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TOP 10 best blueberry powders 2022

    Best Blueberry Powders

    best blueberry powders – Buying Guide & Reviews

    Blueberry powder is one of the healthiest ways to incorporate more blueberries into your diet. Its antioxidant content makes it a valuable source of fiber, which is necessary for optimal health. When purchasing blueberry powder, look for a powder that has a short list of ingredients. This means the powder is 100% natural and doesn’t contain any preservatives or other harmful additives. You should also look for organic and wild blueberries, as these are rich in nutrients and will help to improve your health and well-being. To make your search easier, we compared brands, product quality and user ratings to present you with a review of the 10 best blueberry powders currently available on the market.

    1. Organic Blueberry Concentrated Powder


    Sustainably Canada Grown, Organic Blueberry Extract 50:1 Concentrated Powder, 6 Ounce, Wild Grown and Freeze Dried, Natural Flavor for Beverage,...

      The very first product on our list is also a favorite among many people. It offers you organic blueberry powder that has a natural flavor and contains no GMOs. It is vegan-friendly and great for baking. The whole pack weighs 5 ounces and can be easily resealed to ensure its contents stay fresh for much longer. The whole product also comes with a scoop to help you get your measurements right every time.

      Because it doesn’t contain any GMOs, additives, preservatives, artificial colors, soy, fillers or gluten, it has been a popular pick for a long time. All of these great features can be seen in its great rating on Amazon and positive feedback from its customers. With so many positive features to offer, we simply had to mention it among the best blueberry powders.

      2. Wyman’s Wild Blueberry Powder


      Wyman's Wild Blueberry Powder - 100% Wild Blueberries, No Sugar Added, Antioxidant Activity, Resealable Pouch - 8oz

        This wild blueberry powder is highly valued due to its dietary support features. Because it is finely ground, it provides a great base for your smoothies and baked goods. Not only is it a delicious addition to your next dessert, but also provides you with a healthy alternative to other artificial ingredients. With the pack weighing 8 ounces, it should last you for quite some time. And since it can easily be resealed, it is very easy to store it away.

        Among all the mentioned products in this review, this one is one of the best-rated products. If we also count in that people frequently complement its quality and flavor, we get a product that is perfect to be mentioned among the best blueberry powders currently on the market.

        3. LOOV Organic Wild Blueberry Powder

        OUR RATING:

        LOOV Organic Wild Blueberry Powder - 35-Day Supply, 6 Oz, Good for Smoothie & Breakfast, Freeze-Dried, from Northern Europe, No Added Sugar

          This freeze-dried blueberry powder has been purchased many times without lowering its great overall rating on Amazon, which makes it a perfect addition to our top 10 review. It is packed with healthy nutrients and provides you with the perfect ingredients when making smoothies, eating yogurt or making protein shakes. To top it all off, it is also picked in organic forests all over the world to ensure only the best quality is delivered to you.

          This 6-Ounce pack of freeze-dried blueberries has been on the market for quite some time and has gotten a lot of popularity. With all that said, it offers you more than enough great features to be called one of the best blueberry powders.

          4. Source of Nature Wild Blueberry Powder

          OUR RATING:

          Wild Blueberry Powder 3.5 oz (100g) 100% Whole Berry; Not Extract, Not Concentrate, Not Juice Powder

            This 3.5-Ounce pack of whole blueberry powder doesn’t contain any extracts, concentrates or juices. It contains 100% pure and natural blueberry powder that is full of essential amino acids which your body urgently needs to thrive. In addition, it also doesn’t contain any gluten or GMOs. To top it all off, it is also vegan-friendly. To truly make it an all-natural product for consumption, it doesn’t have any added sugar, preservatives or additives.

            This whole berry powder has gotten quite a positive reputation over time because of its great quality and all-natural ingredients. People who have purchased it have mostly given it great feedback, which makes it more than good enough to be listed in our review of the 10 best blueberry powders.

            5. 100% Pure Blueberry Extract

            OUR RATING:

            Pure Original Ingredients Blueberry Extract (8oz) Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Non Fillers or Additives

              If you are looking for pure blueberry extract powder, then this would be our suggestion for you! One of the reasons it has such great popularity is that the brand doesn’t use any type of fillers in its product. It also doesn’t contain any colors, flavors, additives or sugar. All in all, a 100% pure blueberry extract that is great for anyone who likes all-natural ingredients. The whole pack also weighs 8 ounces, which should last you for quite a while. In addition, the brand is confident in its product enough to offer a full refund if not satisfied with it for any reason.

