Turmeric Cream Benefits

You’ve probably heard of Turmeric Cream, but don’t quite know what it is and what i can do for your health. Turmeric is well known and used all over the world especially in countries like India. It belongs to the curcuma genus of the plantae kingdom. It is of the ginger family. It is mostly found in the tropical south Asia and grows in places where temperature varies from 20 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius.

Turmeric is put into diverse uses as skin creams, powders as spices. It became a very good replacement for the very expensive saffron. Nizamabad, a southern station of tropical India stands as the world’s leading producer and exporter of turmeric cream and other products.

Turmeric contains fairly high percentage of essential oils and also curcumin, a poly phenol. Curcumin is the active part which gives it the yellow color and also to whatever it is added. Turmeric and turmeric cream also carries some auspicious value in countries like India. It is also an integral part of the makeup of a bride and also a healthy spice which is added to almost all dishes.



Uses of turmeric and turmeric cream

Turmeric is widely used for different purposes all over the globe. Turmeric is used in varying quantities in different cosmetics. Turmeric cream delivers a lot of qualities to the skin. It resists the high penetration of ultraviolet rays into the skin and preserves the original color of the skin pigment. When mixed with sandalwood oil, it also brings about some skin cooling properties.

It is proven that this cream protects the skin from infections, curtails chances of having acne. It also brightens the skin and being a natural agent causes no side effects. Turmeric has also put into culinary uses in a wide variety of dishes outside of the traditional curry.

Turmeric powder and cream are a must item that can be found in kitchens across India. Indians and Chinese put turmeric into almost all preparations. It not only adds color but also adds a great taste into the food being cooked.

Although turmeric is mostly used in the powder form or cream form in cooking, in some parts, pieces of turmeric is put into cooking. Also, raw turmeric is also consumed sometimes. Turmeric is also found to be used as a coloring agent in winter butter, margarine, cheese, salad dressing and yogurt.

Turmeric is used as a dye but its effect fades away with exposure to sunlight. So, it is not long lasting. It is considered very ceremonial and auspicious in India. It is used in various festivals like Pongal for decoration and also in marriage ceremony for beautifying the bride. In southern parts of India, turmeric cream is even used in making sweet dishes.

Medical uses of turmeric and turmeric cream

Research is ongoing about turmeric’s ability to fight various diseases. Turmeric has proven good in curing and delaying the effects of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease and arthritis. It has also helped cure pancreatitis and a few lungs related diseases. It’s also been used as an antiseptic that can be applied on cuts. Also, it prevents acne and pimples. Various clinical trials are in progress to learn more about the medical applications of turmeric.