Is Stevia Good For You? Reasons Why You Should Use it.

Learn Why Stevia is Good

Across different cultures, stevia has become very popular and even big companies that are providing drinks are trying to release products that contain Stevia. It has no calories and no carbohydrate. Many people wish to find a healthier alternatives to replace sugar and other artificial sweeteners; hence, stevia is increasing in demand and popularity and it has been called the future sweetener, will Stevia replace sugar in the next 10-20 years? No one knows, but here are five reasons why stevia is better than other artificial sweeteners:

Stevia is all-natural

You may not know that already but stevia is 100% natural and the “steviosides” are obtained from the leaves of the plant identified as Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni which is a perennial shrub belonging to the Asteraceae family.

Stevia is somewhat safe to use:

Even though Stevia’s side effects are still being investigated and researched, there are no toxicity reports or incidents linked to using Stevia. It is for sure better than sugar.

Stevia is a lot sweeter compared to sugar:

Stevia contains sweet-tasting glycosides which are known as Stevioside but also contain rebaudiosides A to E, Steviolbioside, and also dulcoside A. These are natural extracts obtained from the plant making it a natural sweetener 250-300 times sweeter compared to sugar.

 Stevia is a healthier option:

Stevia is definitely healthier since it is 100% natural, has no carbohydrates, no calories and ranks zero in glycemic index. Stevia also doesn’t interfere with the balance of the minerals of a healthy body and it doesn’t reduce the absorption of nutrients from healthy foods in your diet. The most benefit one can get from Stevia is that it doesn’t affect the normal levels of blood sugar and that is good news for diabetic patients.

Stevia is more affordable:

Stevia is a lot cheaper than Sugar when you compare the quantities necessary to achieve the same sweetness levels; an 8-ounce can of Stevia is the equivalent of 50 pounds of sugar. The 8oz. can of Stevia is only $12.95 and the 50-pound sugar may cost you $25 or more.

If you are not yet using stevia, you should atleast try it. Stevia is good sweetener much better than sugar.