Best Garlic Powders

Garlic powder is a popular spice used in many cuisines around the world. It is made from dehydrated garlic cloves that have been ground into a fine powder. Using garlic powder is an easy way to add garlic flavor to dishes without having to use fresh cloves. It's commonly used to season meats, vegetables, pasta, salad dressings, dips and more.

Best Garlic Powders

When shopping for garlic powder, you'll find there are a few key factors to consider in order to get the best quality product. Pay attention to whether it contains any additives or anti-caking agents, how it was processed and dehydrated, the garlic variety used, and the intensity of the flavor.

Amazon Brand - Happy Belly Granulated Garlic

Amazon Brand - Happy Belly Granulated Garlic, 24 ounce

    This Amazon Brand granulated garlic adds delicious flavor to all your favorite dishes. The coarse texture means you get robust garlic taste in every bite. It's made from quality cloves that are gently dried and ground to perfection.

    Use it to elevate soups, stews, sauces and more. The bulk size is great for big families or avid cooks. A little goes a long way, making this an affordable option. Keep some on hand to add garlicky goodness to weeknight dinners or weekend cookouts.

    Sprinkle it on meats before grilling for next-level flavor. Mix it into burger patties or meatloaf for a tasty surprise in every bite. Add it to olive oil for a heavenly dipping sauce. The uses are endless with this versatile seasoning.

    Key features:

    • Made from whole, dried garlic cloves
    • Coarse texture for maximum flavor
    • Kosher certified


    • Adds delicious garlic taste
    • Affordable bulk size
    • Versatile spice for many dishes


    • Can be messy if poured too quickly

    McCormick Fine Garlic Powder

    McCormick Fine Garlic Powder, 21 oz

      This McCormick garlic powder is a must-have for any home cook. It starts with whole garlic cloves that get fully dehydrated before being finely ground. The result is a smooth, mellow garlic flavor that blends perfectly into recipes.

      Use it in pasta, pizza, salads, dressings and more. A little sprinkle is all you need to elevate everyday meals. The fine texture disappears into liquids and coats dry ingredients evenly. Keep some on hand for weeknights when you don't have fresh garlic.

      This large container ensures you'll always be stocked up. The quality and convenience make it a staple. Mix it into ground meat for unforgettable burgers or meatballs. Add it to olive oil for next-level dipping. Stir it into mashed potatoes or homemade hummus. The options are endless.

      Key features:

      • Made from whole, dried garlic cloves
      • Finely ground for smooth texture
      • Kosher certified


      • Adds mellow garlic flavor
      • Fine texture blends easily
      • Large size for value


      • Can clump if exposed to moisture

      McCormick Garlic Powder

      McCormick Garlic Powder, 8.75 oz

        This popular McCormick garlic powder has earned its place in most kitchens. It imparts incredible garlic flavor that brings warmth and dimension to your dishes.

        Sprinkle it on everything from soups to stir-fries for that unmistakable garlic goodness. The smooth, balanced taste comes from quality whole cloves that get fully dehydrated. A subtle hint takes recipes from boring to brilliant.

        This large container means you can cook with abandon. There's plenty to last through many family dinners or backyard barbecues. Mix it into ground beef or chicken for next-level flavor. Make spectacular mashed potatoes by folding it in. The possibilities are endless.

        Keep it on hand for those hectic weekday meals. A quick sprinkle adds so much with zero prep needed. It's sure to be a staple in your spice collection.

        Key features:

        • Made from whole, dried garlic cloves
        • Adds warm, balanced garlic flavor
        • Large container for value


        • Elevates everyday recipes
        • Convenient and versatile
        • Quality garlic taste


        • Can get clumpy if exposed to moisture

        Badia Garlic Powder

        Badia Garlic Powder, 16 Ounces

          This quality Badia garlic powder is a budget-friendly way to add big flavor fast. It's made from dehydrated garlic cloves ground to a fine powder. The consistency pours easily right into your dish or marinade.

          It's a versatile ingredient perfect for pastas, meats, veggies and more. Make your own seasoned salt by mixing it with salt. Bulk up the flavor in ground beef for unforgettable burgers. Use it as a tasty rub on chicken or fish before grilling. The options are endless.

          This large container means you get loads of delicious garlic taste for less money. A little goes a long way, making it very affordable. Keep it stocked in your pantry for whenever you need that savory garlic kick.

          It's vegetarian, gluten-free and kosher certified for your convenience. Elevate tonight's dinner with this quality seasoning.

