Arrowroot Powder

Arrowroot powder is a fine, white powder made from the roots of the arrowroot plant. It can be used as a thickener or substitute for things like cornstarch. Arrowroot powder is often used to thicken sauces, stews, and fruit pies. It helps make them thicker and creamier. Arrowroot works well at low temperatures. This makes it good for thickening delicate sauces and foods. It also helps cooked foods keep a nice, clear look. Arrowroot thickens fast once mixed into hot liquids. It does not need to be cooked long to thicken. Arrowroot powder can also be used as a coating for meat or vegetables before frying them. It creates a nice, light, crispy crust. Compared to cornstarch, arrowroot makes a clearer, shinier sauce. It also stands up to freezing and reheating better. Overall, arrowroot powder is a handy kitchen staple for thickening and coating many foods.