How to Make Food Last Longer?

People nowadays are very busy and time becomes very precious that we are required to multitask to get all the job done. We even have very limited time to do the cooking, the grocery and cleaning the kitchen. So one very helpful tip is to make food last longer, but how?

Moisture is one of the leading causes why vegetables rot easily and why salt hardens and others so;

1. After washing vegetables, make sure to dry them first before placing in the crisper, then place paper towels underneath to absorb the excess moisture.

2. To prevent salt from hardening, you can place rice in the shaker.

3. Freeze food properly, put them in clean plastic sheets  and remember seal them tightly by taking all the air out, air tight containers can help a lot.

4. Store different kinds of food in different containers. Like put chewy cookies separate from a crisp cookie, they have different moisture content. It’s also the same with vegetables especially the greens.

These simple tips will surely save you time and money.