Simple Recipe for Oven Glazed Ribs

The taste of tender, excellently cooked ribs in most cases provokes greater cravings rather than satisfaction. If you are one of the many people who simply cannot get enough of these ribs, then preparing them at home can be your best option to satisfy your taste buds. The process only necessitates some simple planning and patience in the kitchen to get a plateful of mouthwatering ribs.

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Identifying Quality Ribs

Ribs usually weigh less than 1.3 lbs and are characterized by being lean, tender with a mild flavor similar to beef fillet. These ribs are chopped from the region near the spine hence have a curvy shape. Generally, preparation of these ribs is straightforward as you only need to identify meat that has not been trimmed at the butcher. This means it should still have the top layer such that there is some meat to cover the actual ribs. Such ribs can easily be found from wholesalers and large warehouse stores.

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General Preparation

Once you have got your rib, you need to peel off the outer layer gently such that the cut does not go too deep. Since the meat can be very slippery, you may need to use a paper towel to scrap the layer effectively. The trim should take care of the diaphragm (skirt) and all these trimmings should be prepared separately with seasoning to serve as tasters. Trimming is essential because it evens out the thickness and shapes the rib for proper glazing.

Preparation of Glazed Ribs

With a properly trimmed piece of rib, you will need to pick a preferred seasoning. There are quite a number of prepackaged rubs available but you can easily come up with your own at home. Black Pepper and salt are pretty common and appreciably gratifying to use. This will also have to be complemented by a good sauce that works around the natural flavor. Most barbecue sauces can be bought prepackaged or prepared in the kitchen.

If your aim is to glaze ribs with garlic and rosemary then you will need to identify an appropriate pot to fit the ribs. If you are working with large pieces, split them into more proportional sizes for placement in the pot. Meanwhile, preheat your oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit.

With the pieces carefully placed, sprinkle your garlic mixture on the surface and rub it over the ribs carefully not to put too much. Minced garlic is the best choice in this case as it is easy to distribute evenly over the ribs. On top of this, pour some white wine which will contribute a great acidic finish to the overall taste.

Add some fresh sprigs of rosemary around the ribs before topping it off with barbecue sauce. Finish it off with the black pepper and salt seasoning and cover the pot before placing it into the oven. Let it stay for about 2 hours before taking it out and prepare for serving.

Barbecue Points of Reflection

  • Make sure you cook slowly and indirectly.
  • The oven is more effective than a grill in slow cooking.
  • Dry rub for 2 hours at most prior to cooking.
  • Marinating is necessary for flavor.
  • The meat should not be boiled.
  • An internal thermometer is necessary for grilling.
  • You should realize that there are several ways to cook great BBQ

Once you are done with your preparation you have to come up with a presentable way to serve depending on the setting. All in all, the ribs are universally fitting to complement any recipe you may think of and therefore well adaptable to variable meals. More so, going for homemade barbecue has great rewards in that you get to save greatly on your favorite meals. You also enjoy the privilege of dining to satisfaction and you can easily define the recipe in your own personal way.

Other than the outlined tips, you can also get more ideas on glazing ribs from friends or from forums. Since the preparation method is clear-cut, trying new ingredients is easy and well rewarding. Be sure to try out this simplistic glazing and invite your friends over to get their opinion on your chef skills.

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