Can Maca Powder Go Bad?

Maca powder is derived from the root of the maca plant, which grows high up in the Andean mountains of Peru. Known for its many health benefits, maca has become a popular supplement in powder form that can be easily added to foods and drinks.

Can Maca Powder Go Bad

But like any natural product, maca powder's freshness eventually begins to decline. So can maca powder go bad?

The short answer is yes, maca powder can lose its potency and spoil over time. However, when stored correctly maca powder can last 1-3 years past its production date before going bad.

What Factors Influence Maca Powder's Shelf Life?

Like any supplement or food product, several key factors impact how long maca powder stays fresh and effective:

Initial Dryness

Maca roots that are thoroughly dried before being ground into powder retain more nutrients and keep better over time. If the roots have higher moisture content, it indicates a poorer drying process which leads to faster spoilage.

High-quality maca powders have very low moisture, usually 4-6% or less. This keeps the powder stable for longer after being packaged.

Packaging Type

The packaging used to store maca powder is crucial for maintaining freshness. Ideal maca packaging should be opaque, airtight, and moisture-resistant. This eliminates light, air, and humidity from seeping in and degrading the powder.

Amber glass bottles and tightly-sealed metal tins are best. Plastic containers and bags also work if thick enough to block light and prevent air exchange.

Storage Conditions

Environmental factors also impact shelf life. Storing maca powder properly helps preserve nutrients and potency well past the expiration date.

Keep maca powder in a cool, dark place at room temperature, away from direct light, heat, and excess moisture. An airtight container in a cupboard works perfectly. Refrigeration and freezing are also options if kept sealed.

Following the above storage guidelines allows maca powder to stay fresh for 1-3 years on average after being made. Harsh conditions cause faster nutrient breakdown.

Signs Your Maca Powder Has Gone Bad

As maca powder starts decaying, you may notice some of the following signs indicating it is past its prime:

  • Appearance: Fresh maca powder is vibrantly colored, ranging from tan to dark brown. Expired powder appears dull, faded, or grayish. Excess clumping or hard texture also hints at moisture damage.
  • Smell: When fresh, maca powder has an earthy, nutty aroma. As it ages, the smell becomes musty, grassy, or unpleasant. Rancid odors mean it has spoiled.
  • Flavor: New maca powder tastes mildly sweet and savory. Old powder is often bitter, bland, or tastes "off." An undesirable flavor means maca has deteriorated.

Generally, if your maca powder exhibits any of the above characteristics, it is past its best usage period. While not always harmful if consumed, degraded powder provides fewer nutrients and health benefits.

Key Takeaway: Expired maca powder may smell, taste, or look different than fresh powder. Clumping and dullness also indicate ages powder.

How To Properly Store Maca Powder

Storing maca powder correctly helps extend its potency, nutritional value, and safety well past the expiration date on the package. Here are some tips for keeping maca powder fresh after opening:

  • Keep maca powder in an airtight, opaque container to block out light, air, and moisture. Amber glass jars work great.
  • Make sure to seal the container tightly after every use to prevent air exchange and humidity from entering.
  • Store maca powder in a cool, dry place like a cupboard away from heat, direct sunlight, steam, etc.
  • You can also keep maca powder in the freezer for maximum preservation. Use an airtight freezer bag if transferring from its original container.

Taking these simple storage precautions allows high-quality maca powder to stay potent 1-3 years past its best-by date when unopened. Once opened, consume maca powder within 6-12 months for best nutrition and flavor.

When To Replace Your Old Maca Powder

As a general guideline, it's best practice to replace maca powder at least every 2 years after the production date. However, exact shelf life varies based on storage methods and environments.

Store-bought maca powder in ideal conditions can last around 1-3 years before going bad. Heat, humidity, light exposure, air, and moisture cause faster nutrient breakdown.

Aside from the calendar date, look for sensory changes signaling expired powder:

  • Unpleasant or weak aroma
  • Bland, bitter, or "off" flavor
  • Grayish dull color
  • Hard clumps or strange textures

If your maca powder exhibits any of the above qualities, its freshness and efficacy have likely diminished. Replace degraded powder with a new batch to avoid nutrition loss and potential stomach issues.

For best results, buy maca powder often in small amounts that you can use up quicker rather than purchasing large quantities. This ensures you always have the freshest, most potent maca on hand.

Key Takeaway: Replace maca powder at least every 2 years, or if it shows signs of expiration like smell, taste, or texture changes.


Does maca powder have an expiration date?

Yes, maca powder does expire, though exact shelf life depends on storage methods. Expect maca powder to last 12-36 months from the production date before going bad if stored properly.

Can you eat maca powder after expiration date?

You can technically eat maca powder past its expiration date, but potency and nutrition may be diminished. Consuming very old powder risks stomach upset. It's best to replace expired maca powder with a fresh supply.

How can you extend maca powder's shelf life?

Use an airtight, opaque container and keep maca powder in a cool, dark, dry environment to maximize shelf life. Refrigerating or freezing also help prolong freshness. Avoid moisture, heat, humidity and sunlight exposure.

Does maca powder need to be refrigerated?

Refrigerating maca powder is optional, but can extend its shelf life. It keeps best stored at cool room temperature if the container is airtight and away from light. As long as kept dark and sealed, refrigeration is not required.

Can degraded maca powder make you sick?

While not very prone to harboring dangerous bacteria, heavily expired maca powder can potentially cause stomach upset if consumed. Very old powder may also lose nutritional efficacy. It is generally best not to ingest maca powder more than 2-3 years old.


Maca powder does have an expiration date and can lose its potency over time. However, storing it correctly helps preserve freshness and nutrition for 1-3 years past the production date.

Keep maca powder sealed airtight in an opaque, moisture-resistant container. Store it in cool, dark conditions like a cupboard to maximize shelf life. Refrigerating or freezing also works if kept properly sealed.

Avoid direct light, humidity, and heat. Check powder for any changes in smell, taste, color, or texture indicating it has gone bad. Replace expired maca powder with a fresh package for best nutrition and food safety.

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