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10 Best Mandoline Slicers 2022

    Best Mandoline Slicers - Buying Guide
    Image by Tony Webster

    Mandoline Slicers Buying Guide & Reviews

    Many times, when creating a delicious dish, most of your energy and time is put into preparing your ingredients. Cutting onions, slicing tomatoes or spiralizing your cucumbers to make them viable for decoration, having the right gear for that can make a lot of this a lot easier for you.

    One of the handier gadgets for this occasion is the mandoline slicer. It can come in various shapes and sizes. But the main build is made out of a square platform in which blades of different sizes and shapes are built-in. When you swipe your ingredients alongside it, it will slice a small portion of them. Doing so quickly makes it possible to dice-down your ingredients much faster than doing it manually with a knife.

    There are many brands currently on the market that claim their product is the best, making it hard for people to find the right one for them. To make your search easier, we made a review of the 10 best mandoline slicers currently on the market that were personally rated by their users on Amazon.

    1. Fullstar Mandoline Slicer


    Fullstar 6-in-1 Mandoline Slicer For Kitchen, Cheese Grater, Vegetable Spiralizer and Veggie Slicer for Cooking & Meal Prep (Kitchen Gadgets Organizer...

      Let’s start our list with an absolute bestseller currently on the market. Not only does it provide you with a method of effectively slicing a huge portion of vegetables at once, but is also a safe and convenient gadget to have in your kitchen. The whole package consists of a mandoline slicer, 6 interchangeable blades, a blade organizer, a special cleaning tool and a catch tray.

      The high-quality stainless steel blades are very sharp, that is why the brand also gives a free protective glove and fingerguard to the package to ensure your whole family’s safety. Because of its catching tray, you can use it without hesitation, since all of your sliced ingredients will fall directly in it without making a mess.

      With so much to offer for such a fairly low price and a huge community of fans worldwide, it has more than enough great features to be called one of the best mandoline slicers currently on the market.

      2. Grocery Art Mandoline Slicer


      Mandoline Slicer with Cut-Resistant Gloves and Blade Guard – Adjustable Mandolin Vegetable Slicer and French Fry Cutter, Food Slicer, Vegetable...

        If you are looking for a simple, handy and sharp mandoline slicer then look no further, because this just might be the product for you! It features a product that has adjustable blades for either thinner or wider slices. The detachable stainless steel blade is thicker than other average products of this type, thus promising that it never has to be sharpened.

        To ensure a smooth and safe environment for you and your family, the package also includes a cut-resistant glove, a blade guard and a food holder. When you are done with it, simply rinse it under running water. The brand also offers great customer service and offers a full refund or exchange if it doesn’t meet your standards.

        Up until now, it has been purchased many times without dropping its overall great rating, making this one of the best mandoline slicers currently on the market.

        3. VEKAYA Mandoline Slicer

        OUR RATING:

        Mandoline Slicer for Kitchen -VEKAYA Stainless Steel Vegetable Slicer for Potato, tomato and Onion, Carrot Julienne and Chopper for Vegetables with...

          Another simple and handy gadget for slicing your vegetables. This mandoline slicer offers both protection and effectiveness. It has several cutting options available that can be switched between with the rotary switch. Because of its high-quality stainless steel build, it promises a long life-span, great durability and a cutting experience like not many others.

          For additional safety features, it also comes with free cut-resistant gloves and a food holder. After you are done with it, you can easily disassemble it for easy cleaning and storage. To ensure every customer’s satisfaction, the brand also promises a 1-year warranty with the product.

          Because of its sharp and durable blades, and the fact that it can easily be disassembled, it is counted as a favorite among many on Amazon, giving it enough good features to make it onto our list of the 10 best mandoline slicers.

          4. Mueller Mandoline Slicer

          OUR RATING:

          Mueller Mandoline Slicer, Premium Quality V-Pro Five Blade Adjustable Vegetable Slicer, Cutter, Shredder, Veggie Slicers for Fruits and Vegetables

            One of the handier versions on our list, this mandoline slicer provides you with a simple but effective gadget for slicing up all kinds of ingredients. Its 5 stainless steel blades promise to effectively cut your vegetables and cheeses in various sizes and forms.

            At the bottom you will find a food container that catches all the slices, ensuring that no mess is made. The whole package also includes a food holder for safety features. With its compact size and sharp blades, it offers a great and practical kitchen tool for fast and safe slicing.

            All in all, it has been purchased many times whilst retaining its almost perfect rating on Amazon, making this one of the best mandoline slicers currently on the market.

            5. OXO Mandoline Slicer

            OUR RATING:

            OXO Good Grips Handheld Mandoline Slicer

              Although this product looks fairly simple, it still doesn’t turn away from the fact that it is one of the most purchased mandoline slicers currently on Amazon. It has 3 thickness levels to choose from and a window in the middle to make it possible to look where you are slicing onto. The knob, handle and foot are designed to be non-slip to ensure steadiness. When you are done with it, simply put it into the dishwasher without hesitation. Since it doesn’t include any food containers with it, it is meant to be used directly above a plate or bowl.

