Lamb Curry

October 13, 2016

Lamb curry is another recipe that you need to try. It has an amazingly aromatic and spicy taste that will give delight to your family.


600g lamb shoulder cut into pieces

400 ml coconut milk

6 tablespoon of curry paste

1 pc onion (sliced)

1 pc red pepper (roughly chopped)

1 pc aubergine (cut in cubes)

300g potatoes (cut in cubes)

whole green chilies

coriander and lime wedges, to serve


Preparing and cooking slow cooker curry recipes such as lamb curry is easy.

Just pour in the coconut milk and mix the curry paste in your slow cooker.

Then add the lamb meat and vegetables in. Cook them in medium heat for six to seven hours.

Once it is cooked, serve it with coriander leaves as the garnishing and squeeze some lime on top of it.


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