Wusthof Knives – 8 Piece Wusthof Classic Knife Set Review

The 8-piece Wusthof knife set is one of the most popular products in its price category, consisting of superior quality Wusthof knives produced by using special technology that gives them outstanding characteristics and performance. Just like other Wusthof classic knife sets, this one is known and appreciated for the durability and versatility of its knives, for its classic styling as well as for the long lasting sharp blades. The 8-piece Wusthof classic knife set is perfect for both professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts.

Very handy and easy to maintain, the ensemble contains all the needed tools for cutting, chopping, mincing, slicing or dicing, so we recommend you to read our in-depth review in order to discover why this Wusthof product is the best knife set for your kitchen.

Knives Included:

Five different Wusthof knives are included in this set, each of them having a specific role, but being suitable for other kitchen tasks as well. The pieces forming this cutlery set are considered necessary for everyday use.

  • An 8-inch Cook’s knife is definitely the essential piece in the set as it is perfect for any type of cooking task, from mincing to slicing or dicing all kind of foods.
  • An 8-inch Serrated knife specially designed for slicing bread, but also excellent for cutting even pieces of other bakery items.
  • The next item in this Wusthof Classic knife set is the 6-inch Sandwich knife, perfect for slicing large pieces of meat and cutting fruits or vegetables.
  • A 4-1/2-inch Utility knife which is actually an all-purpose cutting tool, as it can be used successfully for slicing larger vegetables or fruits and also for cutting meats.
  • The last piece is a 3-1/2-inch Paring knife suitable for mincing onions and herbs, cutting or cleaning vegetables as well as for slicing fruits.

The Blades:

The knives in this Wusthof Classic set have strong blades, forged from a single piece of tempered high-carbon stain-resistant steel alloy. The elements in this alloy, which are carbon, chromium and vanadium have precise roles: the first one is used for maximizing the sharpness of the blades; the second one is designed to prevent the cutting surfaces from getting stained and the last one ensures that the edges remain pointed.

This combination of materials ensures an outstanding resistance to rust and corrosion, increased durability as well as long lasting, incredibly sharp edges. All the blades in the Wusthof knife set are polished using computer technology for perfect tapering and the edges are honed by hand to increase the precision while cutting or slicing.

Each knife has a full tang, which means that for producing the blade and the handle the manufacturers use a single piece of steel. This design and construction gives the cutlery in this Wusthof classic knife set a more solid appearance, an excellent balance, strength and increases its lifespan, as the full tang is secured with three rivets.

The Handles:

In what concerns the handles of these Wusthof knives, they’re made of a black, synthetic material that provides a comfortable grip and remains hygienic, meaning that it develops no cracks for food particles to get trapped in. Secured to the blades with triple rivets, the handles are well balanced just like the cutting surfaces and they provide a good control of the knives while chopping, slicing or mincing.

Extra Accessories:

Besides the five knives this 8-piece Wusthof knife set includes, a sharpening tool, a kitchen shears and a storage block.

The sharpening tool measuring 9-inches is made of steel and is perfect for maintaining the sharp edges of the blades, as it can be used as needed.

The kitchen shears in this set are great for snipping fresh herbs, for cutting baking paper, fins or twines. Made of stainless steel, the shears feature a convenient come-apart mechanism that allows it to be cleaned easily.

As for the storage block in this Wusthof Classic knife set, the item is very useful in any kitchen as it keeps the knives organized and ready to use. Made of rubber-footed oak, the block has enough space for all the pieces in this set, as it features no less than 11 horizontal and 6 vertical slots. As the set includes only five knives and a shears, you can also store your steak knives as well as some extra Chef’s knives or even a forged fork in this block.

Maintenance Specifications:

Theoretically the pieces in this Wusthof classic knife set can be cleaned in dishwasher, however, there is a risk that this can damage the handles and the blades. Additionally, some dishwasher have a special compartment for depositing the cutlery while being washed, and this drawer has a special covering, which can be damaged during the loading and unloading procedure.

Once the coating is damaged, it cannot provide the needed protection to the knives. This is why the producers of the Wusthof knives recommend hand washing and gentle drying after each use of the cutlery, using only warm soapy water and then a soft towel for drying.

With regards to the sharpening of Wusthof knives, it is well known that their blades remain sharp for very long periods of time, but routine honing is welcomed for maintaining the outstanding performances of these knives.

Customer Reviews:

Each piece in this Wusthof Classic cutlery set has a bolster and finger guards that increase the safety and add weight, making the cutting tools heavier than regular, stamped knives. This is certainly a positive trait that makes the 8-piece Wusthof knife set one of the most popular products in its price category. The average rating received by the cutlery set confirms this statement.

Some comments from the buyers:

“You will not be disappointed with these knives!”

“I’m really pleased with these knives.”

“These are traditional, superior quality, high performing knives.”

“With proper care, I expect these to work well for decades.”

“This Knife set is amazing! I absolutely love them!”

“These knives work really well and are very durable.”

“Excellent, sharp, well-balanced knives!”

Average Amazon Rating: 4.5


  • The best feature of this set is the technology used in producing the knives: all the knives are forged by heating up various metals to extremely high temperatures and then setting them into some molds. This technology gives a higher balance, a longer lifespan and increased stability to the Wusthof knives compared to other brands.
  • Another advantage of this set is the lifetime warranty offered by the manufacturers, which guarantees you will have any damaged piece replaced by the producers, without any additional cost.


  • The only negative mentioned by customers in their reviews is related to the cleaning procedure. As mentioned previously, the items in this Wusthof classic knife set need to be washed manually for maintaining their appearance and properties. But the bottom li9ne is that all fine cutleries require hand washing, so this isn’t a disadvantage that is only related to this Wusthof knife set.