Cooking With Stevia – A Few Tips

In the last ten years, Stevia which is a natural sweetening herb has turned out to be a well-known substitute for sugar. This is due to the fact that it comes with lots of benefits and a few side effects, low glycemic index, and diabetic diet compatibility. But, what many people have discovered is that this stevia, a very sweet alternative to table sugar is also quite great for baking. But, you will have to take some time to get used to the conversion because it is slightly different than the table sugar when it comes to cooking and baking.


Here are tips you can follow when you cook and bake with stevia sweeteners like Stevia:

  • Avoid overheating – When it comes to cooking with stevia, watch how fast and how much heat is used, although Stevia is not easily broken down with heat. Occasionally, if stevia is overheated, it will instead produce a bitter flavour and won’t be a tasteful natural sweetener. Try heating it gradually and don’t forget that it does not caramelize unlike table sugar.


  • Don’t use yeast – Stevia is tasty! but it does not feed on yeast like sugar does. If the recipe you are going to prepare requires yeast, then see other recipes or switch to table sugar instead.


  • Measure and estimate – Because Stevia is a lot sweeter compared to sugar, you should know the conversion charts, as well as other recipes, and how to properly measure so that you can get the best result of flavour from your recipes. When you use too much, it can taint your recipe with bitterness and not using enough won’t give the desired taste.


  • Recipes and examples – There are different online sources you can use for cooking and baking your recipes using stevia. You can find lots of recipe archives, cooking channels, and stevia websites that offer recipes, examples and also the conversion charts so that you can use while cooking stevia.

As you may already know know, baking and cooking with stevia has become easy since you can buy it in stores and even online. Also, the resources such as recipes and conversion charts can be found on the Internet and these will help you learn how to prepare great desserts, meals and also will help educate you about how you can enjoy healthy dishes by omitting the natural sugar from your diet.

Talking about baking and cooking, those people who are looking for ways to eat healthier or have diabetes can surely benefit from using stevia in preparing and cooking their meals. Stevia is known to be a natural sweetener that can be obtained from the “Stevia Rebaudiana” plant. Also, it has no calories and has been utilized by different generations from across various cultures for a long time already. Stevia gives can enable you to enjoy those delicious baked goods without sugar, calories and guilt.

In many recipes, stevia can be utilized as a substitute for sugar. It is great that we now know that stevia is sweeter than sugar, thus you need to use a sufficient amount if you use it in baking. Since Stevia is an all natural sweetener, it has been sold in the marketplaces in the US but as a food supplement. You will be able to buy it in different forms such as crystals and liquids. If you are going to cook recipes with stevia, it is advisable that you try the crystallized one, but you can also use the liquid alternative. You will be able to see lots of conversion charts by searching the web quickly so that if you are going to cook with stevia, you will get the right amount to use and get the desired sweetness of the food and not overdo it.

If you are looking for stevia recipes, well it is much easier now. As already mentioned in the first paragraphs, different cultures around the world are using this natural sweetener for quite some time now. Through searching the web for “stevia recipes” you will be able to get results that show you how to cook and bake using stevia. This little plant is really amazing and comes with lots of uses and with the use of this natural sweetener, you will be able to indulge in the sweetness of foods without getting the unwanted calories and experience spikes in your blood sugar which frequently results from the consumption of products with lots of sweets.

Cooking with Stevia can take some getting used to

Don’t get discouraged if you did not get it right the first time, cooking with Stevia can take some getting used to specially if you aren’t kitchen savvy!

Baking with stevia however is not always advisable for some cases because of the molecular structure of this product is not exactly the same as sugar, but there are surely different ways that you can use stevia for cooking. Do you like sweet cookies? Then why not use stevia? Are you a fanatic of banana bread, pumpkin bread and other quick breads? Use stevia! What you just have to remember is that this natural sweetener doesn’t caramelize or react similarly to sugar when exposed to heat. Hence, if your recipe calls for caramel, stevia’s melting properties is not the same as sugar, thus this can be hard to achieve. However, if you are a lover of fudge, cookies, cakes and sweet sauces, BBQ sauces and other sweet glazes, then cooking with stevia can be fun and you will get the sweetness you desire without getting the disadvantages that come with using table sugar.