All About Greek Olive Oil

Greek Olive Oil: The olive oil is considered as the base of every Greek cuisine. It’s known to be the healthiest product that nature can give.

Olive oil provides very healthy fatty acids which are believed to protect the heart. It has various benefits and used all over the world not just for culinary purposes.

Aromatic olive oil is also produced from the highest quality of olive oil (either virgin or extra virgin) where aromatic spices or herbs are also added.

The most common choices are sage, red and hot peppers, oregano or rosemary, but spices like nutmeg, ginger or cinnamon are also used.

Types of Greek Olive Oill:

The indications of a Greek olive oil’s quality are all in the colour, aroma and taste.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Considered as the healthiest form of olive oil considering that its acidity is less than 1% taken from the olives’ first pressing. It possesses a taste which is extremely fine.

Virgin Olive Oil. Still taken from the first pressing is the virgin olive oil with an acidity level not
exceeding 2%. Virgin olive oil is often known as “select”.

Olive oil. Obtained by combining both the virgin olive oil and refined oil. Its acidity level is about 1.5%.

Cooking with Greek Olive Oil:

  • Greek olive oil is known to preserve and bring out the real taste of all the ingredients while giving its own “personal” touch.
  • A general rule goes: drizzle or season with extra virgin olive oil and cook with olive oil.
  • Delicate and light dishes like sautéed or poached fish, veal or chicken, go perfectly well with a less fruity and milder olive oil.
  • Robust dishes which are full-flavoured like sauces or soups which are tomato-based and hearty stews would be great with a more flavourful and fruity olive oil, same goes for salads and steamed vegetables.
  • For braised, barbecued and roasted dishes which need prolonged or high heat, olive oil is the best choice considering that it’s less expensive yet containing similar health benefits as extra-virgin olive oil and virgin olive oils.
  • In dishes which require vegetables, the olive oil’s herbal hues will excellently blend with the greens.
  • It’s best to make pies using sweet olive oil.


Health Benefits of Greek Olive Oil:

Olive oil had been recently rediscovered by people who are quite interested with healthy living and healthy lifestyle.

Dieticians and doctors have been drawing everybody’s attention for the need to put olive oil in daily diets, not just as food for basic nutrition, but also for therapeutic and preventive purposes.

Many studies have shown how olive oil can be helpful for people various medical problems like breast cancer, obesity, poor metabolism and high cholesterol.

Olive oil is known to help combat liver problems, a natural cure for ailments in the gall bladder and constipation.

A recent research has proven that olive oil influences the gallstone formations. Aside from this, olive oil is known to give great balance to the human metabolism and guarantees a high level of Vitamin E.