Healthy Eating Tips

10 Healthy Eating Tips As Described Below:

Eat a Variety of Foods

For good health more than 40 different nutrients are needed and there is no single food that could supply them all. Today’s food choice makes it easy to eat a wide variety of foods whether you take advantage of ready prepared dishes, buying fresh food to cook or buying take-away foods. You need to balance your choice over time. If you have a lunch which contains much fat, then have dinner which contains low fat. And perhaps if you eat a large serving of meat one day, then plan for the next day to eat fish.

Base your diet on plenty of foods rich in carbohydrates

Most people don’t eat enough food such as pasta, rice, bread and other cereals and potatoes. More than half the calories should come from the previously mentioned foods. Try pasta, wholegrain bread and other wholegrain cereals too as  with this you will increase your fibre intake.

Enjoy plenty of fruits and vegetables

Many people don’t eat enough of vegetables and fruits and it is important to remember they provide many important protective nutrients. Try eating at least five servings per day if you don’t enjoy them at first, then try some different recipes or see what dishes that are ready are available at the store.

 Maintain a healthy body weight and feel good

The right weight depends on many different factors which are: your height, sex, age and heredity. Being overweight can increase the risk of wide range if diseases like cancer and heart disease. Excess body fat results when you eat more calories that the body needs. Extra calories can come from any caloric nutrient-protein, carbohydrate, fat or alcohol. Fat is the most concentrated source of calories. Physical activity is a great way to increase the energy (calories)  which you expend and it will make you feel good. It is simple,  the more you are  gaining weight the less you need to eat and be more active.

  Eat moderate portions – reduce, don’t eliminate foods

Keep your portion sizes reasonable, it is easier to eat all the food you enjoy without having to eliminate any of it. For example, reasonable serving size is one medium piece of fruit, half a cup of raw pasta, 50 ml ice-cream and 100g of meat. Meals which are ready prepared can offer a good means of portion control and they have calorie values on the pack to help you if you are counting the intake. If you are are eating out, share a portion with a friend.

Eat regularly

If you are skipping meals, especially breakfast, can lead to helpless overeating and out of control hunter. Snacks can help curb hunger between meals, but don’t eat so much as to substitute for proper meals. Do not forget to count your snacks in the total daily calorie intake.

Drink plenty of fluids

Adult person needs to drink around 1.5l of fluid in one day, even more if it is hot or they are active physically. Plain tap water is a good source of liquid but variety can be healthy and pleasant. Alternatives to it are: tea, coffee, milk, juices and soft drinks.

Get on the move

As mentioned above too many calories and lack of activity can result in weight gain. Physical activity helps to burn off the extra calories. It is also good for the heart and circulatory system and for generals well-being and health. Make physical activity part of your daily routine. Use stairs instead of the elevator for example. Go for a walk between lunch breaks. You dont have to be an athlete just  get on the move!

Start now! – and make changes gradually

Gradual changes are much easier to make than making major changes. For some days, write down the foods you consume at meals and as snack. Do you have too vegetables and or fruits? Start with trying to eat just one extra piece of vegetable and  fruit a day. Are your favorite foods high in fat and making you gain weight? Do not eliminate those foods and feel miserable, try to choose low fat options or just  eat smaller portions.

It is all about balance

There aren’t any good or bad food it is all about if your diet is good or not. Do not feel guilty about the food you love, rather eat them in moderation and choose other foods to provide a good balance and variety that are vital to good health.

By applying the above healthy eating tips to your daily routine, your lifestyle should improve, start making plans and try.