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10 Best Egg Holders 2022

    Best Egg Holders - Buying Guide
    Image by: The Art of Doing Stuff

    Egg Holders Buying Guide & Reviews

    One of the most fragile foods that we use in our everyday life is eggs. Whenever we buy ourselves a dozen of them, there is always that thought of where to safely store them, since many times our refrigerator doesn’t have enough space or doesn’t have the appropriate egg departments to store them in.

    If you want to serve your family or friends some nice soft boiled eggs for breakfast, serving them just plainly on a plate won’t do it. What if you are going for a trip outdoors and want to bring some with you to make a great nutritious snack on a campfire?

    Carrying them in their normal cardboard container just calls for an accident. There are multiple ways to solve the stated dilemmas and we at unlimited-recipes are here to the rescue. To make your search easier, we made a list of the top 10 best egg holders currently on the market, personally rated by their users.

    1. Toplife Spiral Design Metal Egg Skelter Dispenser Rack


    Toplife Spiral Design Metal Egg Skelter Dispenser Rack, Storage Display Rack, Black

      Let’s start our top 10 list with a crowd favorite in terms of modern looks and overall useability. It features a metal construction made out of a wireframe that can be rotated 360 degrees. It can hold up to 3 dozen eggs and gives you a great option for when visitors come by and for handiness when cooking and baking.

      The base is also designed to be slip-resistant to ensure it doesn’t fall over or slip off the surface. This metal egg holder has a height of 15.75 inches and a diameter of 4.35 inches. It has one of the best ratings on Amazon and has been purchased numerous times with people claiming it to be a great addition to any kitchen.

      2. NANA Wooden Deviled Egg Holder Tray display


      Wooden Egg Holder Tray Display -Stackable Wooden Egg Tray, countertop Holds 36 Fresh Deviled Eggs, with it Decorative Rustic Wooden Rack for Kitchen...

        This deviled egg holder is not only great because of its visuals, but can also be used for storing your eggs in the refrigerator. It consists of 2 layers made out of masterfully crafted Acacia wood. The two separate layers can hold an amazing 36 eggs, 18 each, depending on if you use both since 1 can be detached whenever you want it to.

        It is extremely eco-friendly since no chemicals were used in the making of these unique deviled egg holders. The construction is very sturdy and promises to not break if it falls to the ground, giving it a long life-span. You can simply wash it in the sink or with a wet cloth, keeping cleaning to a minimum. The complete structure measures 5.1 inches in height, 5.75 inches in width and 11.5 inches in length.

        3. iDesign Fridge Binz BPA-Free Plastic Stackable Egg Holder

        OUR RATING:

        iDesign Plastic Egg Holder for Refrigerator with Handle and Lid, Fridge Storage Organizer for Kitchen, Set of 1, Clear

          Another favorite from Amazon that made it to our list. This time featuring a BPA-free plastic container with a removable lid to safely store your eggs in the refrigerator. It can hold up to 21 pieces and gives you a clear view of when the time arrives to stock up on fresh eggs. The integrated handle allows you to easily access them and provides a safe transportation method.

          The whole product is easily cleanable with soap and running water. It measures 14.57 inches in length, 6.25 inches in width and 3 inches in height, thus having just the right size to fit in most standard refrigerators. Up until now, it has a great overall rating with thousands of people that have bought this product.

          4. CHWAIKA Ceramic Egg Holder

          OUR RATING:

          Ceramic Egg Holder 6 Cups Porcelain Egg Tray Set Kitchen Restaurant Fridge Storage Decorative Accessory (white)

            This ceramic egg holder gives you multiple options for how to use it. It can either be used to store your eggs in the refrigerator or for presenting your family or guests with a great hard-boiled egg when eating breakfast. It is constructed of durable reinforced porcelain, making it sturdy enough to not break quickly.

            It can hold up to 6 eggs at once, each separated between themselves effectively to avoid a collision. The smooth surface and great glaze make it a great addition to serving or storing eggs. One of the features that make this product so popular is the fact that it makes a great gift for anyone who likes cooking and fashionably presenting their dishes.

            5. Snapware Snap N Stack 2-Layer Food Storage Container with Egg Holder Trays

            OUR RATING:

            Snapware Snap 'N Stack Portable Storage Carrier with Lid for Eggs, BPA-Free Egg Holders, Dessert Carrier with Stackable Trays, Microwave, Freezer and...

              This normal or deviled egg holder can store up to 2 dozen eggs in 2 separate layers. This airtight container provides a great storing or transporting method without taking many risks on damaging the content. The lid snap and locking tabs also prevent it from accidentally opening and spilling out the contents.

