Blueberry Powder Uses

Blueberry powder is a nutritional powerhouse made from dried, ground wild blueberries. It packs all the health benefits of fresh berries - vitamins, minerals, antioxidants - in an easy to use powder form.

Blueberry Powder Uses

Blueberry powder has become popular because it has a longer shelf life than fresh berries, retains more nutrients due to gentle freeze drying process, and offers great convenience for cooking and baking.

Make Vibrant, Nutritious Smoothies

Smoothies are a perfect way to get an antioxidant and fiber boost first thing in the morning. Just a spoonful of blueberry powder adds rich flavor and color as well as a hefty serving of vitamins and minerals.

Some delicious smoothie recipes to try with blueberry powder:

  • Blueberry almond butter smoothie: Blend banana, blueberry powder, almond butter and almond milk. Top with chia seeds.
  • Blueberry protein smoothie: Blend blueberry powder, banana, Greek yogurt, milk/milk alternative and protein powder.
  • Mixed berry smoothie: Blend blueberry powder with raspberries, strawberries, banana, milk/milk alternative and honey.

Key Takeaway: Blueberry powder amps up smoothies with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for a nutritious start to your day.

Mix into Yogurt, Oats and Breakfast Cereal

Another easy way to add blueberry powder into your morning routine is by stirring it into your breakfast foods.

The tangy sweet flavor complements plain yogurt perfectly. Mix in a spoonful of powder or layer yogurt and powder to create a tasty parfait.

Sprinkle blueberry powder onto your morning oats or cereal. The vitamin C, manganese and fiber will give you sustained energy to start your day.

Use in Pancakes, Muffins and Cakes

When baking, blueberry powder adds moisture, vibrant color, antioxidants and fiber.

For pancakes and muffins, simply add 1-2 tablespoons of powder per cup of flour directly to the dry ingredients. Cook as the recipe directs.

For cakes, fold 1-4 tablespoons of powder into the batter. Blueberry powder also makes a beautiful addition when whipping buttercream frostings or fruit fillings.

Since the powder dissolves into batters and doughs, it won’t create those tasty bursts of fruit. Consider mixing in some fresh or frozen blueberries too.

Create Vibrant, Nutrient-Packed Ice Cream

Making your own ice cream is surprisingly easy - and sneaking superfoods into the base takes it to the next level.

Blueberry powder blends seamlessly into ice cream bases with its soft tangy sweetness. Simply add 1-4 tablespoons per quart while cooking the custard base.

To make blueberry froyo, blend blueberry powder into Greek yogurt plus your favorite mix-ins like fruit, nuts or chocolate chips.

If you prefer convenience, simply mix powder into storebought vanilla ice cream. Enjoy the antioxidant power-up!

Spice up Salsas, Sauces and Dressings

Bright blueberry powder can transform the look and nutrition stats of your favorite dips and dressings.

Its tart flavor works well in salad dressings - simply whisk powder into olive oil, vinegar and herbs. Makes a beautiful drizzle for fruit and green salads.

Mix into hummus, salsa, pesto or tzatziki for a flavor and color kick.

You can even create vibrant fruit dips by blending blueberry powder into whipped cream cheese or Greek yogurt - so simple!

Add Sweet & Savory Appeal to BreakfastTacos

Powdered blueberries make breakfast tacos next-level delicious!

Mix 1 tablespoon powder into scrambled eggs for a bright purple hue and antioxidant infusion. Pile the eggs onto corn tortillas along with your favorite fillings.

For breakfast tostadas, spread blueberry powder flavored cream cheese onto crisp corn tortillas. Top with fresh berries and mint.

The sweet-tart powder also complements savory fillings like crispy bacon, avocado and hot sauce. ¡Muy delicioso!

Make Blueberry BBQ Sauce

Infuse sweet-smoky-tangy BBQ sauce with blueberry powder’s antioxidant goodness. It’s delicious on chicken, pork ribs, shrimp, tofu - anything you’d brush with BBQ sauce!

To make it, simply whisk 1-4 tablespoons of blueberry powder into 1 cup prepared barbecue sauce. Brush generously over protein of choice during last 10-15 minutes of cooking time.

You can also mix the powder right into hamburger patties or meatballs for flavor through-and-through.

DIY Blueberry Face Mask

Don’t throw away those overripe bananas! Mash them up with blueberry powder, Greek yogurt and honey for an antioxidant-rich face mask.

Blueberry powder is loaded with polyphenols which fight skin aging free radicals caused by sun, pollution and stress. The bananas hydrate while yogurt deeply nourishes for smooth, glowing skin.

Leave this nourishing mask on for 10-20 minutes 1-2 times per week. Your skin will drink up all that superfood goodness!

Make Vibrant Dog Treats

Pamper your pup with healthy homemade goodies. Blend 1-2 tablespoons of blueberry powder into peanut butter, Greek yogurt or puréed pumpkin. Stuff into a Kong or dollop onto treats.

The antioxidants and compounds in blueberries support dogs’ brain, heart and urinary tract health. So feel good treating your furry friend!

Swirl into Nice Cream

“Nice cream” is the ultimate easy healthy dessert - simply blend frozen bananas into soft serve! Swirl in blueberry powder for antioxidant superpowers.

Other nice cream mix-ins like cacao nibs, nut butters and spices also pair deliciously with the blueberry flavor.

Top with fresh fruit, coconut flakes, cacao nibs or roasted nuts to take it over the top.


What does blueberry powder taste like?

High quality blueberry powder made from wild berries has a sweet-tart blueberry flavor. It may be more intense than fresh berries since the nutrients are more concentrated.

How should you store blueberry powder?

Store in an airtight container in a cool, dark place away from heat, light and moisture. Properly stored powder will maintain full potency for 12-18 months.

Can you use blueberry powder instead of fresh berries?

Absolutely! In recipes, 1 tablespoon powder = 1/2 cup fresh berries. The powder form makes it easier to get blueberries’ benefits year round.


With its concentrated nutrition and versatility, blueberry powder makes it easier than ever to enjoy blueberries daily.

Stir it into smoothies, baked goods, ice cream, dressings, dips, meat dishes and more for an antioxidant and flavor burst in everything you make.

Be sure to choose an organic freeze-dried blueberry powder with no additives or fillers to get the full benefits of wild blueberries’ nutrients.

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Sarah Cortez

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