Best Cumin Powder Brands

Cumin powder is a spice made from the dried and ground seeds of the cumin plant. It has been used for centuries in many cuisines around the world to add a warm, earthy and slightly bitter flavor. Cumin powder is frequently used in Indian, Middle Eastern, North African, Latin American and Asian cooking.

Best Cumin Powder Brands

Cumin powder can be found in most grocery stores, usually in the spice aisle. It is sold either as whole cumin seeds or pre-ground into a fine powder. The powder is more convenient to use for cooking as it can be easily measured out and incorporated into dishes without requiring grinding. However, whole cumin seeds retain their flavor and aroma better over time compared to pre-ground powder.

When selecting cumin powder, it is best to look for products that are produced from organic or sustainably grown cumin seeds. Cumin grown using organic methods will be free from pesticides and other chemicals. It is also preferable to choose cumin powder that does not contain additives like anti-caking agents, which are sometimes added to improve the flow and prevent clumping.

The freshness of cumin powder is another important consideration when purchasing. Old and stale cumin will have faded aroma and taste. It is best to opt for cumin powder packed in glass or metal containers rather than plastic, as this helps preserve freshness better. Also check the expiry date and choose cumin powder produced recently for optimal flavor.

When stored properly in an airtight container away from heat, light and humidity, cumin powder will retain its aroma and flavor for up to 6 months. To maximize shelf life, storing whole cumin seeds and grinding them as needed is ideal. But pre-ground cumin powder can also retain good quality for a few months when stored correctly.

McCormick Culinary Ground Cumin, 1lb

McCormick Culinary Ground Cumin, 14 oz - One 14 Ounce Container of Cumin Powder to Add Flavor to Middle Eastern, Mexican, Asian, and Mediterranean Dishes

    McCormick Culinary Ground Cumin adds warm, earthy flavor to your dishes. This cumin powder comes in a 1 pound container, perfect for keeping your spice rack stocked.

    When cooking, you'll appreciate McCormick's consistent quality and pure flavor. This spice giant selects premium cumin seeds and grinds them into a fine powder right before packaging. So you get the full potency of cumin in every batch.

    Whether making tacos, chili, curries, or Moroccan stews, McCormick's cumin brings dishes to life. It's a pantry essential for cooks wanting to explore Mexican, Middle Eastern, and Asian cuisines. The rich, fragrant aroma and flavor profile make this spice a must-have.

    Key features:

    • 1 lb container of ground cumin
    • Adds bold, earthy flavor
    • Used in tacos, chili, rubs, and global cuisines


    • Consistent, high quality
    • Packed with authentic cumin flavor
    • Brings warmth and depth to dishes


    • Can have a bitter taste if used in excess

    Anthony's Organic Ground Cumin, 1 lb

    Anthony's Organic Ground Cumin, 1 lb, Gluten Free, Non Irradiated, Keto Friendly

      Anthony's organic ground cumin adds robust, earthy flavor to your dishes. This certified organic cumin comes in a 1 pound bag, offering great value for avid home cooks.

      You'll appreciate the pure, fresh taste of Anthony's cumin powder. It's made from organic cumin seeds sourced directly from Indian farms. The small business ethos also means exceptional care goes into producing each batch.

      Add Anthony's organic cumin to tacos, curries, Middle Eastern cuisine, and more. This versatile, aromatic spice works well in rubs, marinades, beans, soups, and vegetables too. It's a pantry staple for cooks wanting natural, non-GMO seasoning.

      Key features:

      • 1 lb bag of certified organic ground cumin
      • Adds warm, earthy flavor
      • Non-GMO and gluten free


      • Organic and sustainably grown
      • Robust, authentic cumin flavor
      • Small business brand with exceptional quality


      • Strong fragrance and taste may be overpowering

      Spice Classics Ground Cumin, 4.5 lb

      Spice Classics Ground Cumin, 4.5 lb - One 4.5 Pound Container of Bulk Ground Cumin Powder, Season Burritos, Enchiladas, Tacos, Meat and More

        With its large 4.5 lb size, Spice Classics ground cumin is perfect for food industry and restaurant use. This commercial-size container provides near-endless cumin flavor at an affordable per-serving cost.

