Using Garlic for Weight Loss

Easy weight loss with garlic is just some of the many advantages of adding garlic to your diet. Studies have shown that people who have higher levels of garlic intake will have fewer fat deposits in their body and burn through fat quicker.

There are two chemicals that help in easy weight loss with garlic.

These are the chemicals:

  • Allicin – Widely regarded as the reason for garlic’s status as a miracle cure, allicin promotes many of the health benefits, including preventing cancer, hypertension and high cholesterol. Allicin works best when it is minced and eaten raw.
  • Diallyl Sulfides – This organosulfur compound is produced when allicin is cut or composing. It is responsible for many of the fat burning benefits of garlic.

There are several direct and indirect ways that garlic works to increase fat burning.

Here are some of the benefits of garlic that have been proven through studies:

  • Garlic speeds up the metabolism – A faster metabolism will lead to losing more weight by burning fat.
  • Holds blood sugar levels at consistent rates – This benefit of garlic will slow the release of insulin, which will assist the burning of fat.
  • Breaks up fat deposits in the body – Similarly to soy, garlic can actually dilute and break up fat deposits in the body. This also happens inside of cells.
  • Garlic has thermogenic properties – This means it will actually stimulate and heat up the body, which will increase fat oxidation. This will lead to more burning of fat.
  • Lowers cholesterol and hypertension – Garlic has been shown to reduce cholesterol and hypertension, which can help make you healthier and also help burn fat.

Because of garlic’s pungent odor, the problem people tend to have with incorporating it into their diet is the effect it has socially. Unfortunately, garlic works best when chopped up and eaten raw, which is also the way it produces a strong odor through the pores and lungs of the person who eats it. Some of the weight loss benefits of garlic are retained after it is cooked, but it works best when eaten raw.

There are also garlic supplements that can be introduced to your diet to take advantage of the weight loss benefits of garlic. These pills and oils can be taken once or twice daily depending on how much garlic you would like to add to your diet. Some of the supplements reduce the negative smells that garlic creates.

Make sure to consult with a physician before you try to take advantage of garlic for weight loss. Some people may have allergies or be on medication that can have a negative confliction with garlic.