Useful Hacks to Make Your Food Last Longer

Have you ever wondered what to do so your food will last longer? Below we provide some useful food hacks which will help you to easily save food for longer.

List of 5 simple food hacks you can apply so your food will last longer:

Food hack: Berries

For this simple trick i suggest  you to swirl fresh berries with water and a bit of vinegar. Nothing is worse than, when you buy really fresh berries in the store and they spoil in a day or two. For the swirling it’s recommended that you use one part vinegar to ten parts water mixture. Vinegar is enough diluted and it will not affect  the taste of the berries. Rinse and store them in your refrigerator.

Food hack: Sour cream and cottage  cheese

Turn your cottage cheese and sour cream upside down in the refrigerator, this will create a vacuum which inhibits the growth of bacteria that causes food to spoil, which would normally happen.

Food hack: Herbs

Instead of wrapping your fresh herbs like Marjoram, Thyme and Lavender in a bag and putting them in refrigerator where they will start to wilt and get really slimy, we suggest you keep them on the kitchen counter in a glass with fresh water, just like  you would do with flowers. Make sure to change water every couple of days, doing this will expand the herbs freshness for a much longer time.

Food hack: Fruits and Vegetables

Make your vegetables and fruits last last longer which are almost past their prime but still good, by making shrub  syrups, known also as drinking vinegar

Tip for the refrigerator:

Turn down the temperature for a degree or two. Most  refrigerators are kept  at  38 degrees Fahrenheit, by turning them down to 36 or 37 you will extend the life of the shelf. Do not turn it any lower though because ice crystals will then start  to form on  foods and beverages.