        You'll love the pure, authentic taste of Spice Classics cumin. It's expertly sourced and ground to bring out cumin's signature earthy, slightly peppery flavor. There are no additives or anti-caking agents either.

        Use this versatile cumin powder to add depth and intrigue to Tex-Mex dishes, curries, Moroccan cuisine, and more. It's an essential spice for chefs wanting to make large batches of chili, tacos, rubs, beans, rice, and global recipes.

        Key features:

        • Commercial size 4.5 lb container
        • Adds warm, nutty cumin flavor
        • Used in many global cuisines


        • Very cost effective for restaurants
        • Pure, authentic cumin taste
        • Mixes well into dishes and batters


        • Not ideal for home cooks who use less spice

        SPICE TRAIN Organic Cumin Powder, 14oz

        SPICE TRAIN Cumin Powder (397g/14oz) Non GMO, Gluten Free, 100% Raw Comino Molido, Sourced from India, Premium Ground for Cooking in Resealable Zip Lock Pouch

          SPICE TRAIN's organic cumin powder delivers pure, earthy cumin flavor. This USDA certified organic cumin comes in a convenient 14 ounce resealable pouch.

          You'll appreciate the garden-fresh taste of SPICE TRAIN's cumin. It's grown on Indian farms without GMOs or chemicals. Traditional harvesting and processing ensure maximum flavor in every batch.

          Add this aromatic, versatile spice to tacos, curries, Moroccan dishes, and more. It's great for rubs, beans, lentils, vegetables and soup too. Home cooks will love having authentic, organic cumin from a small business.

          Key features:

          • 14 oz resealable pouch of organic cumin
          • Adds bold, earthy flavor
          • Non-GMO and sustainably grown


          • USDA certified organic
          • Intense, fresh cumin flavor
          • Resealable pouch retains freshness


          • Smaller size than some commercial brands

          Rani Cumin Powder, 1lb

          Rani Cumin (Jeera) Powder Spice 16oz (1lb) 454g PET Jar ~ All Natural | Vegan | Gluten Friendly | NON-GMO | Kosher | Indian Origin

            Rani Cumin Powder adds bold, earthy flavor to Indian, Middle Eastern, and Mexican dishes. This cumin comes in a generous 1 pound container for avid home cooks.

            You'll love Rani's intense, aromatic cumin that fills your kitchen with fragrance. It's sourced from Indian family farms and traditionally processed to maximize natural flavor. The exceptional quality shines through.

            Add this versatile cumin powder to curries, tacos, lentils, beans, vegetables, and more. Rani takes pride in offering authentic spices that make cooking international cuisine easy. Their small business ethos means unmatched quality too.

            Key features:

            • 1 lb jar of ground cumin
            • Adds warm, earthy aroma and flavor
            • Used in many global cuisines


            • Authentic, intense cumin flavor
            • Allows easy cooking of ethnic foods
            • Jar retains freshness between uses


            • Cumin fragrance lingers on hands after use

            McCormick Ground Cumin, 14 oz

            McCormick Ground Cumin, 14 oz

              You will love having this McCormick Ground Cumin on hand to add rich, earthy warmth to your favorite Mexican, Tex-Mex, Indian and Middle Eastern dishes. The cumin is always freshly ground from whole cumin seeds, never stale pre-ground powder, so it has a robust aroma and flavor.

              Use it to add a distinctive earthiness to chili, tacos, enchiladas, curry blends, salsa, guacamole, beans, rice, hummus, lentils, meat rubs and more. A little goes a long way, so start with 1/2 teaspoon per pound of ground meat or beans. Cumin is essential for Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine, and shines in chili con carne, fajitas, tacos and enchiladas. This versatile spice also enhances the flavor of Indian curries.

