Cuisinart Coffee Maker DCC-1200 Review

What makes this Cuisinart coffee maker unique? Is it the large control panel with LCD digital clock, the 24-hours programmability, the quality Cuisinart coffee maker parts available at very affordable prices or perhaps the auto-clean function telling you when it’s time to remove debris from your machine?

The DCC-1200 programmable coffee maker has all it takes to become your favorite kitchen tool. By simply setting the auto-on feature of the brewing cycle at the desired hour, you can have a hot cup of coffee waiting for you on the heating plate early in the morning or whenever you desire. And you won’t even have to worry about shutting the machine off, it does this by itself as well, once brewing is over!


But these aren’t the only great features of this machine, so if you’re tired of drinking the same bland coffee each morning and changing the filter after each use, take a look at our in-depth research. We evaluated numerous online Cuisinart coffee maker reviews in order to gather all the information you may need before purchasing this product and here’s what we found out:

The Brewing System

The fully automatic system that this machine has makes it extremely easy to use and time-efficient, as it allows you to program the brewing cycle up to 24 hours in advance. The Cuisinart coffee maker features a control panel from which two different brewing cycles can be chosen: 1-4 cups or 5-12 cups, depending on your needs. The machine can be set to automatically turn off after the coffee is ready (from zero minutes to 4 hours) and will announce the end of the brewing process through a 5 beeps signal.

Another great feature about the brewing system of this programmable coffee maker is the “brew pause” function, which interrupts the cycle for 30 seconds allowing you to pour a cup of coffee while preventing the hot beverage’s dripping.

The shower-head of this brewing system is a popular feature appreciated by many coffee lovers, as it distributes water evenly over the ground coffee, reducing temperature loss and providing maximum flavor without spoiling the beverage’s taste too burnt or plastic-like.

Filter Types

The machine features two different filters, one for the water reservoir (charcoal filter) and one for the ground coffee compartment (Gold Tone filter). While the first one needs to be replaced after 60 uses (usually this means around 6-8 weeks), the second one is permanent so it does not require replacing as long as cleaned and used properly.

Compared to regular paper filters, both these Cuisinart coffee maker parts are superior due to the materials they’re manufactured from. Gold Tone filters are made from stainless steel, covered with a thin gold layer, so there’s absolutely no chance for them to alter the coffee’s taste or flavor. Moreover, these filters are excellent in keeping contaminants away, unlike paper filters which are often reported to pass harmful chemicals into the brewed beverage.

Typically, DCC-1200 Cuisinart coffee makers come with a Gold Tone filter included and a 3 year limited warranty, but in case the filter gets damaged after these 3 years and you’re not willing to invest in a new one (costs around 10$), you can use #4 paper cone filters as well (around 25$/12 pieces), as they fit perfectly in the filter holder of this machine.

As for the charcoal filters this Cuisinart programmable coffee maker uses, they’re made of a special form of processed carbon which has numerous pores that trap contaminant particles and ions, removing all the impurities that could interfere with the water’s taste. Compared to regular paper filters, these ones are a little more expensive (around 7$ for a 2-filters pack) but they also have a longer lifespan, so it’s worth the investment.

DCC-1200 Housing

The housing of this Cuisinart coffee machine is solid, made of black chrome with plastic accents or brushed stainless steel. Softer than other home coffee makers due to its rounded contour and sleek design, the DCC-1200 model looks very durable and suits both modern and retro style kitchens thanks to its industrial, yet classic appeal.

Available in two different colors, matte black, and stainless steel/black, the housing consists of two different reservoirs, one for tap water and one for ground coffee. However, a single plastic lid covers both these compartments, allowing easy refilling and replacement of coffee and water filters.

On the front of the housing, there is an LCD clock/timer and numerous control buttons used for programming the brewing process, for choosing the number of cups to be prepared, for adjusting the heating plate’s temperature and for turning the machine on and off. Also, a cord storage area is available and it has a smartly placed plastic piece that guides the electrical cord to the back of the programmable coffee maker.

The base of the housing features a heating plate covered with a non-stick, scratch resistant material which makes it very easy to clean. The temperature of this plate and consequently of the glass carafe can be controlled using the 3 different settings available on the control panel (low, medium, high).

Cuisinart Coffee Maker Parts

A great asset of these Cuisinart coffee makers is represented by the wide range of replaceable accessories and parts that are available. Charcoal water filters can be purchased in 2-pieces or 6-pieces packages, for 7$ to 20$. Permanent Gold Tone filters (standard or basket type) are also available for around 10$/piece.

Replacement grinder (15$) and carafe lids (5$), coffee scoops (3$), water filter holders (from 4$ to 8$) and grinder assembly lids (10$) can be bought in case the ones delivered with the machine get damaged.

