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Beet root powder benefits you didn’t know about

    Beet root powder benefits you didn't know about Buying Guide

    People who are desperately trying to better their lifestyle can have trouble in our modern and habit-based world we live in. Our work-eat-sleep tempo can be destructive for our body, which means it can affect our health at some point. Why not try changing your habits a bit and perhaps start with your diet. Our body IS practically what we put in ourselves. Even if someone doesn’t have the time to eat healthy everyday, there are still many other ways to give your body the nutrients it needs. One of them is to consume super foods that are packed with nutrients. Among one of those definitely stands out beetroot powder and its effects on the body. Many know that it is a very healthy alternative (when consumed in normal doses of course), but many also don’t know a few of its lesser known effects. To give you a better insight into its different possible uses, we made a list below.

    Beetroot Powder For A Better Sex Life

    It is proven scientifically that beetroot powder can help with your sex drive. Because it stimulates the body to produce nitric oxide, the blood vessels relax and provide a better blood flow to your body parts (genitalia are also counted among them of course). The erectile-dysfunction drug Viagra has a similar effect on the body as beetroot powder. If you ever had such problems and thought of getting something from the pharmacy, why not first try it out with something natural?

    How Long For The Beetroot Powder To Work?

    If you are simply waiting for the beetroot powder to be absorbed by your body, it happens in less than a few hours. Your body will quickly hang on to those packed nutrients. If you are using beetroot powder for your workout, then it is recommendable to consume it somewhere between 1-3 hours before you start working out (scientifically proven). Beetroot powder still only works in normal doses, since the excess is simply digested. Use it accordingly!

    Beetroot Powder, A Great Companion In Almost Any Smoothie

    Because it is rich in protein and carbohydrates, it counts as a great alternative for a healthy smoothie. It doesn’t pack too much of a flavor punch, it provides a great natural color to your smoothie and its shelf life is long, allowing you to not worry about it going bad quickly. It works well with any kind of smoothie. Either a nutrient packed vegetable smoothie or a refreshing fruit-based smoothie, it adds a decent refreshing flavor, making it perfect for either option.

    Can Beet Root Powder Help Your Skin?

    Some of the things that people didn’t know is that nutrients in beetroot powder benefit your skin. It is well known that it helps against several skin issues like acne, can help to brighten lips, hydrates dry skin, is a great help against dark circles, dark spots on the skin and scars, gives your skin a healthy glow, reduces signs of aging and several more. It has become a popular pick among young and old people the past years. Once the popularity for this “natural skin care product” rises, it will surely motivate bigger companies to include it in their products.

    Does Beetroot Powder Lowers Blood Pressure?

    In 2015 scientists made an experiment where they asked 68 people to drink a small dosage of beetroot juice every day and the results were fascinating. It showed that it lowers the blood pressure significantly, counting among one of the superfoods that effectively can help against such problems. It is of course important to mention that it is necessary to consume it in normal dosages, since everything healthy can also damage the body if consumed excessively.

    Does Beetroot Powder Make You Poop?

    If you are constipated or have difficulty going to “number 2”, then beetroot powder might be an option to try out for you. It contains a lot of fiber, making it a great companion when it comes to battling your urges on the toilet. It is suggested to drink it on an empty stomach to help you soften your stool and also help against constipation.


    Combining its known and unknown positive features, beetroot powder offers some amazing life- and health boosts. Either if it is for enhancing your sex drive, lowering your blood pressure or simply adding a healthy lifestyle to your everyday life, it is counted as something to value, understand and appreciate. Nonetheless, it is still important to know the right amounts to consume so the end-result isn’t the exact opposite of what you expected.

    The video below can give you an insight why beetroot powder might not be for you:

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