West Bend 8491 Slow Cooker Review

The West Bend 84915 5-Quart Oblong-Shaped Slow Cooker with Tote has an appealing price and according to customers, it is a reliable and convenient addition to any kitchen. Whether you want to use it for thawing or reheating frozen foods, cook tender pot roasts or soups, this could be the perfect solution. If you have a busy schedule, once you are familiar with this slow cooker, you can simply put the ingredients inside before you leave for work and you can return home to a cooked dinner, ready to serve. This West Bend slow cooker is simple and easy to clean, it is dishwasher safe, it can be safely used on the range top, as a mini griddle or it can be used to store food in it in the freezer. In fact, this is the highest consumer rated slow cooker from the West Bend range and many customers recommend it instead of the traditional crock pots.

This product is undoubtedly great value for money. But before you order, please be sure to read the rest of this review for maximum satisfaction.

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West Bend Slow Cooker

Apart from preparing delicious roast vegetables, juicy meats, sauces or soups the traditional way, what else can you use the West Bend 84915 slow cooker for? Because of the added functionality, this product features, the West Bend 84915 slow cooker can be conveniently used in several different ways. Since the pot and the lid parts of this set are freezer and oven-safe as well as the metal base, (which heats the pot from the bottom) can be used as being a substitute for a mini griddle, the West Bend 84915 slow cooker can be used in the following added ways:

  • thawing frozen food,
  • reheating food,
  • storing food,
  • freezing food,
  • refrigerating,
  • grilling,
  • or frying.

Temperature Settings:

Apart from the versatility of its use, the actual feature that many people appreciate is the range of heat settings as well as the length of time you want to cook the food for. The manual dial allows you to control the temperature and cooking time as desired. When you’re familiar with your West Bend slow cooker, you can lower or raise the temperature to ensure that your dish can be cooked more precisely whenever you wish. Simply set the temperature according to your preferences and have the exact same results without having to pay the higher price of digital slow cookers.


6.9 pounds

While still a high-performance cookware item, this light-weight slow cooker weighs 6.9 pounds, which is a major benefit and advantage for many customers, especially the elderly. Most crock pots of the same capacity usually weigh somewhere between 13 to 16 pounds, which is approximately double of this.


13.8 x 9 x 8.3 inches

The West Bend 84915 slow cooker has an oblong shape and its measurements are 13.8 x 9 x 8.3 inches, thus, it requires minimal storage space in your kitchen. It is light-weight and small enough to serve food right from it on your dinner table as well as the fact that you can easily store it in a corner or kitchen cupboard.

Customer Reviews:

As of today, there are 413 customer reviews on Amazon, which show that West Bend 84915 slow cooker offers great value, cooks well, is easy to store and clean and is often preferred to the traditional style stoneware crock pots.

Here are some comments from the buyers:

“I highly recommend it.”

“ much better than the old type of crock pot.”

“The benefits of having this slow cooker are great, but how it cook is the main thing to consider.”

“I like this slow cooker better than the stoneware ones. It’s lighter and much easier to handle or clean.”

“This West Bend slow cooker performs well and the heat settings are very accurate.”

“Reheating on stove-top is so easy.”

“ free shipping was an added benefit to the overall value of my purchase.”

“I love this slow cooker.”

“Great slow cooker! I love Amazon!”

Average Amazon Rating: 4.2


Similarly to crock pots or other stoneware slow cookers the West Bend 84915 slow cooker comes with dishwasher safe parts. However, the added benefits are that the parts are also oven-safe and freezer-safe and this enhances the versatility of how this slow cooker can be used. Pot roasts can be finished off in your oven if needed and food can be frozen using the covered crock part of this slow cooker.

The heating base of this slow cooker can be used as a non-stick griddle, which means that apart from making tender pot roasts or delicious soups this product can also be used to make pancakes, fried eggs, grilled cheese or flatbreads on it. None of the other brands have this added functionality.

Unlike the traditional crock pots, this slow cooker can be used and works extremely well on stove tops and this will reduce the need for having to use another saucepan to fry onions before adding spices and meat to your pot roasts or soups.

A well-fitting, insulated tote bag is also included with this product, which means that if you ever need to take freshly cooked food somewhere, the tote bag will help you keep your food warm during transport, so your dish can be easily and conveniently taken from your home to an office party, a gathering or perhaps to a friend’s house.

The weight of the West Bend 84915 slow cooker can be an important factor for many consumers. It is much lighter compared to stoneware slow cookers or crock pots, which is a major benefit, especially for the elderly. Traditional crock pots with this capacity tend to be much heavier and being a light-weight slow cooker makes it much easier to lift, clean or transport.

This product includes a 1-year limited warranty.West Bend Slow Cooker Review


The only problem you may find with the West Bend 84915 slow cooker is the fact that it can not be switched off via the dial, it needs to be unplugged to switch it off completely. Even when you switch it right down to the lowest setting it will still be on, which can present a hazard, especially if you have small children. Please be sure to unplug this slow cooker after each use.