Turkish Manti Food

Manty, also known as Manti is a traditional food of Turkish cuisine. Generally, Turkmenistan foods predominantly consist of rice, vegetables and meat especially mutton and poultry.

The cuisine is quite similar with Uzbekistan people, in dishes as Plov, Shurpa, Somsa, Gutap, Ishlykly, Lagman and Shashyk, though the spiciness is different. These foods are normally available in restaurants, bazaars or streets.

Besides, Turkmen also serve Russian fare like buckwheat, golubsty and pelmeni. However, Turkish foods do not use spices or seasonings frequently, and is cooked with large quantity of cotton seed oil for its flavor.

Gok Chai, green tea with dried fruits and occasionally added with herbs, is a favorite drink of Turkish people.

Manti Dumplings Food

Manty is a type of small meat filled dumpling in Turkish and Central Asia countries staple foods. It is not only popular in Turkmenistan, but also Armenian, Kazakh, Kyrgyz and Pakistan cuisine.

Manty is closely related to East Asia people mantou, baozi and mandu. It is considered as one of the major food components in the diet of local Turkmenistan people.

Preparation of Manty

Typically, Manty is a spiced meat mixture wrapped in dough, either boiled or steamed and served with sour cream. Meat used is normally lamb or beef.

Sometimes, the spiced meat mixture is added with vegetables, onions or pumpkin. Manty is popular with travelers and taxi drivers, as they are able to eat quickly on the run and it is usually sold at roadside stands.

With the creative Turkmen chefs, many new, delicious yet original dishes have been created. Turkmenistan chefs are passionate and enjoy to present foreigners with the tasty Turkmen specialty foods. Thus, it will be an unforgettable experience for you to taste their cooking!

image author ekke vasli from Eskisehir, Turkey