Other Cuisinart coffee maker parts available for purchase are the generic and genuine glass carafes featuring vented lids that fit snugly to hold steam preventing heat and flavor loss. So even if this Cuisinart coffee maker doesn’t feature a thermal jug, the coffee’s temperature can still be maintained at the desired level thanks to the previously mentioned characteristic and also to the warming plate with three temperature settings.

Don’t worry about the jug being too hot to be touched after the brewing process is over: the carafe has an ergonomic, stay-cool handle made of resistant materials which provides a sure grip. The lid makes it easy to pour without dripping water and the clear white marks help you see the fluid’s level regardless of the amount of the brewed coffee.

Dimensions and Capacity

Measuring 10.8 x 9.6 x 15.6 inches and weighing around 7 pounds, the housing of this Cuisinart coffee machine is slightly larger compared to other home models but this is because the DCC-1200 model can brew up to 12 cups at once. The reservoir has stepped and raised indicators for the level of fluid as well as clearly visible numerals on the inside wall, allowing you to measure the water’s level accurately and to avoid overflow even when you use the maximum capacity of the water tank.

Being taller, the reservoir is easier to fill without spilling any water during the procedure and it allows you to add a small amount of extra liquid as well, in order to compensate for the water loss (represented by steam) during the brewing process. As for the carafe of this programmable coffee maker, it can hold up to 12 cups as well and as long as it’s kept on the heating plate it maintains the beverage’s temperature at the desired level.

Customer Reviews

This machine is the perfect kitchen tool for households where a freshly brewed, warm coffee turns each morning into an enjoyable one. The features that customers appreciate the most are the convenient programming features, the ability to brew up to 12 cups of hot beverage in less than 12 minutes as well as the quality of the filters used. On this basis, this coffee machine can be recommended to anyone who looks into finding a well made and durable yet affordable Cuisinart coffee maker.

One of the best aspects about this kitchen tool, as highlighted in lots of DCC-1200 Cuisinart coffee maker reviews, is the “brew pause” function which stops the coffee flow and allows you to remove the carafe from the warming plate for up to 30 seconds. This means you can always have a cup of hot coffee even before the brewing cycle is over without having to worry about the beverage’s overflow.


Here are some of the comments:

“I absolutely love this coffee maker!”

“Our previous cuisinart coffee maker worked well for more than 10 years so we had good luck with this brand. The upgraded model works very similarly. We’re very pleased with the replacement. It looks fantastic and makes excellent coffee!”

“I was reluctant to pay out this much on a coffee machine but it’s definitely worth the price.”

“This coffee maker has lasted for 7 years ever since we got it and is still ticking. No problems with it at all!”

“This machine makes the finest tasting cup of fresh ground coffee, much better than what you get in coffee shops.”

“After a lot of research, I bought this coffee machine and I’m really glad I did! Everything’s perfect about this…”

“My family and I enjoy a fine cup of coffee every day.”

“This coffee machine works perfectly. Very easy to fill, no spillage.”

“We bought this coffee maker in October 2010 and have never had any problems with it. It does an excellent job.”

Pros & Cons


One of the most appreciated features of this programmable coffee maker is the heat-adjustable warming plate, which allows you to choose the temperature of your freshly brewed coffee from three different options – low, medium and high. Although it may seem common, this characteristic is very useful for those who don’t have the time to wait for a cup of hot coffee to cool.

The unit features a self-cleaning indicator light which tells you when the machine needs to be decalcified in order to prevent the metallic taste of the brewed coffee. This function makes the maintenance process less stressful so it’s definitely a plus, especially for those who never remember when they last cleaned the machine.

An excellent feature mentioned in numerous Cuisinart coffee maker reviews is the 5 beeps ready tone announcing you that the brewing process is over. Together with the 24 hours programmability, this characteristic allows you to simply turn the machine on and continue doing your housework without worrying about having to check the coffee maker repeatedly.

Another advantage highlighted by reviewers refers to the instruction booklet accompanying this Cuisinart coffee maker. Very well written, thorough, simple to understand and containing easy-to-follow instructions, the users’ manual includes parts reordering form as well, which can be used whenever you want to purchase an additional accessory for your coffee machine.

The DCC-1200 model comes with standard Cuisinart coffee maker parts included in the package: a coffee scoop, a Gold Tone filter for the coffee compartment and a charcoal filter for the water reservoir, a glass carafe. Together with the special Cuisinart cleaners, these can all be purchased easily for affordable prices.


Some reviewers complained about the clock not being backlit, but this is a minor drawback given that the coffee machine can be programmed to automatically turn off once the brewing process finishes, so there’s no need for you to check the remaining time.

Another disadvantage of the DCC-1200 model mentioned by customers who tried this kitchen tool is the tall frame of the machine, which makes it difficult to completely open the top in order to add water if the available space is reduced (for example, when the coffee machine is placed under the cabinets). But this feature is correlated with the presence of the control panel which makes the 24 hours programmability possible, so if you want a smart machine for brewing coffee, you can surely find a suitable location in your kitchen for this Cuisinart coffee maker.