              It comes for a fairly low price, is one of the bestsellers currently on Amazon and has one of the best ratings so far. If you also count on its practical build, it has more than enough great features to call it one of the best mandoline slicers currently on the market.

              6. KitchenAid Mandoline Slicer

              OUR RATING:

              KitchenAid - KN310BXOBA KitchenAid Mandoline Slicer, Black, One Size

                The next product on our list features another favorite among the crowd. It was carefully designed to provide you with a great cutting experience, whilst still being safe and practical at the same time. It gives you the option to cut your food into 5 different thicknesses.

                Its stainless steel blades are very sharp and are promised to not rust, giving it a very long life-span. The whole package comes with a food pusher to help you safely slice any fruit or vegetable. When you are done with it, simply fold it together, cover the blades with the protective sheath and store it away.

                Although it comes for a fairly high price, it doesn’t take away the fact that this mandoline slicer counts as one of the most durable, multifunctional and highest-quality products currently available.

                7. OXO Good Grips Chef’s Mandoline Slicer

                OUR RATING:

                OXO Good Grips Chef's Mandoline Slicer 2.0

                  The next mandoline slicer has a few more technical features than other average products of this type. The thickness level can easily be switched and is indicated in the window on the rear of the product. The food holder has integrated springs and a wide-body to ensure you don’t cut yourself while using it.

                  The handle is also made to be non-slip to ensure you have enough stability when slicing vegetables or fruit. Because of the high-quality angled Japanese stainless steel blade, you can effectively cut through soft food as well. It has several slicing options to choose from to ensure a more multifunctional approach when making your favorite dish.

                  Because of the high-quality blade and its overall efficient design, it has great features that bring it to our top 10 list of the best mandoline slicers.

                  8. Gramercy Kitchen Mandoline Food Slicer

                  OUR RATING:

                  Mandoline Food Slicer, Adjustable Stainless Steel with Waffle Fry Cutter Crinkle Cut Potato Chip Vegetable Onion

                    This mandoline slicer provides you with multiple thickness levels of slicing to choose from without ever having to touch the blade itself. To ensure additional safety features, the package also includes safety gloves, a blade guard for storing away the blades afterward, a food holder and a special cleaning brush to help with the cleaning process.

                    To make it even more practical, it can be folded into a flat position for easier storage. The brand pays a lot of attention to customer satisfaction, which is why they offer a full refund or replacement if not happy with its product for any reason. By purchasing this mandoline slicer you will also be able to download its recipe guide with great ideas to get you started.

                    With great feedback from its users, high-quality products and a lot of popularity, this can easily be counted as one of the best mandoline slicers currently available.

                    9. Fullstar Mandoline Slicer

                    OUR RATING:

                    Fullstar 11 in 1 Mandoline Slicer, Vegetable Slicer & Cheese Grater | Kitchen Gadgets with Peeler, Spiralizer, Juicer, French Fry Maker & Julienne...

                      Not only is this one of the best mandoline slicers for making large quantities of vegetables and fruit slices, but also one of the most versatile ones. It comes with 10 interchangeable blades, making it possible to bring a lot of different forms and thicknesses into your slices.

                      The whole item can easily be disassembled and put into the dishwasher when done. The blades can also be stored in the added blade box. Since all of the sliced ingredients fall into the food tray, you won’t make a mess when using it.

                      All in all, if you are looking for a reliable piece of equipment that doesn’t make a mess, then this might be the right one for you!

                      10. Fullstar Mandoline Slicer

                      OUR RATING:

                      Fullstar All-in-1 Vegetable Chopper, Mandoline Slicer & Cheese Grater | Multi Blade French Fry Cutter & Veggie Dicer | Includes Bonus Handheld...

                        Another mandoline slicer from the brand Fullstar, which just additionally proves how much effort they put into providing us with quality products. It features 5 interchangeable blades and an additional handheld spiralizer.

                        The package also includes a protective glove, a fingerguard, a cleaning brush and a blade organizer for storing the blades away safely. Since all of the sliced ingredients fall into the food tray, it doesn’t make a mess no matter what you do. The base is also made to be non-slip to ensure additional safety features.

                        With the brand’s overall popularity and a fairly low price, this product has more than enough great features to take a place on our top 10 list.

                        Which Are The Best Mandoline Slicers Currently Available?

                        When it comes to mandoline slicers, the number of products is almost endless.

                        To make your search easier, we decided to include a review of the best mandoline slicers currently available on the market. You will clearly see which features make them one of the best in their department and why they are considered a great purchasing choice.


                        Choosing the right mandoline slicer for yourself depends on how much you use it, how much space it takes away and how long you intend to have it.

                        We hope this review was helpful in your search. If you want to learn more about the topic, you are welcome to browse our webpage for more information.