Garlic Mashed Potatoes

Delicious garlic mashed potatoes you can make and  everyone will love it!

Garlic mashed potatoes has been a delicious addition to many meals for decades. This is because of the wonderful taste that can be found in garlic as well as potatoes. Whether you decide to make them from scratch or even instantly; as long as you throw in the real ingredient of garlic, you will have just successfully created a recipe that can help nurture your body. Plus, there are so many different recipes for mashed potatoes with garlic that you can switch it up for every meal!

Everyone knows the potential that consistently consuming garlic can provide; but did you know that you can create recipes to make the taste enjoyable? For instance, a popular way of making mashed potatoes is by using real ingredients.


  • Take potatoes, some butter, skim milk, and two cloves of garlic and get to cooking! Boil the potatoes for about 25 minutes until they are soft enough to be whipped.
  • Meanwhile; make sure to simmer the garlic cloves and milk while the potatoes are cooking to insure that everything is cooked thoroughly and ready to be mixed together.
  • Once everything is complete; add the garlic mixture and the potatoes into a bowl and use an electric beater or masher to thoroughly soften potatoes and combine the ingredients.
  • By the end; you have a delicious addition to the meal and one of the healthiest garlic mashed potatoes recipe known! Seriously; it’s only 145 calories per serving along with the nutrients that garlic will provide.

But, the best thing about mashed potatoes is the different ingredients that can be used to create the same thing! For example; using the same recipe you can replace regular white potatoes with gold potatoes also known as Yukon. This will create some sweet mashed potatoes with garlic that can thoroughly be enjoyed by the family and your body!

However, the best thing about using potatoes is the different varieties as well as the additives that can be combined with current recipes. Many people prefer to use red potatoes over white and gold which is fine! But, along with adding the creamy mixture of full garlic cloves into the bowl; you can also throw in a dollop of sour cream for added taste. And don’t forget to top off the final recipe with some green products such as chives or parsley. Not only does it look delectable; but it does add a little extra flavor to the wonderful, garlic taste.

The fact is that garlic mashed potatoes allows you to consume the amount of garlic that you need in order to keep your body healthy you can read the benefits of garlic and why it is so good. Some people take it in a pill form; others chew full cloves in the morning, and most create a garlic recipe that allows the consumption to be enjoyable. So, the next time that you’re looking for a unique way to distribute garlic for the health of the family; why not looking into garlic mashed potatoes? They will sure love it as the taste is really good and enjoyable.