bunn coffee makers in this category, the NHBX-B model uses a special spray-head system, which unlike regular drip brewers, is able to distribute the water evenly over the ground coffee to give complete coverage, resulting in an intensely flavored coffee.

Although in many coffee makers the water’s super-heating ability results in a bitter flavor. This doesn’t happen with the NHBX-B Bun coffee maker and the difference in the quality and taste of the coffee is easy to appreciate, according to numerous online Bunn coffee maker reviews.

The Filter Types of Bunn Coffee Makers

Bunn filters are a little taller than regular ones, made of heavy weight paper that allows water to flow thoroughly through the ground coffee. The filter paper is obtained by using a chlorine-free bleaching process, which prevents dioxin and other similar impurities from forming, so you won’t have to worry about chemicals contaminating your coffee from the paper.

This Bunn coffee machine can be delivered with around 50 filters included in the package, so you won’t have to buy your own filters before you have had the chance to get familiar with the coffee maker’s functionality and features. Do not try to use regular filters or reusable ones that are not made for Bunn coffee makers, as they won’t fit and you’ll probably end up complaining about the ground coffee overflow.

Remember, the filter’s quality influences the coffee’s final taste. If you really want a good coffee, you’ll definitely go for Bunn filters. Depending on the retailer, you can purchase a case containing 100 Bunn filters for Home coffee machines for between 5$-8$ and a package including 1000 filters for around 20$. This may seem a little expensive compared to economy pack filters, which can be bought for around 8$ (500-700 filters/package), but if you go for a quality reusable filter, the final price would be comparable: 13$-20$, depending on the manufacturer.


NHBX-B Bunn coffee maker consists of a well-built plastic housing available in black or white, with stainless steel accents for a contemporary look and a glass carafe with a plastic lid that can be completely opened for easy cleaning. The housing has a cast iron base, a warming plate coated in splash-proof porcelain, which maintains the coffee’s heat and a stainless steel lining for the hot water tank, preventing an unpleasant plastic taste.


The glass carafe available for these Bunn coffee makers is lightweight yet resilient. It has an ergonomic, stay-cool handle, which at the same time is well-made. A drawback of this carafe is that, just like other glass jugs, it doesn’t keep the coffee hot for a long time when removed from the heating plate. However, this issue can be easily solved by replacing the glass jug with a thermal carafe, just like the one included with the Bunn STX Specialty 10-Cup Home Coffee Brewer.

The STX machine has similar features and functions to NXBH-B, except that  just like other coffee machines, which come with a thermal carafe, it’s a little more expensive. As STX Bunn coffee maker reviews highlight, the internal thermostat, the stainless steel water tank and the thermal jug do a great job in maintaining the ideal water temperature for fast brewing and maximum coffee flavor. So in case you’re a coffee addict who needs his/her beverage to remain hot during the entire day or you like having hot, intensely flavored coffee for your friends whenever they visit you, you may find this model is the one for you.

Bunn Coffee Maker Parts

Bunn offers a wide range of accessories for the NHBX-B model, including funnels, spray heads, decanters, coffee measure and deliming tools as well as replaceable filters and coffee carafes. For customers who don’t have the time to browse through products, complete accessory replacement packages are also available. Although no filters or carafes are included in these packages, these Bunn coffee maker parts can be individually purchased, together with the cleaning products specially created for home or commercial Bunn coffee makers (coffee wipes, cleaning powders and tablets).

As already mentioned, filters for Bunn coffee makers are a little different from regular ones, but there’s also difference in between the filters needed for home and commercial Bunn coffee makers. For the NHBX-B model for example, the available filters have a 5 x 3 inches base diameter, while for the commercial coffee makers the standard dimension is 9 x 4 inches.

As for the carafes, both glass and thermal models are available for home coffee machines but the glass option is cheaper than the thermal carafes.

Dimensions and Capacity

The water tank and the carafe of the NHBX-B coffee machine can hold up to 10 cups of hot water or brewed coffee. Although it doesn’t have a special function for 1-4 cups like the CHW-12 Cuisinart coffee maker, this model, just like other Bunn coffee makers, has permanent water marks etched inside the reservoir, indicating the number of cups you can prepare. Also, the glass carafe has indelible marks for the brewed coffee’s level.

Being designed especially for home use, this machine measures 11-3/5 by 9 by 13-2/3 inches and weighs approximately 9 lbs, with all the Bunn coffee maker parts included. The modern, ergonomic design as well as the smaller dimensions make this coffee machine fit comfortably on any countertop, regardless the available space.


Customer Reviews

As noticed in several Bunn coffee maker reviews, this machine is an excellent choice not only for people who need their coffee prepared fast and easy, but can also be a smart choice for small Coffee-houses, where continuous servings are needed. Due to its porcelain-coated warming plate equipped with an on/off switch, the brewed coffee can be kept at the optimal serving temperature for several hours, without losing its taste or flavor.

“This is a superior quality coffee machine and it is worth every penny. I could immediately taste a better cup of coffee.”

“This fine-looking coffee maker brews the best coffee I have ever made at home. All other machines make coffee that tastes burned.”

“Would highly recommend this machine for coffee lovers. “

“If you are looking for a reliable coffee maker at a competitive price, this is it! “

“We have had 2 other Bunn coffee makers before, so we would never consider anything else.”

“Coffee made in this machine seems to taste much better.”

“Makes good, smooth coffee!”

“… a little bit more pricey compared to regular coffee machines, but definitely worth the price.”

“The aroma of the coffee smells wonderful!”

Average Amazon Rating: 4.3

Pros & Cons


One of the best assets of Bunn coffee makers that many customers liked in their reviews is the sliding cover, which allows quick, effortless addition of water.

Also, as lots of satisfied customers mention, the patented Bunn spray head design improves flavor extraction, providing a fresh and intense coffee smell and maintaining the beverage’s taste even when tap water is used. This is possible due to an innovative system which showers the hot water over the ground coffee, creating optimum turbulence in the funnel in order to brew the perfect beverage.

Additionally, the internal thermostat of the water tank allows you to always have hot water and not only for coffee but also for tea, hot chocolate and even for preparing instant soups.

The machine also has a vacation switch, which allows you to turn off the water heater tank whenever you have to leave home for longer periods.


Some customers complained about the slightly higher electricity consumption of this machine, triggered by the pre-heat feature. But this is actually a great function being given the fact that the pre-heating option dramatically reduces the brewing time and the energy consumption issue can be solved by simply switching this function off.

Another drawback mentioned in some Bunn coffee maker reviews is the strong water jet this coffee machine has, which is likely to damage regular filters and leads to the need of buying only Bunn filters. Still, this shouldn’t be considered a negative aspect, as Bunn filters have the advantage of being stronger and taller than regular ones therefore more efficient in preventing ground coffee overflow. But for those who don’t want to invest in banded filters, permanent washable ones proved to work perfectly with this coffee maker as well.

Finally, some customers complained about the price of this machine, but a good coffee maker is a long-term investment so it’s definitely worth purchasing a high quality machine, even if you have to pay a little more. At least you won’t have to replace it year after year. Besides, if the Bunn coffee maker parts get damaged, the producers offer a three years warranty.