              A practical top handle gives you a great grip when carrying it around. It is made out of BPA-free plastic and can be washed in the dishwasher, put in the microwave or freezer without worrying about damaging it. All in all, great for either storing or transporting eggs safely. It has a great rating on the market and a large community of happy customers.

              6. ChasBete Soft Boiled Egg Holder

              OUR RATING:

              ChasBete Egg Cups for Soft Boiled Eggs, Ceramic Egg Cup, Soft Boiled Egg Holder 6 + 1 Egg Topper Cutter for Decor / Breakfast / Brunch

                The next place on our list features a ceramic soft boiled egg holder that is made out of high-quality porcelain. It promises to be very durable and resistant, giving it a long life-span. The added egg opener is made out of stainless steel and has great resistance against rusting. The waveform of this ceramic egg holder not only gives it a great look but also creates a firm and stable platform to enjoy your soft-boiled eggs.

                The purchased package contains 6 of these ceramic plates that can easily be stacked on each other to save space. They are also safe to be put in the dishwasher, microwave or freezer. People claim this to be an excellent choice for preparing a great breakfast or meal when guests arrive, thus explaining its exceptional good rating on Amazon.

                7. Eparé Egg Cracker Topper Set – Complete Soft Boiled Egg Tool Set

                OUR RATING:

                Egg Cracker Topper Set - Complete Soft Boiled Egg Tool Set - Includes Egg Cups Cutter & Spoons - Holder Cup Spoon & Peeler - Easy Eggs Opener by...

                  If you are looking for a great way to serve soft-boiled eggs for breakfast, then look no further! This package includes everything you might need for that. The eggshell opener is very precise and built to effectively do its job. The egg holder and spoons are made out of stainless steel, giving them great durability and sturdiness. The eggshell opener is carefully designed to make a precise cut with the help of vibrations.

                  Simply pull on the plastic grip and release for a perfectly opened egg. The egg holders can also be used as a method of serving different dips for a feast or snack. With everything that this set includes, it makes a great gift for anyone who enjoys a great presentation whenever they prepare a meal for guests or family.

                  8. CRRD Egg Holder for Refrigerator

                  OUR RATING:

                  Egg Holder for Refrigerator 24 Grid,Drawer Type Egg Storage Box Plastic Egg Fresh Storage Container Egg Organizer Case for Fridge

                    A great option for storing eggs in the refrigerator safe and sound. Featuring a double-layered egg holder that can carry up to 24 eggs. It is transparent, making it easy to see when the need arises to stock up again. The plastic is made to be durable and sturdy, thus giving it a long life-span and protection against breaking.

                    It measures 12.99 inches in length, 6.6 inches in width and 5.7 inches in height, making it viable to store it in most of the common-sized refrigerators. To clean this product, simply use some soap and warm water. A simple but effective egg holder for almost any refrigerator, thus making it to our list of the top 10 best products of its type.

                    9. Stansport Egg Container for Camping and Travel

                    OUR RATING:

                    Stansport Camping 6 Egg Container Green, 5.5" L x 3.75" W x 3" H

                      The next product on our list features an item solely designed to safely transport your eggs from point A to point B. It is made out of very durable plastic that can efficiently protect your eggs from breaking. The integrated handle offers a great grip when carrying it. When closed, it firmly locks in place, ensuring that it doesn’t open without you wanting it to.

                      This particular model can hold up to 6 eggs, whilst there is also an option of buying it in a bigger size that can hold up to 12 eggs at once. If you are going on a trip outdoors or on the way to a picnic or grill, this would be a good choice for the safe transportation of your eggs.

                      10. Coghlan’s Egg Holder

                      OUR RATING:

                      Coghlan's Egg Holder, 12 Eggs

                        Another egg holder designed with simplicity, without sacrificing effectiveness in the process. Fill it with up to a dozen eggs, safely close it and use the molded handle to safely carry your precious eggs to any grill, camping trip or picnic.

                        It is made out of very sturdy plastic and is promised to be almost unbreakable in normal circumstances. To clean it, simply put it in the dishwasher or use warm water and soap. Not only is it greatly favored among many people on Amazon, but also has been a leading product on the market in terms of safe egg transportation.

                        DIY Project – Making Your Own Egg Holder

                        In this video Acre Homestead teaches and explains in detail how you can make your egg holder. They show a step-by-step tutorial and list all the needed equipment you will need and where you can purchase it.


                        Either storing, serving or transporting eggs, having the right egg holder for that occasion is crucial for the best end result.

                        We hope this article was helpful in your search. If you want to learn more about the topic, feel free to browse our webpage for more information.