          Key features:

          • Fine powder absorbs quickly
          • Vegetarian, gluten-free and kosher
          • Adds big flavor fast


          • Budget-friendly bulk size
          • Versatile for many uses
          • Convenient shaker bottle


          • Can pour out quickly if not careful

          Amazon Fresh Garlic Powder

          Amazon Fresh, Garlic Powder, 3 Oz

            This Amazon Fresh garlic powder delivers a wonderful sharp, warm flavor at an affordable price. It's made from quality garlic cloves that are dried and ground to a fine powder. The consistency blends seamlessly into sauces, dressings and more.

            It's great in savory dishes like pastas, meats, stews and casseroles. Make spectacular mashed potatoes by folding it in. Add it to olive oil for a heavenly bread dipper. Use it as a tasty rub on chicken or fish before grilling. A little goes a long way.

            This convenient shaker bottle makes it easy to quickly sprinkle just the right amount into your recipes. Keep it on hand for those busy weeknights when you need big flavor fast. It's sure to become a go-to staple in your pantry.

            Elevate family meals without breaking the bank with this budget-friendly seasoning. Get restaurant-quality flavor at home with just a shake.

            Key features:

            • Fine powder blends seamlessly
            • Made from dried garlic cloves
            • Affordable price


            • Sharp, warm garlic flavor
            • Convenient shaker bottle
            • Great value for the quality


            • Smaller container

            Iberia Garlic Powder

            Iberia Garlic Powder, 9.1 Oz

              You'll love having Iberia Garlic Powder in your pantry. This aromatic garlic powder provides pure, pungent garlic flavor that's perfect for seasoning vegetables, meats, salads, and more.

              The fine powder blends seamlessly into sauces, dressings, and rubs. It's also great for sprinkling on bread when making bruschetta or garlic toast. A little bit goes a long way, so use it sparingly until you get a feel for its potent flavor.

              Unlike fresh garlic that requires peeling and chopping, this powder is ready to use right from the jar. It will keep your meals flavorful for months without spoiling. The large 9 ounce size means you'll have plenty on hand for all your cooking needs.

              Key features:

              • Pure dehydrated garlic powder
              • Adds robust garlic taste
              • Blends smoothly into liquids
              • Shelf-stable in an airtight container


              • Provides garlic flavor without prep work
              • Lasts longer than fresh garlic
              • Easy to portion and sprinkle
              • Versatile for many recipes


              • Needs rehydration to fully release flavor
              • Can clump if exposed to moisture
              • Strong garlic scent on hands after use

              Simply Organic Garlic Powder

              Simply Organic Garlic Powder, 3.64-Ounce Jar, Pure A-Grade Organic Garlic, Dried & Ground, Kosher, No ETO, Non GMO

                For the finest Simply Organic Garlic Powder, look no further. This USDA certified organic seasoning earns top marks for its pure, pungent garlic flavor. A little bit packs a punch, so use a light hand until you're accustomed to its potency.

                The ultra-fine powder incorporates seamlessly into liquids, allowing you to whip up marinades, dressings, and sauces with ease. It's also excellent for dry rubs, bread dipping oils, and anytime you want garlicky flair without the prep work of fresh cloves.

                This convenient powder retains its aroma and taste far longer than fresh garlic in your fridge. The glass jar and metal lid keep moisture out so it will stay fresh. Every home cook needs this versatile organic garlic powder within easy reach!

                Key features:

                • USDA certified organic
                • Dehydrated into ultra-fine powder
                • Clear glass jar with metal lid
                • Airtight storage prevents clumping


                • Intense garlic taste from organic cloves
                • No chopping required
                • Lasts longer than fresh garlic
                • Easy to sprinkle onto anything


                • Strong garlic scent on hands
                • Not real pieces of garlic
                • Needs rehydrating for full flavor

                Badia Garlic Granulated

                Garlic Granulated – 1.5 lbs

                  For flavorful garlic goodness, try Badia Garlic Granulated. These coarse granules provide robust garlic taste with texture, making it a smart choice over finely ground powder.

                  The granulated texture resists clumping and caking, so it pours easily from the container. It also holds its potency longer than fresh garlic in the fridge. Use it generously when seasoning meats, making dressings and dips, or adding garlic flair to any dish.

                  This budget-friendly seasoning comes in a large 1.5 pound bag, so you'll always have it on hand. The coarse granules provide a burst of garlic in every bite. For an easy chicken dinner, use it to season a simple pan sauce.

                  Key features:

                  • Granulated garlic pieces
                  • Provides texture and flavor
                  • Resists clumping when stored
                  • Budget-friendly bulk size


                  • Easy pour granulated texture
                  • Long shelf life
                  • Distinct garlic taste and crunch
                  • Cost effective bulk size


                  • Not as convenient as powder
                  • Doesn't blend fully into liquids
                  • May need more for equal flavor

                  Spice Classics Garlic Powder

                  Spice Classics Garlic Powder, 16 oz - One 16 Ounce Container of Garlic Powder, Best to Flavor Vegetables, Grilled Meats, Salads, Dressings and More

                    For tasty garlic flavoring in bulk, turn to Spice Classics Garlic Powder. This budget-friendly seasoning comes in a value size 16 ounce container, perfect for high volume cooking.