              You will appreciate the convenience of having a large 14 oz container always ready when a recipe calls for cumin. The resealable bottle preserves freshness and is perfect for your spice rack or pantry. Bring the flavors of the world to your kitchen with McCormick cumin!

              Key features:

              • Ground from whole seeds, never pre-ground powder
              • Adds rich, earthy warmth
              • 14 oz container


              • Freshly ground robust aroma and flavor
              • Essential for Mexican, Indian dishes
              • Great value for a large size


              • Container may take up significant space in spice rack

              Amazon Brand - Happy Belly Ground Cumin, 16 Oz

              Amazon Brand - Happy Belly Ground Cumin, 16 ounce

                Discover the joy of cooking with delicious spices like this Amazon Brand - Happy Belly Ground Cumin. The pure ground cumin adds its distinctive earthy, nutty flavor to curries, beans, soups, stews, rice dishes, guacamole, hummus, and more. You can feel good about choosing this cumin because it has no synthetic colors or preservatives - just cumin like it should be.

                A dash of cumin brings warmth and depth to chili, tacos and fajitas. Indian and Middle Eastern dishes rely on cumin for its exotic aroma. You will appreciate the mild spiciness and lemony notes it imparts. The cumin will make your kitchen smell heavenly as you add it to marinades, spice rubs, homemade salsa and salad dressings. Use it in homemade taco seasoning or garam masala, or simply sprinkle some over roasted vegetables.

                With a large 16 oz container, you will always have plenty of cumin on hand for all your recipes. The resealable plastic jug preserves freshness in between uses. Discover the difference pure spices can make to delicious, flavorful meals with Happy Belly cumin!

                Key features:

                • Pure ground cumin
                • Adds warmth, nutty flavor
                • 16 oz resealable container


                • No synthetic colors or preservatives
                • Versatile flavor
                • Budget-friendly bulk size


                • Container takes up a lot of space

                Badia Spices, Cumin Seed Ground, Yellow Multi (087881), 16 Oz

                Badia Spices, Cumin Seed Ground, Yellow Multi (087881), 16 Oz

                  Take your cooking to new heights with the irresistible flavor of Badia Cumin Seed Ground. The pure cumin adds an earthy warmth with subtle citrus notes to tacos, chili, beans, rice, roasted veggies and meat dishes from around the world.

                  A dash of cumin can make an ordinary dish extraordinary. Add it when cooking lentils or beans to reduce flatulence. Use it in homemade taco seasoning, curry powder, garam masala and other spice blends. The versatile flavor complements chicken, lamb, beef and fish beautifully. Cumin's lemony undertones even enhance sweets like cookies when used sparingly.

                  Badia sources high quality cumin seeds and grinds them fresh for the best flavor. You can trust this product contains no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives - just pure cumin. The extra large 16 oz bag ensures you will always have cumin on hand when inspiration to cook Mexican, Indian or Middle Eastern cuisine strikes.

                  Reseal the bag after each use to retain the cumin's aroma and flavor. Enjoy delicious versatility at a great value with Badia cumin!

                  Key features:

                  • Made from freshly ground cumin seeds
                  • Adds earthy warmth and citrus notes
                  • 16 oz resealable bag


                  • No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives
                  • Enhances many styles of cuisine
                  • Excellent value for the quantity


                  • Resealable bag may allow some air exposure

                  365 by Whole Foods Market, Organic Ground Cumin, 1.59 Ounce

                  365 by Whole Foods Market, Organic Ground Cumin, 1.59 Ounce

                    Give your favorite Mexican and Indian dishes an aromatic boost of flavor with this 365 by Whole Foods Market Organic Ground Cumin. The earthy, nutty cumin adds delicious depth and fragrance to tacos, curries, beans, rice, salsa, guacamole and hummus. It's the perfect way to add exotic interest to familiar foods.

