Ginsu Knife Set Review 7108 Chikara

Ginsu knives are renowned for their superior sharp edges and the 7108 Chikara Ginsu knife set makes no exception. Featuring stainless-steel blades and resin handles, the pieces in this package are definitely good knives and they are certainly good value for money, as they have the potential to last for generations when maintained properly. Each Ginsu knife in this set is, as powerful as its name suggests. ‘Chikara’ means energy and power in Japanese and these knives are suitable for a wide range of kitchen tasks, from chopping to slicing and trimming.

The 8-pieces stainless-steel set received high ratings from both professional chefs and regular cooks as well as the fact that it was featured in Consumer Reports magazine as the best buy, so if you’re ready to discover the additional reasons for which this kitchenware utensil may be the best choice for you, keep reading our in-depth Ginsu knives review.

Knives Included:

With 5 different Japanese-style knives included in the package, this Ginsu knife set is highly versatile and suitable for absolutely any kitchen. Made of high-quality materials, these pieces are well balanced, easy to control and durable, good knives, so you won’t need to replace your kitchen knife set anytime soon.

  1. The 8-inch chef’s knife is without any doubt the most versatile item in this Ginsu knives set, as it can be used for a wide range of procedures, such as peeling, slicing, trimming, chopping, dicing or paring.
  2. The 7-inch santoku Ginsu knife is a traditional Japanese kitchen tool, which is mostly used in chopping, slicing or whenever paper-thin cuts are needed. Compared to the previous one, this knife has a grind on its blade that prevents food from sticking to it and so it enhances the visual appeal of the food.
  3. The 5-inch utility knife is, as its name suggests, destined for general use. Although the best results are obtained when cutting smaller pieces of fruits or meats, this utensil can be used for trimming, paring or peeling as well.
  4. The 5-inch serrated utility knife shares a particular design, which makes it suitable especially for slicing delicate foods, like tomatoes, but can also be used for bread and other bakery items.
  5. The last piece in this set is the 3-1/2-inch paring knife, which is smaller than the other items, therefore, it allows a finer control of the blade and tip. Just as high quality as the other four good knives included in this package, the paring knife is great, especially for chopping or peeling small items of foods.

The Handles:

The handles of these knives are made of a special type of resin, which is both heat and water-resistant, providing a comfortable grip as it isn’t heavy at all. The design is traditional Japanese, featuring rounded ends and a full tang.

Although generally appreciated, these handles have one minor disadvantage: as noticed in one Ginsu knives review, they’re best sized for cooks with smaller hands, so someone with larger hands could opt for other models, such as the 14 piece Ginsu knives set with a black block, which has a similar price, but has longer handles.

Extra Accessories:

Ginsu provides three extra accessories together with this kitchen knife set, these being shears, a storage block and a honing rod.

  1. The kitchen shears can be successfully used for slicing poultry or thin vegetables, just like any other Ginsu knife in this package, but also for cutting twine and cling wraps. The tool features a built-in bottle opener on the blades and a twist-style bottle opener, nut cracker and jar opener on the handles. These details increase the versatility of the shears and make it, even more, useful in any kitchen.
  2. The storage block delivered with these Ginsu knives is made of richly grained bamboo, protecting the blades of this fine kitchen cookware when not in use and so preventing kitchen accidents.
  3. Lastly, the 8-inch honing rod is used for sharpening the knives whenever their edges get blunted. However, it is important to know that this tool should not be used with the serrated Ginsu knife.

Maintenance Specifications:

Fine cutlery usually requires hand washing and the 7108 Ginsu knife set makes no exception. Dishwashing the items in this set ruins their handles and causes the blades to rust, therefore, it should be avoided.

For keeping the edges perfectly pointed, these knives should be sharpened annually using a whetstone or using a professional knife sharpener, but for those using them daily, periodic sharpening may be needed to ensure maximum performance.

Customer Reviews:

Based on the numerous happy reviews appreciating this Ginsu knife set and describing its pieces as very good knives for regular use, we also recommend the 7108 Chikara package to anyone interested in purchasing an affordable, yet premium kitchen knife set.

Here are some comments from buyers:

“This is a top notch knife set!”

“My only regret is that I didn’t purchase this set of knives earlier!”

“I’m fully satisfied, even the scissors are excellent. I have to be more cautious when I chop with these.”

“These knives are razor sharp and cut through anything without effort.”

“You can’t beat it for the price. The knives are extremely sharp and effortless to maintain. I am very happy with this purchase.”

“I am totally in love with this knife set. The 1st compliment I got came a few minutes after I received it and I keep it on my kitchen counter.”

“This is an outstanding set of knives in both functionality and appearance.”

“I feel like a professional chef when I use this set of knives!”

“This set looks really nice in our kitchen and the knives are insanely sharp.”

Average Amazon Rating: 4.7


  • One of the positives of this set refers to the fact that all the Ginsu knives in this package are individually wrapped when delivered, thus protecting the blades and handles and preventing dulling during shipping.
  • Then, another appreciated aspect is that the set comes with a limited lifetime warranty, for the assurance that all its components will perform perfectly not only for now but also for years to come.
  • The knives have incredibly sharp edges, so you won’t have to waste time honing or sharpening them before using them for the first time.


  • Most customers who weren’t pleased with this set complained about the fact that no bread knife is included in the package. However, the serrated knife can be successfully used for slicing not only bread but any bakery item, therefore, this shouldn’t be considered such a great disadvantage of the 7108 Ginsu knife set.
  • Another drawback mentioned in a Ginsu knives review refers to the rust spots appearing on the blades. However, this problem only occurs when the items are not properly maintained, this meaning they’re put in the dishwasher instead of being hand washed and perfectly dried immediately after each use.