                    The powder delivers consistent, delicious garlic flavor across endless recipes and cuisines. Blended into a fine powder, it mixes seamlessly into liquids for velvety dressings and marinades. It's also excellent sprinkled onto meats, vegetables, and anything needing a garlicky kick.

                    This versatile garlic powder combines well with other spices for custom blends and rubs. Make sure to store it properly sealed to retain optimal freshness and aroma.

                    Key features:

                    • Value sized 16 ounce container
                    • Fine, smooth garlic powder texture
                    • Consistent flavor perfect for bulk use
                    • Combines well with other spices


                    • Budget-friendly bulk size
                    • Dissolves easily into liquids
                    • Versatile flavor enhancement
                    • Blends smoothly into spice rubs


                    • Needs occasional stirring in jar
                    • Not real garlic pieces
                    • Garlic scent lingers on fingers

                    McCormick Culinary Garlic Powder

                    McCormick Culinary Garlic Powder, 21 oz - One 21 Ounce Container Garlic Powder Seasoning, Culinary Grade Seasoning Perfect for Recipes With Garlic Flavor

                      For superior garlic flavor, try McCormick Culinary Garlic Powder. This fine, smooth powder dissolves easily into sauces, dressings, and marinades to deliver robust garlic taste.

                      A little bit goes a long way thanks to its concentrated flavor. Start with a small amount and add more if needed. The ample 21 ounce size means this kitchen staple should last through countless family meals.

                      Beyond sauces and dressings, use it to season roasted veggies, meats, pasta dishes, and more. For an easy garlic butter, blend it into softened butter and freeze for later use. This versatile garlic powder belongs in every home cook's pantry!

                      Key features:

                      • Concentrated garlic flavor
                      • Ultra-fine, smooth powder texture
                      • Disappears seamlessly into liquids
                      • Generous 21 ounce container


                      • Provides robust garlic taste
                      • Lasts through many meals
                      • Easy to blend into dressings
                      • Ideal for garlic butter


                      • Strong garlic scent on hands
                      • Not real garlic pieces
                      • Powder clumps if exposed to moisture

                      Garlic Powder Buying Guide

                      When evaluating the options for garlic powder, here are the main factors to keep in mind:


                      Read the ingredient list to determine if the garlic powder contains any unnecessary additives or anti-caking agents. The best quality garlic powder contains one single ingredient - garlic. Some products contain anti-caking agents like silicon dioxide or ingredients like parsley or salt. While these extra ingredients don't compromise the safety of the powder, single ingredient garlic powder will provide the purest flavor.

                      Processing Method

                      There are a few different processing methods used to turn fresh garlic into garlic powder. The highest quality powders go through a more lengthy process of cleaning, slicing, dehydrating, and grinding. Lower quality powders may be made from garlic paste that is spray dried. This shortcuts the process but doesn't preserve as much flavor. Look for garlic powder made using slicing/dehydrating for a premium product.

                      Garlic Variety

                      There are many different garlic varieties grown around the world. Most garlic powder is made from basic white garlic bulbs. However, you can also find powders made from specialty garlic like black garlic or pink garlic. These tend to provide a more complex, nuanced garlic taste. Seek out garlic powder that lists the specific variety of garlic used if you want something beyond basic white garlic flavor.

                      Flavor Intensity

                      Garlic powder can range from providing just a hint of garlic to being very bold and pungent. Consider how you plan to use the garlic powder and choose an intensity level accordingly. Delicate foods may call for a mild powder while robust dishes can handle one with a stronger garlic punch. Reading reviews is helpful to get an idea of how intense a particular brand's flavor is before purchasing.

                      Organic Options

                      Organic garlic powder is grown without synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. If you prefer to buy organic foods when possible, look for garlic powder certified organic by organizations like USDA or Quality Assurance International. Keep in mind organic brands will typically be a bit pricier.

                      Storage Container

                      Garlic powder should be stored in an airtight container, away from moisture, heat, and direct sunlight. A good container will preserve the flavor and prevent the powder from clumping over time. Look for garlic powder packaged in well-sealed bags, canisters, or jars. Avoid tubs that expose the powder to air.


                      Like most spices, garlic powder can range in price from budget-friendly to quite expensive. In general, you'll pay more for organic and packages from premium brands. Consider how frequently you plan to use garlic powder when deciding how much to invest in it. If you'll use it regularly, a pricier powder may be worth it for the quality. But an inexpensive powder is fine for occasional use.