                    You can trust this cumin is USDA certified organic, with no GMOs or irradiation used. Whole Foods Market has stringent quality standards, so you know you are getting the freshest, purest ground cumin possible. The cumin comes in a 1.59 oz glass jar that retains freshness and looks great on your spice rack.

                    Cumin is a versatile, mildly spicy spice that complements many herbs and spices like garlic, onion, chili powder, coriander and paprika. Use it in homemade taco seasoning, garam masala, chili mixes or sprinkled on roasted vegetables. Let your creativity run wild!

                    With organic spices, you can create globally inspired dishes your whole family will love, minus any worries about artificial ingredients. Discover new depths of flavor with 365 Organic Cumin today.

                    Key features:

                    • USDA certified organic
                    • Adds aromatic, earthy flavor
                    • 1.59 oz glass jar


                    • No GMOs or irradiation
                    • Stringent Whole Foods Market quality standards
                    • Pairs well with many spices


                    • Small size may need frequent restocking

                    Spice Islands Ground, Cumin, 1.9 Ounce

                    Spice Islands Ground, Cumin, 1.9 Ounce

                      Infuse your cooking with the exotic warmth of cumin from Spice Islands. This premium ground cumin adds distinctive flavor and fragrance to chili, curries, beans, lentils, tacos, rice and hummus. The cumin seeds are freshly ground to maximize the bold, earthy notes.

                      You can taste the quality that sets Spice Islands cumin apart in each flavorful dish. They go to great lengths to source the best cumin seeds and carefully craft small batches for optimal taste. The result is cumin with a richness and depth that brings your recipes to life.

                      The finely ground cumin blends smoothly and evenly distributes flavor in recipes. A little goes a long way, so start with 1/2 teaspoon per pound of meat or beans. Let the enchanting aroma transport you as you cook with this versatile, essential spice.

                      This 1.9 oz container is conveniently sized for most spice racks, and the plastic bottle helps retain the cumin's delightful fragrance between uses. Treat your taste buds to lush flavor adventure with Spice Islands today!

                      Key features:

                      • Ground from freshly cracked seeds
                      • Adds bold, earthy aroma
                      • 1.9 oz plastic container


                      • Crafted for premium quality and taste
                      • Enhances many world cuisine dishes
                      • Convenient spice rack size


                      • Higher price for a small quantity

                      Cumin Powder Buying Guide

                      Cumin powder is an essential spice used in many cuisines around the world. Here is a buying guide to help you select good quality cumin powder:

                      Type of Cumin

                      There are a few varieties of cumin used to produce cumin powder:

                      • Indian Cumin: This is the most common variety. It has a powerful, earthy and warm flavor. The seeds are brown in color.
                      • Turkish Cumin: It is darker in color and has a more bitter and robust flavor compared to Indian cumin.
                      • Moroccan Cumin: It has a sweet aroma and milder flavor. The seeds of this variety are slightly lighter than Indian cumin.

                      Consider the type of dishes you cook most often and choose the variety accordingly. Indian cumin works well for most applications. Those who enjoy a stronger cumin flavor may prefer Turkish cumin.


                      The color of cumin powder ranges from light brown to dark brown. Paler cumin powder may indicate that it is old stock or adulterated with flour or other fillers. Opt for cumin powder that is medium to dark brown for best quality. Avoid cumin powder that is very light or yellowish in color.


                      Cumin powder that smells fresh and earthy indicates it is recently produced from whole seeds that were properly dried and stored. Old and stale cumin will have a faded, musty aroma.


                      High quality cumin powder should feel soft and smooth between the fingers. It should not feel gritty or be clumpy. Powder with a fine, consistent texture will incorporate well during cooking.

                      Origin and Brand

                      Seeking out cumin powder from reputable spice companies and brands known for quality can help ensure you get a good product. Certain regions and countries like India, Turkey and Morocco are especially renowned for their cumin.

