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Let us introduce you to Yummly, the leading search engine for recipes with many features. We first discovered it after a few months building our food website. We were lacking motivation and ideas, so we went exploring sites that are like ours. We found yummly and after signing up on we were surprised how great the site is and how many features it offers. The design is stunning, and the user base is huge. The site is very friendly for those who search for recipes as well as for those that provide them.



For people who search recipes:

When you first signup on the site you will be asked about:

  1. Your cooking skillyummly-feature1
  2. Your age and for how many people you will cookyummly-feature2
  3. Your favorite types of foodyummly-feature3
  4. If you have any special dietyummly-feature4
  5. If you have any food allergies


When you select all these, your registration is complete and yummly will show you the most relevant recipes for you. But that’s not all, they have a nice recipe box where you can save your favorite recipes and collections to sort them. With all those options and the number of recipes they have on the site you will never run out of cooking ideas. It will save you lots of time when looking for what to prepare.

For publishers:

Publishers have a great opportunity to get their recipes in front of more people but first they need to add Yummly button to the site. For example, you can see it on our website. For those that are interested, yummly has a long, detailed guide explaining everything you need to know.


Yummly is for sure the best food search engine at the moment and still growing. If you have trouble finding specific recipes, make sure to pay them a visit at www.yummly.com. We promise you that you won’t be disappointed.


2 thoughts on “Yummly.com The Leading Recipe Search Engine”

  1. I don’t know if you can answer my dilemma, but here goes. I subscribe to Yummly because I get recipes from them. When I click on the email from them, I see all the beautiful, tasty recipes. I click on a certain recipe that looks and sounds great, and the ingredients come up but not the directions. I tried clicking on everything and nothing came up for the directions. I was getting so frustrated, I felt like crying. I went into Google and looked up several places regarding recipes on Yummly, but still did not find any way to get directions for the recipes. I am begging you to give me instructions on what to do. Please put it in simple terms, not a 100 paragraphs on how to do it.

    I will really appreciate it if you can help me, before I go bezerky. I spent a whole hour today trying to answer this situation.

    1. Unlimited Recipes


      When you open a recipe you should scroll down a bit to see a blue bar, by clicking on it, you will be redirected to the original recipe where you can see directions. You can see that on the image provided below.

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