How To Stuff, Prepare, And Cook A Thanksgiving Turkey

With these easy twelve steps you will learn the whole process of preparing a thanksgiving turkey, which your whole family will enjoy.

Step One: Either use rubber gloves, or wash your hands thoroughly after preparing the 14-16 pound turkey.

Step Two: Fold the wing joints underneath, to help keep the bird’s shape while cooking.

Step Three: Remove liver, gizzards, and heart from the cavity.

Step Four: Remove plastic piece that holds legs together, and cut off the large piece of skin in front of the cavity.

Step Five: Season cavity with salt and pepper.

Step Six: Stuff cavity with two diced sweet apples to give some flavor to the bird. Apples will be discarded after the turkey is cooked. Now stuff the cavity with fresh herbs such as a bunch of fresh thyme.

Step Seven: Tie legs crossed together with twine.

Step Eight: Season outside of turkey with salt and pepper on all sides. Season heavily to ensure the skin gets crispy while roasting.

Step Nine: Place in roasting pan with rack and put into pre-heated 325 degree oven for five to six hours.

Step Ten: After one hour, baste the turkey with the drippings, by simply pouring the drippings in the pan over the bird with a spoon.

Step Eleven: Rotate the pan every hour to ensure even cooking. Baste every half hour until done. Turkey is cooked when meat thermometer shows 185 degrees when placed into meat near the drumstick joint.

Step Twelve: Remove from oven and let rest for 20 minutes.