                      Organic and Sustainably Grown

                      Opt for cumin powder made from seeds grown organically without synthetic pesticides and chemicals. Cumin grown using sustainable farming methods is also a good choice for an eco-friendly option.

                      No Additives

                      Check the label to make sure the cumin powder does not contain anti-caking agents, flour or other unnecessary additives. Pure cumin powder provides the best flavor.


                      Cumin powder sold in glass or metal tins helps preserve freshness and aroma better than plastic packaging. Also check the expiry date and look for recently packed stock.


                      Higher priced cumin powder typically indicates better quality compared to very cheap options. But also consider the quantity and brand reputation when comparing prices.

                      By keeping these criteria in mind when purchasing cumin powder, you can ensure you get the best product for your cooking needs. Taking the time to select a high quality powder will pay off in the superior aroma and flavor it lends to your dishes.


                      1. What dishes can I make with cumin powder?

                      Cumin powder is incredibly versatile and can be used to flavor a wide variety of savory dishes. Here are some examples of recipes that typically use cumin powder:

                      • Curries and lentil dishes
                      • Chili, tacos and Mexican cuisine
                      • Middle Eastern dishes like hummus, falafel and lamb
                      • Marinades and rubs for grilled meats
                      • Stews, soups and broths
                      • Rice dishes like pilaf or biryani
                      • Vegetable and chickpea side dishes
                      • Eggs and omelettes
                      • Beans, lentils and dals
                      • Yogurt raitas
                      • Pickles, chutneys and spice mixes

                      2. What is the best way to store cumin powder?

                      To maximize freshness and shelf life, cumin powder is best stored in an airtight glass or metal container in a cool, dry place away from exposure to light, heat and humidity. Stored properly, cumin powder will retain its aroma and flavor for about 6 months. To preserve it for even longer, consider refrigerating the powder.

                      3. Is it better to use cumin seeds or cumin powder?

                      Whole cumin seeds will retain their flavor and aroma for longer compared to pre-ground powder. But cumin powder offers more convenience since it can be easily measured out and incorporated into recipes without requiring grinding. For enhanced flavor and freshness, consider buying whole cumin seeds and grinding small batches as needed. Use cumin powder for dishes where convenience is preferred.

                      4. What is a good cumin powder substitute?

                      If you don't have cumin powder on hand, these spices can work as reasonable substitutes:

                      While not exact replacements, these options will provide some of the earthy, warm notes of cumin powder. Adjust the quantities when substituting.

                      5. What does cumin powder taste like?

                      Cumin powder has a very distinctive taste that is spicy, nutty, earthy and slightly bitter. The intensity of cumin can range from mild to very strong and robust depending on the variety and freshness. It pairs well with other warm spices like coriander, turmeric, cinnamon and chili. Overall, cumin powder adds a complex flavor profile with citrus, wood and herbaceous notes.

                      6. Is cumin good for you? What are the health benefits?

                      Yes, cumin powder has many health benefits when consumed in moderation as part of a balanced diet. Some of the potential health benefits of cumin powder include:

                      • Provides antioxidants to combat free radicals
                      • May support healthy digestion
                      • Contains compounds that exhibit anti-inflammatory properties
                      • Could help regulate blood sugar levels
                      • May promote healthy immune function
                      • Possible antimicrobial effects to fight infections
                      • Potential anti-carcinogenic properties under research

                      So using cumin to add flavor to meals may also offer wellness advantages. But check with your doctor before making any major dietary changes.


                      Cumin powder is an aromatic spice that can elevate the flavor of many savory dishes. When purchasing cumin powder, prioritize freshness, aroma, color, texture and organic sourcing for the best results.

                      Proper storage can help cumin powder retain its flavor and potency for months. With its warm, earthy and slightly bitter taste, cumin powder adds complexity and depth to curries, lentils, meats, vegetables and more. Along with its culinary uses, cumin may also provide potential health benefits when consumed regularly.


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