                      Country of Origin

                      The taste and quality of garlic powder can vary slightly depending on where the garlic was grown. Most of the garlic powder sold in the U.S. comes from American-grown garlic. But you can also find options from China, Spain, and other countries. There's no universally best origin - go with your own taste preferences.

                      Tips for Using Garlic Powder

                      Once you've selected the ideal garlic powder, be sure to store and use it properly to retain maximum flavor. Here are some useful tips:

                      • Store garlic powder in a cool, dark place in an airtight container. Exposure to light, heat, and air will cause it to degrade more quickly.
                      • Don't buy or store garlic powder in bulk for a long time. It will lose potency after about 6 months. Buy smaller quantities that you will use up quicker.
                      • You get the most flavor when garlic powder is added towards the end of the cooking process. Add it at the start for a more subtle flavor.
                      • When substituting fresh garlic with garlic powder, use about 1/4 tsp powder for every clove called for. Adjust to taste.
                      • Since it's dehydrated, garlic powder contains concentrated flavor. Use a light hand when seasoning to avoid too much garlic taste.
                      • To distribute garlic powder evenly, mix it first with a bit of oil or butter before adding to dishes.
                      • Garlic powder pairs especially well with recipes like mashed potatoes, roasted vegetables, pasta sauces, dips, breads and more.
                      • Mix garlic powder with a touch of salt and pepper to make a tasty all-purpose seasoning blend.
                      • Make your own garlic powder by dehydrating fresh cloves, then grinding them in a spice grinder.
                      • Look for recipes specifically calling for garlic powder rather than substituting it in place of fresh garlic.

                      With the proper storage and usage, garlic powder can retain its flavorful punch for many months. Always give it a sniff test before using to make sure it still smells pungent. With its convenience and versatility, garlic powder is a smart addition to any spice collection.


                      Is garlic powder healthy?

                      Yes, garlic powder contains many of the same health benefits as fresh garlic. It provides compounds like allicin that have antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Using garlic powder is a low-calorie way to add extra flavor to dishes without excess salt, sugar or fat.

                      Does garlic powder go bad?

                      Like most dried spices, garlic powder has a shelf life. It will eventually lose potency and flavor over time. Properly stored in an airtight container away from heat and light, it should last about 6 months before the flavor noticeably declines.

                      Can you substitute garlic powder for fresh garlic?

                      In most recipes, you can substitute garlic powder for fresh garlic cloves. Use about 1/4 teaspoon of garlic powder for every clove that the recipe calls for. However, the flavor won't have the same nuance as fresh. For dishes that prominently feature garlic, fresh is still best.

                      What's the difference between garlic salt and garlic powder?

                      Garlic salt is a blend of garlic powder and salt, usually in a 1:3 ratio. The salt amplifies the garlic flavor. Garlic powder contains dehydrated garlic only with no added salt. Choose garlic salt when you want a punch of garlic plus extra sodium. Use garlic powder when you just want the garlic taste.

                      Should garlic powder be refrigerated?

                      Refrigeration is not required to preserve garlic powder properly. Simply storing it in a cool, dry spot in an airtight container away from direct light is sufficient. Refrigerating may actually cause it to clump together from the humidity.

                      What do you use garlic powder for?

                      Garlic powder is versatile enough to use in both savory and sweet recipes. It's great in meat rubs, pasta sauce, salad dressing, bread, pizza dough, mashed potatoes, saut??ed veggies, roasted nuts, hummus and many other dishes. A small amount adds big garlic flavor.

                      Is garlic powder spicy?

                      While garlic has a strong, pungent taste, garlic powder should not actually taste spicy or hot. Any spiciness means it may have become contaminated with other spices. Pure garlic powder enhances flavor without adding heat.

                      Can you use garlic powder on skin?

                      Some people do use garlic powder topically for supposed antimicrobial benefits. However, there is no scientific evidence that garlic powder benefits skin when applied externally. Garlic powder may also irritate sensitive skin. It's best used for seasoning food, not skin.

                      Does garlic powder contain allicin?

                      The beneficial compound allicin is present in fresh garlic. It provides antioxidant effects. During the dehydration process to create garlic powder, the allicin levels are greatly reduced. So garlic powder has lower allicin levels compared to fresh garlic.


                      Garlic powder is a handy spice for quickly infusing dishes with the taste of garlic. While nothing quite compares to fresh garlic, garlic powder can add a pop of flavor when you don't have fresh cloves on hand.

                      There are many options available, so take the time to select one that suits your needs. Look for pure, single-ingredient powders without unnecessary additives. Store garlic powder properly in an airtight container away from heat and light.


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