What is Flax Meal and How to Prepare Flax Seed Meal

I’m sure you’ve heard about flax seed and its benefits: omega-3, heart-healthy, fiber, etc. There are another three benefits:

  • easy to store ground flax meal
  • gluten-free!
  • low carb

Two out of the three of us are gluten-free. If you need to find a cheap-way to make a cracker or bread you can use this base recipe for  “flax bread” to eat it daily:


  • 1/3 cup ground flax meal
  • 1/3 cup hot water


  1. Mix it together in a wide shallow bowl.
  2. After a few seconds, you’ll notice it is becoming gloppy and gloopy. That’s exactly what’s supposed to happen.
  3. Microwave on high for about 2 minutes, then again in 30 second increments until done.
  4. You can use a spatula after 2 minutes to loosen the edges and again at 3 minutes to turn it over.

Yes, it tastes kinda blah, but you can add all kinds of things to the flax meal (before adding the water!) to make it taste better:

  • a teaspoon of flavored gelatin
  • onion/garlic powder
  • basil, garlic and onion Mrs. Dash
  • dill and onion powder (tastes like pickles!)
  • cocoa powder and cinnamon
  • dried powdered blueberries and cinnamon
  • bump up the protein by adding powdered whey or hemp

The list can go on. An unopened container will last a couple of years. In the fridge, an opened container could last probably a year.

NOTE: if you were making this “flax bread” in a sitution where you can’t use a microwave, it’s easy enough to do over a campfire or solar oven. Just be sure to use pan-spray on whatever you place it on (aluminum foil, etc).

SECOND NOTE: To make crackers, glop the mixture on a fruit roll tray and dehydrate until not tacky any more. Good way to eat “raw food” because it doesn’t get cooked, and you’re starting with cold-mill flaxseed (not cooked).