              If you have doubts if this product is right for you, you have to remember the brand’s promise of the money-back guarantee, which almost makes it a no-brainer in terms of purchasing it. With all that said, all of these positive features make it more than viable to take a place in our review of the top 10 best blueberry powders.

              6. Nutricost Organic Blueberry Powder

              OUR RATING:

              Nutricost Organic Blueberry Powder 8oz (227 Grams) - Pure, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, from Whole Freeze-Dried Organic Blueberries

                In terms of the best organic blueberry powder, this product beats most of its competition. It is a great addition to your smoothies, yogurts, protein shakes and much more. It also doesn’t contain anything other than what is written on the logo – pure organic blueberry powder! Its contents are freeze-dried, gluten-free, soy-free and vegan-friendly to ensure every customer is satisfied with it. It also comes with a handy scoop to help you measure every time you want to add it to your meals.

                One of the features that make it so highly popular on the market is also that it comes in a handy container with a closable lid, which makes it much easier to store away than other unconventional products of its type. All in all, a high-quality product that deserves the title of one of the best freeze-dried blueberry powders currently available for purchase.

                7. TradeKing Pure Wild Blueberry Powder

                OUR RATING:

                100% Pure Wild Blueberry Powder | Rich in Antioxidants | Made with Canada Grade-A Wild Crafted Blueberries, Perfect for Smoothies, Snacks & Baking (8...

                  The next product contains only grade A blueberry powder and has been a popular pick for many people over time. No GMOs, preservatives, flavors, colors or sweeteners can be found in it. It is said to be rich in antioxidants and a great addition to smoothies, snacks and baking. The whole package weighs 8 ounces and can be resealed at any time.

                  Although it has been on the market for quite some time, it has retained its good rating.

                  8. Numami Wild Blueberry Powder Organic

                  OUR RATING:

                  Numami Wild Blueberry Powder Organic, for Smoothies, Baking and Flavoring, Rich in Antioxydants and Vitamin C, Organic Blueberries are Handpicked from...

                    Another freeze-dried blueberry powder takes a place in our top 10 review of the best blueberry powders. This time featuring a more traditional packing. Its contents are organic and are considered a healthy option for adding to your meals. It is rich in many nutrients that our body needs to thrive and has been a very popular pick even among the pickiest customers. To ensure the environment doesn’t suffer because of the packaging, it is made to be fully biodegradable.

                    Up until now, it has gained a great reputation because of its organic content and its unique packaging. People have bought it more than once because it hasn’t disappointed them in any way. With so many beneficial features to offer, how could we not mention it in our review of the best blueberry powders?

                    9. My Berry Organics Wild Blueberry Powder

                    OUR RATING:

                    Wild Blueberry Powder-100% Whole Berry; 6oz, Grown in North America, Not an Extract, Bilberry or Juice, Woman-Owned Small Company

                      This steam-dried blueberry powder is a one-of-a-kind product currently on the market. The blueberries were harvested in Canada and have a distinctive purple color, which is unusual for this type of product. The special steam-dried process makes it possible to retain fiber, skin and pulp, making sure no fillers need to be added to it and ensuring much more nutrients are saved in the process. The whole pack weighs 6 ounces and can be resealed at any time, making it much easier to store away when you don’t need it anymore.

                      This blueberry powder is owned by a small company and has been competing with much larger brands for quite some time now. It can all be seen in its great quality, which makes it even more important to mention it among the best blueberry powders in our review.

                      10. Blueberry Extract

                      OUR RATING:

             Blueberry Extract Powder - Antioxidants Supplement - Smoothie Powder - Blueberry Extract for Baking - Anthocyanin Supplement -...

                        The last product on our list comes from the brand, which is a fairly popular brand when it comes to all sorts of powders. It blueberry powder is no different. The whole pack weighs 8-8 ounces and contains a lot of antioxidants, vitamins C and K, and anthocyanin. It is a great choice for boosting your immune system. It can easily be implemented in your baking and delivers a great flavor as well.

                        With great ratings on Amazon and very positive feedback from its customers, we simply had to add it to our review of the best blueberry powders.


                        With so many health benefits to offer, the question comes why not purchase blueberry powder in the first place? We hope this review was helpful in your search. If you want to learn more about similar topics, you are more than welcome to browse our webpage for more information.