Horchata Powder Recipe

Horchata is a delicious and refreshing Mexican drink that is typically made with rice, milk, sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla. It has a sweet, creamy, and slightly nutty flavor that is perfect for hot summer days or enjoying alongside Mexican cuisine.

Horchata Powder Recipe

If you don't have time to make horchata completely from scratch, using a horchata powder makes the process much faster and easier. Horchata powder contains the key ingredients - rice powder, sugar, non-dairy creamer, and spices - already combined so all you need to do is add milk or water. This allows you to whip up tasty horchata in just a few minutes.

Horchata powder is a pre-made mix of the dry ingredients needed to make horchata. It typically contains:

  • Rice powder - Ground rice is the key ingredient that gives horchata its signature milky, creamy texture.
  • Sugar - For sweetening the drink.
  • Non-dairy creamer - For extra creaminess and richness.
  • Cinnamon - Provides warming spice flavor.
  • Vanilla - Adds fragrant vanilla notes.

The powder allows you to quickly prepare homemade horchata just by adding water or milk and blending. It eliminates the lengthy process of soaking and grinding your own rice.

By using horchata mix, you can make this tasty beverage in a fraction of the normal time but still end up with an authentic, satisfying glass of this Mexican favorite!

Key Takeaway: Horchata powder contains pre-measured amounts of rice powder, sugar, non-dairy creamer, cinnamon, and other spices so you can quickly make horchata by just adding liquid.

Benefits of Using Horchata Powder

There are several advantages to using a pre-made horchata powder rather than making horchata completely from scratch:

Saves time - With the dry ingredients already combined, you skip time-consuming steps like washing and soaking rice as well as grinding it into a fine powder. Just stir the mix into your liquid and blend.

Uniform texture - Commercial horchata mixes contain very finely ground rice powder that results in a perfectly smooth, lump-free drink. Grinding rice yourself risks gritty or chunky texture.

Convenience - Horchata powder is widely available at grocery stores and online so you can enjoy tasty horchata anytime without planning ahead. It also means you likely already have the other ingredients (milk, water, sugar to taste) on hand.

Customizable taste - You can control sweetness by adding more or less sugar. Some mixes also allow you to create flavors like coconut or almond horchata.

Long shelf life - An unopened package of horchata powder will stay fresh in your pantry for 6 months to a year. Once opened, it lasts several months when stored in an airtight container.

Whether you're pressed for time, a beginner in the kitchen, or simply want fuss-free horchata whenever a craving hits, using a powdered mix can be a great shortcut.

How to Make Horchata from Powder

Horchata Powder Recipe

Horchata Powder Recipe

With the right horchata powder on hand, preparing this refreshing drink is as simple as following these easy steps:


  • 1 package (about 2.2 oz or 14 servings) horchata powder
  • 4 cups cold milk or water
  • Sugar or honey (optional)
  • Ground cinnamon (optional garnish)


  • Combine the horchata powder and liquid: Empty the powder from the package into a large pitcher or blender. Carefully pour in the 4 cups cold milk or water.
  • Blend thoroughly: Mix on low speed for 30 seconds, then high speed for 1 minute until completely smooth with no lumps. For the creamiest texture, use a high powered blender.
  • Taste and adjust sweetness if desired: Depending on your horchata powder, you may want to add sugar, honey, or maple syrup to suit your preferences. Stir again after adding.
  • Refrigerate for at least 2 hours: Chilling allows the flavors to develop fully. Overnight is ideal.
  • Give a final stir¬†before serving over ice. Top each glass with a sprinkle of cinnamon. Enjoy!

And just like that, you'll be sipping refreshing horchata in record time! Adjust the recipe to your taste by using different liquids, adding various sweeteners, or even blending in fruit or spices for fun twists.

Key Takeaway: Making horchata with powder only takes about 5 minutes of active prep time. Simply mix with cold milk or water, blend, chill, and serve over ice.


What is the best milk to use for powdered horchata?

The milk you choose impacts flavor and creaminess. Whole milk makes the richest, creamiest horchata. 2% milk still provides great texture and flavor. For lower fat and calories, skim milk or almond milk work well too. Avoid nonfat milk as it may result in a thinner, watery drink.

Can you use water instead of milk to make horchata powder?

Yes, you can use water rather than milk. This creates a lighter, more refreshing (but less creamy) horchata. Still delicious but closer to an agua fresca in texture. Using at least half water and half milk creates a nice balanced drink.

How long does prepared horchata last?

Store prepared horchata powder mix in an airtight container in the fridge. It will last for 3-4 days before quality starts to decline. Make sure you give it a good stir before serving each time.

What is the best way to serve horchata powder?

For best flavor and an authentic presentation, horchata powder mix is always served chilled over ice. Fill tall glasses with ice cubes then ladle the chilled horchata over top. Garnish with a light sprinkle of ground cinnamon. Sip and enjoy with Mexican food or all on its own!

Can you add alcohol to horchata powder drink?

Absolutely! For a boozy twist, you can spike your horchata a couple different ways. Try adding a shot of rum or tequila to each glass. Or for a cocktail-style pitcher, mix in 1 cup spiced rum or Kahlua when blending the horchata. Salud!


Thanks to handy horchata powder mixes now widely available, preparing this classic Mexican beverage at home has never been simpler. With just a few minutes of easy prep time, you can whip up a big batch of rich, sweet horchata that rivals your favorite restaurant.

Horchata powder eliminates lengthy steps like soaking and grinding rice yourself. By blending the all-in-one mix with milk and chilling overnight, you'll get silky smooth texture and authentic flavor. Customize to your taste by adjusting sweetness or even adding mix-ins.

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