Beef Pasta Bake with Tomato Sauce

This hearty, warming dish is easy to make and ideal for a chilly evening. We are using minced beef and spiral pasta to make it, along with cheese and an oregano-infused tomato sauce. Bacon, garlic and vegetables add to the hearty flavour. You can add some mushrooms or celery too, just before adding the minced beef, if you like.

This makes a nice change from spaghetti Bolognese, lasagne or those other pasta-based recipes you find yourself making all the time, and you will find the leftovers are great the next day. It reheats nicely in the oven. Serve this just as it is or perhaps with some garlic bread or a simple salad on the side.


This is my favorite peanut butter cookie recipe, softer and puffier than the traditional peanut butter cookie that's pressed down with the tines of a fork ~ this one is rolled in red & green colored sugar for a slight crunch, but is soft inside.

Prosperity Stir-Fry

As it’s the Chinese New Year and a time for fresh beginnings, we’ve created a simple, nutritious and delicious stir-fry to cater for any healthy eating resolutions. It’s ready in 20 minutes which makes it an ideal healthy meal for those short on time.

Bell Peppers stuffed with Mushroom Corn Rice Pilaf

Peppers are always versatile with the benefit of being fat free and full of vitamin A and C, a fail safe when catering for most dietary restrictions. This pleasing simple dish can be a healthy light meal or a filling addition to a protein based meal.

Pan-Fried Snapper Fillet with Fresh Grape Salsa

A delectable recipe that makes for a wonderful lunch or dinner, it all depends when you’re in mood for a fish dish that’s packed with nutrition and flavour. If you’ve not tried snapper before, then you’re in for a real treat.

Orange Marmalade Glazed Chops

This orange glazed pork chop recipe is a meat lover’s dream and is perfectly complemented by the French beans and olive tapenade part of the recipe. These beans actually cater for 6 people, so feel free to use them in a simple stir fry the day after.

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