How To Cook Vegetables And Other Foods To Keep Your Nutrients Balanced?

When you have a varied diet, it is a challenge to prepare vegetables in a tasty way and also conserve the maximum nutritional properties. Some foods lose nutrients when they come into contact with hot water such as B vitamins and vitamin C. Thus, the best way to get maximum nutrients is to consume raw vegetables. In contrast, there are also substances that are best absorbed by the body after the products are cooked. To avoid the problem, what to do, how to do – we will talk about how to cook vegetables and, other foods in this food & cooking segment.

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How To Cook Vegetables And Other Foods?

Check out the tips on how to consume different vegetables and, ensure much more nutrients and benefits to your body.

1. Tomato

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It is rich in lycopene, responsible for giving red color to food and, important in the prevention of prostate and breast tumors. The action of lycopene is potentiated by cooking the tomato, especially with oil or olive oil. Since it is soluble in oil. For this, nothing better than consuming the vegetable in sauces and soups.

2. Carrot

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This vegetable can be prepared both cooked and, raw. It has the beta-carotene which is enough source of Vitamin A. To improve the absorption of this vitamin, the ideal is to use water with a strand of olive oil at the time of serving. Apart from vitamin A, this vegetable is enriched with vitamin C. Heat may reduce the property. Thus eating raw or carrot juice is suggested.

3. Spinach

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Just like in the case of carrots, this food can be consumed in both ways. Baking improves the absorption of minerals such as iron, magnesium and calcium. If consumed raw, vitamin C is preserved.

4. Broccoli

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It is very common to cook this vegetable. However, it is best if digested raw. At high temperatures, the food loses an important enzyme that purifies the liver. As it is difficult to consume this food without cooking it, a good alternative is to prepare it in the steam.

5. Beet

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The high temperatures modify the structure of the fibers present in the beet. So the best way to consume it is raw. In addition, this substance is a powerful antioxidant.

How To Cook Steamed Vegetables?

It is not necessary to have a specific pan to cook steamed food. Pour water in the steel pan, put a basket and, put the vegetable there. This is a simple way to maintain the nutrients of these foods. Always prefer to prepare them in the steam. The food does not come in direct contact with the water and, the nutritional losses are reduced. Do not steam for more than five minutes.

This is the ideal time to maintain nutrients and, ensure a crispness to the food. The best way to cook the vegetables is with the peel since there are many concentrated nutrients. Some vegetables can be boiled, steamed, cooked and, eating raw. Depending upon the type of nutrition they have, you must consume them.