Fruit as Medicine

Fruit as medicine: Fruits are a great value in many forms of disease, because of the acids they contain.

These acids taken into the blood break up some of the compound of waste substances which have been found, and thus give rise to an exaggerated excretion of these substances through the kidneys.

In this way fruits are a great advantage in the treatment of rheumatism, gout, gravel and all the different morbid conditions which accompany the so called uric acid diathesis.

Remembering the interesting fact that rheumatism is really a toxemia, resulting from the decomposition of food stuffs in a dilated or prolapsed stomach.

We must also attribute the beneficial effects of a fruit diet in rheumatism and allied conditions to its value in suppressing the formation of poisonous substances in the alimentary canal in the manner already pointed out. 

Obesity, may be successfully treated by a fruit dietary. This is due not only to the fact that fruit is a natural food, and thus aids the system to establish normal tissue metamorphosis and a normal balance between the processes of assimilation and dissimilation, but also because it affords a very comfortable means of reducing the amount of nutriment material received to a minimum quantity.

Fruit is chiefly water, the amount of nutriment material it contains varying from five to eight or ten % in most fruits, such as dried grapes, prunes, dates, etc.

Someone has succeeded in reducing excessive weight in most satisfactory manner by prescribing a diet, consisting almost exclusively of grapes and apples, allowing only a small bit of dry bread in connection with the fruit.

In some cases the fruit may be allowed as often as three to four times a day, if necessary, to relive an uncomfortable sensation of emptiness. In fevers, fruits, especially in the form of fruit juices, are the most convenient and certainly the most appropriate of all food.